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Papier Tigre was formed in January 2006 in Nantes, France. The band understands that a song being intelligent and complex need not exclude it from having a raw, danceable energy. Their music is firmly entrenched in the tradition of inventive, challenging punk but combines elements of experimental pop compositions and aggressive math rock as well.

In the absence of a bass guitar, their sound is built around pounding tribal drums that propel each song forward with ruthless efficiency. This urgency is underlined by the distinctive vocals of Eric, his strained yelps acting as a rallying cry to the guitars, which occupy the space between voice and drums and make it their own. Whether working together or against each other, the interplay between the two instruments is explosive. Brittle melodies seemingly scrap with vicious riffs, before the two suddenly come together to deliver the coup de grace.

They released two albums on indie labels Collectif-Effervescence (France) and Wangba Records (China), a Self-Titled debut album from 2007, later released in Brazil on Monstro Discos, and The Beginning And End Of Now from 2008. In September 2010, to support a tour they did together with their friend bands Electric Electric, Marvin and Pneu, a 4 way split 7” was released with a brand new song from each band.

But above all, Papier Tigre is an impressive live act and a somehow tireless touring band. In about 5 years after they started from scratch, they played more than 350 shows in 23 different countries including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, the USA, Canada and of course all the way across Europe. In the UK, the band appeared at 2008 All Tomorrow’s Parties by invitation of Explosions In The Sky.

Банда понравится любителям Shipping News, Unwound, The Paper Chase, Shellac, June Of 44, Drive Like Jehu и т.д.

PAPIER TIGRE - Papier Tigre (2007)
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PAPIER TIGRE - The Beginning And End Of Now (2007)
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ну обычно такие группы нужно расслушивать
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Очень хорошо.
Ждем марта и нового альбома
Молодцы французы.
дайте еще
Тут вещь с нового альбома:

а тут - сплит с участием ещё трёх групп:

Вот здесь не только послушать можно, но и скачаь. Если кто-то готов разориться, я был бы признателен за флак)

А minusONE между тем уже вовсю мастер нового альбома гоняет))
А minusONE между тем уже вовсю мастер нового альбома гоняет))

и он о*уенен!))
парни прислали секретный линк по мылу)
смогу выложить через месяцок.
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Только хотел написать привез бы в москву их.

А тут уже 2 даты, очень круто!!
Новый и вправду зачётен, плюс разнообразен. Не заливаю потому, что 9-й трэк с дефектами - других рипов пока не встречал.
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Papier Tigre - Recreation (2012)

Release date: 01.03.2012
Cat №:AT035 // MM03
Size: 100 mb
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Source: webrip

01. I'm Someone Who Dies 03:54
02. Chimera 03:20
03. Home Truth 03:06
04. This And That And More Of This And That 03:52
05. The Later Reply 07:34
06. Demand 02:51
07. Afternoons 03:45
08. Teenage Lifetime 06:06
09. Parents And Neighbours 04:15
10. Wandering Cage 04:22

Recorded by John Congleton at Electrical Audio, Chicago, USA
Mixed by John Congleton at Elmwood Recording
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Written, performed and produced by Papier Tigre

Eric Pasquereau : Voice, Guitar
Arthur de la Grandière : Guitar, Percussion
Pierre-Antoine Parois : Drums


Это сообщение отредактировал Steeler77 - 05.03.12 в 11:45
этот альбом Recreation шедевр. некоторые треки в своём роде гениальны. третий - Home Truth , восьмой - Teenage Lifetime, впрочем все отличны thumb.gif когда первый раз слушал всё время в голове вспоминались Fugazi
Sounds From Outside My Window
“I’m Someone Who Dies” Stop Motion Video

Check out the amazing stop-motion video our friends Timo Hateau & Gérald Fleury made using our song “I’m Someone Who Dies” from ‘Recreation’. If you dig their work feel free to contact them here:
*Timo* : timohateau [at] gmail [dot] com
*Gérald* : blazlap [at] gmail [dot] com

Nos amis Timo Hateau & Gérald Fleury ont réalisé cette excellente vidéo en stop-motion sur notre morceau “I’m Someone Who Dies” issu de ‘Recreation’. Si vous voulez les contacter pour les féliciter, c’est ici :
*Timo* : timohateau [at] gmail [dot] com
*Gérald* : blazlap [at] gmail [dot] com
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