Mac Demarco - The Rock and Roll Night Club (2012)

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1. Rock and Roll Night Club
2. 96.7 The Pipe
3. Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans
4. One More Tear to Cry
5. European Vegas
6. 106.2 Breeze FM
7. She's Really All I Need
8. Moving Like Mike
9. Me and Jon, Hanging on
10. 10 I'm a Man
11. Only you
12: Me and Mine

320 kbps

У меня интернет совсем плохой, вот здесь новый альбом есть:, но он там на таких обменниках, с которых мне не стянуть. Может кто нибудь скачает и перезальёт на народ (ифолдер)?
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Mac Demarco - 2 [CT-164]

Cooking Up Something Good
Freaking Out The Neighborhood
Ode to Viceroy
Robson Girl
The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
My Kind Of Woman
Boe Zaah
Still Together

альбом осени

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крутая группа!
крутая группа!

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>> Fat Necks <<

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Mac Demarco - 2 [CT-164]

Cooking Up Something Good
Freaking Out the Neighborhood
Ode to Viceroy
Robson Girl
The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
My Kind Of Woman
Boe Zaah
Still Together

flac in 2 parts@pt1/pt2
модный щас
Лучше тлеть в ресторанах, чем сгореть на работе.
Artist.....[ Mac DeMarco
Album......[ Rock And Roll Night Club
Label......[ Captured Tracks
Catalog #..[ CT140
Source.....[ CD
Genre......[ Indie
Language...[ English
Store Date.[ 2012-03-20
Rip Tool...[ EAC
Encoder....[ LAME 3.98.4 -V0
Quality....[ 209 kbps AVG VBR 44.1/Joint Stereo

01 Rock And Roll Night Club 3:10
02 (96.7 The Pipe) 0:34
03 Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans 3:33
04 One More Tear To Cry 4:04
05 European Vegas 3:17
06 (106.2 Breeze FM) 1:00
07 She's Really All I Need 3:03
08 Moving Like Mike 2:57
09 Me And Jon, Hanging On 2:41
10 I'm A Man 2:32
11 Only You 2:58
12 Me & Mine 2:04

Release Notes:
Edmonton-raised Montreal-based Mac DeMarco made the
pages of many a blog buzz with his debut tape û and
by this we mean actual cassette, retro fans û under
the none-more-contrivedly-cool name Makeout
Videotape. He went on to cause something of an
alcohol-sodden splash on tour with fellow
Canadians, two-piece firebrands Japandroids, along
the way terming his own music ôjizz-jazzö and most
recently reverting to his given name and causing a
smile to rise across the hipstersÆ collective
roll-up-stained teeth with the drugged out madness
of the video for his 7ö æOnly YouÆ.

ItÆs not a new thing to see definitively
underground artists use the trappings of pop to
subvert both the alternative and the mainstream û
think Peaches and maybe Patrick Wolf to an extent.
DeMarco has, over these 11 tracks, done it with
considerably more aplomb, humour and entertainment
value than one has a right to expect from what are
so often cerebral exercises in audience

Sitting comfortably as the newest addition to the
roster of Captured Tracks, home to many the
revivalist act, DeMarco marks himself out from the
pack by celebrating what can only be described as
an imagined, half-dreamed style of the æ80s via the
æ50s that he himself has created.

Take æBabyÆs Wearing Blue JeansÆ , the tale of ôA
fine lookinÆ woman/In a pair of jeansö thatÆs as
amusing as it is lascivious and shares, along with
nearly all the tracks here, a repetitive,
high-toned rockabilly guitar line that somehow
makes it as addictive as crack and candy. A
catchy-as-hell bit of snarl-lipped sexuality, with
the past revered unrealistically: ôStay with me
forever/DonÆt take off those jeansö he warbles. It
lands firmly between the actual sounds of Sun
Studios and the way those sounds were ruined on the
soundtracks of so many teen movies.

æIÆm A ManÆ pushes the overstatement further, a
Velvet Underground-gone-macho ode to
heterosexuality with a collapsing disco beat and
the album microcosm lyric ôCreeping around up and
down town/Got the late night shift, rollinÆ up like
thisö. ThereÆs an unmistakable whiff of The Cramps
(themselves crazed on sentimentalism and debauchery
in equal measure) here, and itÆs a welcome scent.

For the most part though weÆre dealing with great
tunes like the title track, boasting a very basic
electro-acoustic riff while that high geetar rings
and DeMarco sleazes out an invitation to join him
at the titular den of iniquity û itÆs an
atmospheric 1980s Robbie Robertson song with the
early rock ænÆ roll embellishments of pulsing
hi-hats and simplistic, primal instrumentation.

Strangely, in the second and weaker half of the
album you could be forgiven for thinking that any
number of Flying Nun bands had suddenly taken an
interest in filthy sex and pelted out half-DIY
indie, half Jerry Lee Lewis numbers like the warped
æSheÆs Really All I NeedÆ and the parallel-universe
novelty hit æMove Like MikeÆ û perhaps the
silliest, cheekiest tune on the record.

There are a couple of duff notes hit û when he goes
for sincerity, as on æOne More Tear to CryÆ, itÆs
hard to buy into for obvious reasons and closer æMe
and MineÆ, like its title, sounds like a Macca
outtake (shudder). The radio station idents, too,
while adding a little Parisian/Hollywood Tarantino
cool are an indulgence at best.

Yet this is a really cool, engaging record. The
enduring image is perhaps that conjured by
æEuropean VegasÆ û heÆs some kinda transsexual
Ferris Bueller, taking a night instead of a day
off, and in place of singing æTwist and ShoutÆ at a
parade heÆs screaming an old Roxy Music song at
some filthy little no-name club, a ferocious,
knowing grin on his make-up smeared face. Winner.

Rip Date....: 2012-11-17
Store Date..: 2012-00-00
Artist......: Mac Demarco
Album.......: 2
Label.......: Captured Tracks Records
Genre.......: Indie
Source......: CD
Encoder.....: LAME 3.98.4 with preset V0
Quality.....: 252kbps / Joint Stereo
Tracks......: 11
Size........: 59.44 Mb

1. Cooking Up Something Good 2:41
2. Dreamin 2:27
3. Freaking Out The Neighborhood 2:53
4. Annie 3:10
5. Ode To Viceroy 3:53
6. Robson Girl 2:56
7. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name 2:22
8. My Kind Of Woman 3:10
9. Boe Zaah 1:41
10. Sherrill 2:29
11. Still Together 3:39
min total >> 31:21

Release Notes:
очень крутой новый альбом, The Rock and Roll Night Club гораздо меньше впечатлил
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какой-то он вообще невероятный"
предвижу его в списке моих любимых исполнителей походу дела)))
a lot of early Mac Demarco stuff!!!!!

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