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Fallrise - Back From The Dead (2012)
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1. Back from the Dead
2. The Curse
3. Gift of Desperation
4. Selfless
5. High on Misery
6. Hurt
7. Cries of the Broken
8. Let it Die
9. Victory
10. Living Amends
11. Epilogue

320 kbps

группа из разряда послушал и забыл, но может кому то придется по вкусу такое исполнение

никто не знает, есть ли диск в природе?? и если есть, то где его можно достать
никто не знает, есть ли диск в природе??

есть флак на what.cd
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Скрытый текст / Hidden text
Here it is folks! In celebration of the new year, 2014 The Year Of The Rise!!!

We give you Number 6 of the New FallRise Album Countdown....
The cover artwork for the new album Territories! And wait till you walk through the door!

We encourage as many friends, fans and family to use this as their new cover photo or display photo for the next few months up til the release of the album! Also good news is while we have the countdown continuing we will have more goodies for ya in between, the not as big but still awesome news, pics and video as we go along!

So tell us whatchya think?

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Fallrise - Territories (2014) (320 kbps)

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01. Through the Door
02. The Seventh Wave
03. Moxie
04. Life of Fools
05. New Eyes
06. Remember When
07. Death of a Friend
08. Exhale My Life
09. Trials
10. The Guilt, The Shame
11. Never Forget



Thanks man! thumb.gif

Any can re-up Back From The Dead (2012)?
Any can re-up Back From The Dead (2012)?
thanks was waiting for this release

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Dark Signal, hailing from Sacramento California, comes with a new rock sound. Powerful and dynamic rock rooted in the origins of a driving foundation. Dark Signal formed in 2017 by Sammy Karlin, Anthony Grant, Matt Thomas, David Gorman, and Isaiah Adbul-Rahman. 5 members taking 10 years of writing, recording, performing, and growing together to craft a refined sound in the image of their take on modern music; Dark Signal is tasteful as it is heavy, aggressive as it is beautiful. Absorbing the influence of new artists like Nothing More and Stone Sour creating a new sound for music that can translate into performance. Make no mistake this is a performing group, with a vision for the stage as strong as the studio; working to deliver an experience worthy of their fans support.

Sammy Karlin
Anthony Grant
Matt Thomas
David Gorman
Isaiah Adbul-Rahman

Dark Signal - Build You Back [Single] (2017)
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
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New Lyric Video (2017) thumb.gif
Dark Signal - Drag Me To Hell (Single)
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mp3, 320kbps


New Music Video (2018) ohmy.gif thumb.gif

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