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Blacktop Mojo is a hard rock band from Palestine, Texas that channels a heavy, gritty sound that seamlessly blends melody and adrenaline. With sludgy, rigid guitar lines and soaring, ariose vocal runs, twisted around psychedelic story-telling; Blacktop Mojo's songs deal with everything from ballads of love and loss, to epic tales of overcoming death itself, all delivered in the package of staunch, hard rock.
Blacktop Mojo was formed in September 2012 by lead vocalist Matt James, drummer Nathan Gillis, and lead guitarist Kenneth Irwin. After playing a few shows and "borrowing” bass players from other bands, Blacktop Mojo became complete with the addition of bassist Chris Davis in November of that year. Armed with a demo EP and a dream, the four set out to play as many shows as they could, anywhere that they could, playing any type of music they could think of to hone their craft and find their sound. In their short time together, playing shows across the state, the band has shared the stage with a range of touring artists including Aaron Lewis, Whiskey Myers, Dirty River Boys, and The Bigsbys, among others.

Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar- Matt James
Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals- Kenneth Irwin
Percussion- Nathan Gillis
Bass- Chris Davis
Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals- Ryan Kiefer

Blacktop Mojo - I Am (2014)
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1. Open Road
2. The River
3. I Am
4. Why
5. Trouble On The Rise
6. Thrive
7. I Will Ramble On
8. Next Bullet
9. Johnny Red
10. Back Home

they actually sound pretty good.

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Blacktop Mojo - I Am (2014) MP3 320 kbps
Собирают деньги на второй альбом.
Blacktop Mojo - Dream On (Aerosmith Cover) [Single] (2016)
Bitrate: 128 Kbps
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Blacktop Mojo - Pyromaniac [New Track] (2017)
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
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Blacktop Mojo - Burn the Ships [New Track] (2017)
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
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Blacktop Mojo - Burn the Ships (2017)
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1. Where The Wind Blows
2. End Of Days
3. Burn The Ships
4. Prodigal
5. Shadows On The Wall
6. Sweat
7. Pyromaniac
8. 8000 Lines
9. Dog On A Leash
10. Make A Difference
11. Chains
12. Dream On
13. Underneath

MP3 320 kbps

Release Date: March 10, 2017
Последний альбом очень крутой, не ожидал, честно признаться thumb.gif
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These guys are extremely fucking good! blink.gif thumb.gif
Очень даже недурно!
4. Prodigal

шикарная баллада thumb.gif
Wait till the end...

Проникся альбомом только после пары прослушек! Отлично thumb.gif
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