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Medina Rekic – guitar/vocals
Hansjörg Loferer (Lofi) – drums/vocals

White Miles is a dirty pole dance stoner blues rock duo. People say they are from Madagascar. Medina and Lofi met in 2005. They decided to crash the music scene back in 2011.

After releasing 4 live-videos, they quit their dayjobs and decided to live their dream. They are famous for their crazy rehearsalroom parties with pole dancers, old black and white movies and loud music - what an experience! People say they live in their own world, but the truth is - they make the world their own.

Their debut album "job: genius, diagnose: madness" is a cruise through the deep and dark atlantic ocean, mixed with soulsaving flights across the universe.

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White Miles – 2016.The Duel

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01. Sickly Nerves (02:26)
02. In The Mirror (02:58)
03. Crazy Horse (03:47)
04. Insane to the Bone (04:40)
05. A Good Pennyworth (03:19)
06. Coke On A Jetplane (02:35)
07. A(n) Garde (04:30)
08. Heid (02:37)
09. Don't You Know Him (00:58)
10. River Of Gold (03:58)
11. Keep Your Trippin Wild (06:30)

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White Miles supporting the Eagles of Death Metal
The Grasshopper lies heavy
Альбом 2014 есть?
White Miles ‎– 2014.Job: Genius, Diagnose: Madness

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01. Fake Smile (03:40)
02. Do What The Devil Says (03:11)
03. Can't Stop (03:48)
04. Show Your Hope Where The Dope Grows (04:02)
05. Bitter Hands (03:43)
06. Feinripp (03:52)
07. Salting Your Own Wounds (03:43)
08. Hell Of A Woman (04:02)
09. Hushmoney (06:03)
10. Into Your Spell (05:16)
11. Cut Your Tongue (03:41)
12. A Little Older A Little Harder (03:55)
13. Job: Genius, Diagnose: Madness (07:29)

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The Grasshopper lies heavy
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