Mother Feather


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Artist : Mother Feather
Album : Mother Feather
Label : Mother Feather
Genre : Hard Rock
Street Date : 2016-00-00
Quality : 262 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Size : 68.98 MB
Time : 34:56 min
Url :


1. Living, Breathing 3:09
2. Mirror 3:29
3. Natural Disaster 3:46
4. Trampoline 3:18
5. Mother Feather 3:54
6. 747 3:47
7. Beach House 3:29
8. The Power 3:09
9. They Tore Down The Sk8 Park 2:48
10. Egyptology 4:07


A few days ago, the music scene lost an incredible source and contributor.
He also served as what would be known as a mentor to me, steering me in
certain directions while also keeping me in check about what is and is not
acceptable to do/say in what we do. And we (at least I) do it for the main
reason of just loving music. I'm not going to mention his handle or name,
because that would be not only stupid/reckless, but if you're into the music
scene as deep as most claim, you'll know who he is. I was plucked from
another grp and recruited into the one I now pre for. He showed me how much
value is placed into loyalty and will be missed.....incredibly missed, very
much. But I suppose that day will come for us all, at one point or another.
So, I'll just say....we're gonna miss ya bro, your contributions have/will
not be overlooked and the music scene won't be the same without


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Что-то в них есть необычное. Для меня вообще странно, что не прошёл мимо)

Ещё пара видео и рабочий линк на альбом

Товарищ,вам не стыдно например,постить с чужими ссылками (причём с рекламой) или абсолютное неумение/нежелание благодарить других за контент.
Mother Feather - Constellation Baby (02.11.2018)
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01. Red Hot Metal (3:37)
02. Man, I Wish You Were Here (2:38)
03. I.C.U. (2:46)
04. Snakebite (1:53)
05. Desert Island (3:23)
06. Constellation Baby (4:15)
07. Totally Awesome (2:53)
08. Shake Your Magic 8 Ball (2:43)
09. Supernatural (3:51)
10. I Blow a Kiss (5:49)

© Metal Blade Records

06.09.2018 - Red Hot Metal (Single)
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01.10.2018 - Snakebite (Single)
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29.10.2018 - Totally Awesome (Single)
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artist.....: Mother Feather
title......: Constellation Baby
label......: Metal Blade Records
genre......: Rock
rip date...: 2018-11-01
runtime....: 33:49
tracks.....: 10
size.......: 80.67MB
quality....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
codec......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
encoder....: LAME

track list
01. Red Hot Metal 03:37
02. Man, I Wish You Were Here 02:38
03. I.C.U. 02:47
04. Snakebite 01:53
05. Desert Island 03:23
06. Constellation Baby 04:15
07. Totally Awesome 02:53
08. Shake Your Magic 8 Ball 02:43
09. Supernatural 03:51
10. I Blow a Kiss 05:49

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