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In a society where new bands pop up every day, Silent Theory is here to set a new standard. Silent Theory was created in 2008 by brothers Mitch, Scott, and George Swanger and family friend Robert James. In 2014, Dakota Elliot Tyler joined to front the band. The Swanger brothers are from the Moscow, Idaho area, where they grew up playing music together. Dakota and Robert are from the western Washington area, where they grew up doing the same.
Lead singer Dakota says the guys are “like family” and they’ve made a great bond. Despite a portion of the group being brothers, they say it really makes the creativity flow having band members who aren’t related. From the beginning, the band has wanted to make music people can relate to. They want their fans to love their songs even more, every time they hear them.
The group started their journey playing small local shows to get their name out and their music heard. The band gained popularity and started playing bigger shows in the Seattle/Tacoma area, Spokane, Washington, and Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho. In 2009, the band got the opportunity for a much bigger show, the South-By-Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas where they played with bands like Metallica, Shiny Toy Guns, The Proclaimers and more. 2010 was a year of achievements for the band. The group made an appearance on MTV Cribs, where they performed their single “Livin’ the Dream,” headlined the world famous “Whisky A Go-Go” in Los Angeles, California, and signed their first record deal with Turkey Vulture Records. By June 2011, the band was headed to Rockford, Illinois to record their full-length debut album, “Black Tie Affair,” which was released in October of 2011. In celebration of their album release, the band played the first ever sold out show in the history of the BellTower Concert House in Pullman, Washington. After the release of “Black Tie Affair” the band toured the nation in the summer of 2012 to promote the album and the single, “Livin’ the Dream” which was made available on the video game Rock Band. Recently, Silent Theory recently released several new songs including; “Outta My Head” in 2013, and their most recent single and music video, “Fragile Minds.” Their sophomore album, “Delusions” is to be released September 1st, 2016.
Through the years, Silent Theory has always had one constant goal in mind: To always be striving to better themselves. Despite challenges along the way, the band says “playing together has always kept us motivated, we’re all up there because we love it.” The band has plenty on their plate in the upcoming months and they’re ready to see what the future holds.

Dakota Elliot Tyler, vocals
Scott Swanger, guitar
Bob James, guitar
George Swanger, bass
Mitch Swanger, drums

Silent Theory - Delusions (2016)
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01- Leave Alone
02- Fragile Minds
03- Boogeyman
04- Watch Me Burn
05- Lost Forever
06- Anyways
07- Alice
08- Sever
09- Faceless
10- Outta My Head
11- One over the Other
12- Fragile Minds (Radio Edit)


New Music Video (2017) thumb.gif

New Music Video (2018) super.gif
Silent Theory - Before the Storm [Single] (2018)
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Silent Theory - Sticks and Stones (Single)
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mp3, 320kbps

Silent Theory - Six Feet Under (Single) (2020)
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
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2020: DVSR - West Technique - total fuckin` destroy

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Silent Theory - Shaking Cages (Single) (2021)
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
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