Coco Montoya

Coco Montoya - Ya Think I'd Know Better

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Track Listing
1. Monkey See, Monkey Do
2. Seven Desires
3. Hiding Place
4. The Heart Of Soul
5. Tumbleweed
6. Fool In Love
7. Can't Get My Ass In Gear
8. You'd Think I'd Know Better By Now
9. Big Boy Pete
10. Too Much Of A Good Thing
11. Dyin' Flu

Coco Montoya (vocals, guitar)
Ernie Cate (vocals)
Lee Roy Parnell (guitar, slide guitar, background vocals)
Earl Cate (guitar, background vocals)
Michael Toles (guitar)
Benny Yee (piano, organ, keyboards)
Ernest Williamson (keyboards)
Steve Ehrmann (bass, background vocals)
Dave Smith (bass)
Marty Binder (drums, percussion)
Steve Potts (drums)
William Brown, Bertrand Brown (background vocals)

Coco's scorching sophomore album, Ya Think I'd Know Better, came on the heels of his Handy Award and firmly placed him in the top ranks of today's rock and roots music performers. The release stayed on the Billboard Magazine Blues Chart for 14 weeks and earned the number six spot on the"Top 10 Best-Selling Independent Label" blues releases of 1996. Blues Revue magazine said "Montoya's strat leads rage across the disc like brush fire.....(he's) a modern blues master." Guitar Magazine called the release"a ripping trip through 11 lively blues-rock sides," while Guitar World exclaimed Coco to be"in the forefront of contemporary blues guitarists."

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Coco Montoya - Suspicion

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Track Listing
1. Enough Is Enough
2. Casting My Spell
3. I Need Your Love In My Life
4. Fool
5. Don't Take It Personally
6. Get Your Business Straight
7. Trading One Fool For Another
8. Beyond The Blues
9. Good Days, Bad Days
10. What I Know Now
11. You Didn't Think About That
12. Nothing But Love

Guitarist Coco Montoya started out playing rock & roll, and it shows. On his fourth album, the former John Mayall and Albert Collins sideman rocks his blues hard, with the occasional soul-flavored ballad thrown in for variety. The album kicks off on a note that's high-energy yet relaxed, as Montoya declares that "Enough Is Enough." "I Need Your Love in My Life" is as upbeat and cheering as can be, a sure cure for rainy-day doldrums. And with "Don't Take It Personally" and "You Didn't Think About That," Montoya certainly rocks out. But he's got a soft side too, as the smoky "Fool" and the tender "Nothing but Love" handily illustrate. Although, like his mentor Mayall, Montoya is an indifferent vocalist, he more than makes up for it with his guitar work, which is both expressive and technically brilliant--the blistering solo on "Beyond the Blues" is proof enough of that. Suspicion is Montoya's first album for Alligator Records, and it's unsurprisingly a bit smoother around the edges than his previous records for Blind Pig. Still, it's a strong effort all around, with touches of real warmth and sweetness.

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Coco Montoya - Can't Look Back

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Track Listing
1. Wish I Could Be That Strong
2. Running Away From Love
3. Something About You
4. I Won't Beg
5. Trip, Stumble And Fall
6. Can't See The Streets For My Tears
7. Same Old Thing
8. Can't Look Back
9. Women Have A Way With A Fool
10. Back In A Cadillac
11. No Longer A Part Of Your Dreams
12. Holding Out For You
13. Free

Coco Montoya (vocals, electric guitar)
Chuck Kirkpatrick (slide guitar, background vocals)
Benny Yee, Tommy Eyre (keyboards)
Steve Evans, Bob Glaub (bass)
Scott Kirkpatrick (drums, background vocals)
Randy Hayes, Tony Braunagle (drums)

Additional personnel: Joe Sublet (tenor saxophone)
Darrel Leonard (trumpet)

Given his past work with starmaker John Mayall and Albert Collins, it's no surprise that Coco Montoya has turned out solid, consistent blues-rock since his debut in 1995. Can't Look Back is his second album since his move to Alligator Records, and it's very similar to 2000's Suspicion in sound and structure. That means it's a collection of energetic, taut blues-rock with originals that hold their own with the covers, although Collins's "Same Old Thing" does stand out. Other highlights include the tightly wound "Running Away from Love," the strangely pyrotechnic "Can't See the Streets for My Tears," and the tension generated by the contrast between music and lyrics on the title track. Overall, Montoya is settling nicely into a classic blues-rock sound that generates its own momentum and showcases his considerable talent.

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Great sharing, m8 thumb.gif I only had "can't look back" and that's great blues-rock !!!
Coco Montoya - Gotta A Mind To Travel [1995]
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1. Too Much Water
2. Gotta Mind To Travel
3. Talkin' Woman Blues
4. Someday After Awhile
5. Top Of The Hill
6. Same Dog
7. Love Jail
8. You Don't Love Me
9. Nothin' In The Streets
10. Am I Losing
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Coco Montoya - Ya Think I'd Know Better (1996)

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Track List:
1. Monkey See, Monkey Do
2. Seven Desires
3. Hiding Place
4. Heart Of Soul, The
5. Tumbleweed
6. Fool In Love
7. Can't Get My Ass In Gear
8. You'd Think I'd Know Better By Now
9. Big Boy Pete
10. Too Much Of A Good Thing
11. Dyin' Flu


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Being a little bit too good is a whole lot too dangerous!

Coco Montoya - Dirty Deal

Coco Montoya (vocals, guitar);
Paul Barrere (guitar,slide guitar, percussion);
Fred Tackett (guitar);
Tony Stead, Bill Payne (keyboards);
Kenny Gradney, Steve Evans (electric bass);
Randy Hayes, Richie Hayward (drums);
Ed Kanon, Roger Cole (percussion).


1. Last Dirty Deal
2. Three Sides To Every Story
3. Love Gotcha
4. How Do You Sleep At Night?
5. It Takes Time
6. It’s My Own Tears
7. Coin Operated Love
8. Clean Slate
9. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
10. It’s All Your Fault
11. Ain’t No Brakeman


Пожалуйста, у кого есть -- залейте Just Let Go (1997)
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Coco Montoya - I Want It All Back (2010)

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Though he grew up as a drummer and was raised on rock & roll, Coco Montoya became an outstanding blues guitarist after stints in the bands of Albert Collins and John Mayall. Montoya debuted as a leader in 1995 with the Blind Pig album Gotta Mind to Travel and garnered an award for Best New Blues Artist at the following year's W.C. Handy Awards ceremonies.
Born in Santa Monica, Montoya played drums for a local rock band that toured the region during the mid-'70s, playing in area clubs. Although he had recently been turned on to blues at an Albert King show, he was somewhat unprepared to sit in with another blues legend -- "the Iceman" Albert Collins -- when a bar-owner friend of Montoya invited the bluesman to play at his nightclub. Though his inexperience showed, the young drummer impressed Collins enough to hire him for a Pacific Northwest tour three months later. The tour soon ended, but the pair's affiliation remained for more than five years, while Montoya learned much about the handling of blues guitar from "the Master of the Telecaster."
By the early '80s, Coco Montoya was back in the small-time nightclub business, playing guitar with several regional bands. At one night's show, he realized that John Mayall was in the audience, so he dedicated a cover of "All Your Love" to the British blues maestro. The song prompted Mayall to hire Montoya as lead guitarist for a new version of the Bluesbreakers he had formed. Despite the enormous pressure of filling a spot once held by Eric Clapton and Peter Green, Montoya jumped at the opportunity.
His first album with the Bluesbreakers came in 1985. Mayall had not released an album in five years at that point and the Bluesbreakers had been dead for more than 15, but the live album Behind the Iron Curtain proved Mayall's viability thanks mostly to the fiery work of Montoya. The guitarist appeared on three studio albums with Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, but then struck out on his own by the mid-'90s. Signed to Blind Pig, Montoya released Gotta Mind to Travel in 1995 with help from Mayall and another former Bluesbreaker compatriot, rhythm guitarist Debbie Davies.
After years of toil under Collins and Mayall, Montoya was finally in the spotlight and his award as Best New Blues Artist of 1996 proved quite ironic, given his years of experience. His second album, Ya Think I'd Know Better, was followed by 1997's Just Let Go. At that point, Montoya and Blind Pig parted company and he signed with Alligator Records. Suspicion was released in 2000, followed two years later by Can't Look Back and by Dirty Deal in 2007. All three discs incorporated a definitive soul/R&B approach. I Want It All Back, produced by Keb' Mo' and Jeff Paris, appeared in 2010.

01 Hey Senorita
02 I Want It All Back
03 Forever
04 Cry Lonely
05 As Close As I Have Come
06 The Life Of My Broken Heart
07 The One Who Really Loves You
08 Fanny Mae
09 Don't Go Makin' Plans
10 She's Gonna Need Somebody
11 Somebody's Baby

Coco Montoya - Coming in Hot (2019)
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01. Good Man Gone (3:48)
02. Coming in Hot (3:25)
03. Stop Runnin' Away From My Love (5:12)
04. Lights Are On But Nobody's Home (6:56)
05. Stone Survivor (3:54)
06. What Am I? (4:10)
07. Ain't It a Good Thing (3:48)
08. I Wouldn't Wanna Be You (4:39)
09. Trouble (4:00)
10. Witness Protection (4:12)
11. Water To Wine (4:49)

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