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Suburban Noize Records, also known as "Subnoize", is an independent record label based in Burbank, California that specializes in punk rock and underground hip hop. The label was founded in 1995 by Kevin Zinger and Kottonmouth Kings vocalist Brad Xavier.

In addition to producing music, the label has multiple subsidiaries, including SRH Clothing, which specializes in skater and surfer clothes and merchandise for the label and Anti-Hero Management, which handles the label's acts.

Suburban Noize was founded in 1995 as an imprint of Capitol Records by music manager Kevin Zinger and Brad Xavier, a punk rock vocalist and rapper who formed the punk bands Doggy Style and Humble Gods, and the rap rock band Kottonmouth Kings.

New acts managed by the label are featured on a Kottonmouth Kings album before touring with the band as its opening act, and later recording an album for Suburban Noize in a studio owned and operated by the label. A majority of the label's merchandise and album sales are via the Internet and merchandising booths at live performances. The label heavily relies on word of mouth and underground promotion techniques, and albums by many of its acts, including Kottonmouth Kings, are very successful in spite of not being advertised by mainstream media.

On September 16, 2009, Suburban Noize purchased the California ska/punk label Skunk Records in a merger deal with its founder Miguel Happoldt. The merger deal also includes rights to Skunk's catalog which includes music by Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Slightly Stoopid, The Ziggens and Pepper.

Big B

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As always Big B keeps things the only way he knows how; raw and honest.  His brand of outlaw hip-hop has made him a modern day rebel, ala Johnny Cash, utilizing beats and rhymes to buck trends and challenge listener’s expectations. His hybrid style mixes elements of acoustic, alt-rock and hip-hop that can appeal to fans of Everlast or the laid back grooves of Sublime.

In addition to his exploding music career, 2006 brought a whirlwind of media attention when Big B became one of the cast members of the A&E hit television series INKED. The show quickly become one of the hottest shows on television and one of A&E’s top three rated programs. The show focused on the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company, where Big B works with freestyle motocross champ Carey Hart when he's not on the road with his music career.

While his television appearances have made him more recognizable, Big B’s music has taken the world of underground hip-hop by storm. His albums have quickly become some of the best selling releases on Suburban Noize Records, home of California’s Kottonmouth Kings and (hed)pe. Meanwhile Big B’s relentless touring schedule has saw him tour alongside Pepper, Pennywise, Unwritten Law, and Kottonmouth Kings. Whether he's confronting personal demons, touting his perseverance or taking it back to his days of street hustling, Big B has evolved musically from the 6"7 and 330 pound rhyme spitter to an eclectic artist willing to explore every facet of his creativity to get what he wants from it. Fans that are willing to take the journey with Big B will find themselves immersed songs that will stand the test of time.

2004 | High Class White Trash
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1. Big B Duz it
2. Real
3. B'Rock Interlude
4. Raise It Up
5. Hooligan
6. Marco Interlude
7. Half Empty f/ Daddy X and D-Loc from Kottonmouth Kings
8. Tweakers
9. Scummy Interlude
10. F**k or Fight f/ Richter from Kottonmouth Kings
11. Addicted
12. TJ Interlude
13. Summer Time
14. A&R f/ John E. Necro from OPM
15. MNO Interlude
16. Your Friends
17. Controversy
18. Battle
19. Outro

2005 | White Trash Renegade
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1. New Number (Intro)
2. Keep Goin
3. White Trash Renegade
4. Blow My Mind
5. The Underground f/ Daddy X from the Kottonmouth Kings
6. Some People
7. New Beginnings (skit)
8. Crazy
9. Remember f/ D-Loc from the Kottonmouth Kings
10. The Drugs
11. Whiteboys
12. Collared Shirts (skit)
13. Hit That f/ Johnny Richter from the Kottonmouth Kings
14. Outlaw f/ Dirtball
15. Rockstar
16. Shut The F**K Up
17. Hooligan

2006 | Random Stuff
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01. The B
02. Hooligan
03. White Trash Renegade
04. Mayday
05. Summertime
06. Somebody
07. Last Daze
08. Remember
09. Every Mc
10. I Don't Wanna Die
11. Whiteboys
12. Addicted
13. Half Empty (Remix)
14. The Crab Shack
15. Representin' (Sin City)
16. Kali Kings
17. This Is A Robbery
18. Whatcha Want
19. Higher Than A Mother Fucker
20. How It Sounds
21. Hey Joe

2007 | More to Hate
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1. More To Hate
2. American Dream
3. White Trash Life
4. Put Em Up f/ Danny Diablo
5. Counting Pennies
6. Pass The Jager f/ Dirtball
7. Real As They Come
8. Looky Looky
9. Harley (skit)
10. On The Road
11. Come Take A Journey
12. How Quick f/ Blaze Ya Dead Homie
13. Miss Wonderful
14. This Is Me
15. We Can Smoke f/ Kottonmouth Kings
16. Million Miles f/ Tech N9ne
17. Living On The Edge F/ Sen Dog
18. Its All Good f/ Dirtball
19. Staring Out The Window f/ John E Necro
20. Brand New Day f/ Daddy X
21. Suk It (Outro)

2009 | American Underdog
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1. To The Moon
2. Hot Women feat. The Dirtball
3. Criminals
4. Fucked In Vegas [Phone Message[/u][/b]</div></div><div class='sp-body'><div class='sp-content'>
5. Life Lessons
6. Drink More feat. Johnny Richter
7. Sinner feat. Scott Russo
8. Let It Rain
9. Supastar feat. Daddy X
10. Born 2 Ride feat. Jahred of HED PE
11. Trouble
12. Play These Cards
13. Money feat. John E. Necro
14. Sunday
15. Tattooed Queen
16. Gotta Do
17. Let’s Go Play
18. Hi Dad [Phone Message]
19. In My City

2010 | Good Times & Bad Advice
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01. Yesterday
02. Before I Leave Thise Place (feat. Everlast)
03. For Tonight (feat. Scott Russo of Unwritten Law)
04. I Fucked Up Again
05. Good Times
06. Live Your Life (feat. Glasses Malone & Jim Perkins)
07. This Is For...
08. My Baby Says (feat. Cisco Adler)
09. Travelin' Man (feat. Jamie Allensworth)
10. Music Saved My Life (feat. Kaleo of Pepper)
11. High and Lows
12. Just Me and You
13. Out Here In Cali
14. Turn Up The Radio
15. They Say


2011 | Music for Misfits
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1. Bad Girl 3:39
2. Foes And Friends 3:47
3. Last One 3:16
4. For Tonight (Feat. Scott Russo) 3:39
5. Sinner (Feat. Scott Russo) 3:30
6. Good Times 3:15
7. Before I Leave This Place (Feat. Everlast) 4:17
8. Hooligan 3:19
9. Out Here In Cali 3:26
10. White Trash Renegade 3:33
11. White Trash Life 2:56
12. Criminal 3:47
13. American Drean 3:30
14. Somebody 3:46
15. A Million Miles (Feat. Tech N9ne) 3:50
16. Lets Go Play 3:40
17. Rockstar 3:26
scene vbr


Daddy X

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Over a decade ago Brad X, AKA "Daddy X", set out on a mission to establish an independent entertainment company. Against all odds and always against the grain, this visionary artist created Suburban Noize Records to release the new group he founded, Kottonmouth Kings.

At the time, Brad X was one of the premier nightclub and special events promoters in southern California and the singer for the true school punk outfit the Humble Gods. A decade later, the Kottonmouth Kings and Suburban Noize Records are a thriving vital force in the underground music scene. With over two million records sold with the Kottonmouth Kings and a whole roster of artists working under the Suburban Noize label, all the Kings took time from their busy schedules to release solo records.

After releasing eleven studio albums with Kottonmouth Kings, Daddy X flips the script for his solo material with a roots based collection of songs drawn from reggae, soul, and acoustic driven rebel music. His solo material is full of positive uplifting anthems that prove you reap what you sow and get what you grow.

2004 | Organic Soul
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1. The Great Escape
2. Dyin Breath
3. Higher Than High
4. Irie Feelin
5. Setting Sun
6. Old School Shit
7. Everyone Must Get Stoned
8. Grow Your Own
9. One Man Standin
10. Praise Jah f/ Smokin Scotty Dread
11. Peaceful Day
12. Round the World f/ E-Mann
13. Wicked-N-Riteous
14. Area 51
15. Pleasure To Burn f/ Dog Boy
16. Stoney Vibrations
17. Get Up starring Sky Blue
18. Sky Blue
19. Anna Rose


2006 | Family Ties
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1. All Seeing Eye
2. Mindbender
3. Karma f/ DogBoy
4. Against All Odds
5. Changin
6. Tha Bomb
7. Stoney Age
8. Power, Greed, Lies and Money f/ Judge D
9. Wake N Bake
10. If I Could
11. Money
12. Money Machine
13. Nature's Way f/ DogBoy and Dirtball
14. Freedom f/ Corporate Avenger
15. Take You Higher
16. Next Life
17. Better Place f/ Dirtball
18. You Are Everything
19. New World Order Bonus Tracks
20. Last Daze (King Klick f/ Big B and DogBoy)
21. Livin Free


FLAC (thanx to SupaKrot aka Squeezzle [pass: SupaKrot aka Squeezzle])


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The roots of the DGAF (an acronym for "Don't Give a F**k") movement  started back in the early '90s with the infamous Chucky Chuck. During  high school Chucky’s friends gave him the moniker after overdosing on  acid. From there, Chucky and longtime friend Gillies, a legend in the  South Bay area punk scene, adopted the term to describe their own  reckless lifestyles. With a thirst for motocross riding, surfing, and  skateboarding, the pair of misfits lived each day with no fear and only  a go big or stay home attitude. When creating a musical soundtrack for  the chaos they produce, Chucky and Gillies recruited none other than  Saint Dog (original frontman of Kottonmouth Kings) and his brother Big Hoss to join in the audio disruption.

DGAF was first introduced on a worldwide level through counterculture  icons the Kottonmouth Kings. During the late '90s, Gillies was roommates  with the Kings own DJ Bobby B and D-Loc in Redondo Beach, CA who were  quickly adopted into the DGAF family.

The group immediately began to  create t-shirts sporting the group’s moniker with stencils and  spray-paint in the garage to accompany their DGAF tattoos. Within months  of rocking sold out shows, the DGAF movement had gone from the tattoos  on their bodies to a worldwide cultivation of misfits, stoners, and  adrenaline junkies.  The group’s sound is the sonic equivalent of the Sex Pistols crashing  head on with N.W.A. DGAF’s toxic musical brew is an unapologetic middle  finger to everyone and everything that stands in their path. 

No matter what side of the line you stand on it's impossible to ignore  DGAF's in-your-face message. This four-piece crew is ready to crack  skulls and celebrate the only way they how; by packaging the insanity of their day to day lives into one harsh audible blunt.

2005 | Royal Henchman | (без saint Dog)
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01 - MGM Grand
02 - Don't Start No Funk
03 - Backstage Pass Feat. Miss DGAF
04 - Fuk Yo Man
05 - Light It Up Feat. Saint Dog
06 - Check The Fly Shit Feat. Gillies
07 - Mota-Vation
08 - Walk The Walk
09 - Gimmie A Reason
10 - Run Yo Lip
11 - DGAF
12 - Catch No Feelin's
13 - Don't Be Mad
14 - Waiting For You
15 - Back The Fuk Up
16 - Voicemail Outro

2008 | DGAF
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01. Intro
02. Damn Right
03. We Came Here
04. Burn
05. Bump That Shit
06. Subnoise Misfits
07. Knuckle Up
08. Pass That
09. With Us Or Against Us
10. Let Em All Know
11. Hallucinations
12. Fuck A Chump
13. No Way But Up

the Dirtball

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The Dirtball is at the forefront of the underground scene that is taking over hip-hop. In a time of downward spiraling record sales, The Dirtball’s career has managed to flourish as he has rocketed into national fame with the persistence and will to survive in the jungle that is the music business. He has managed to build his fan base by promoting his solo career and as a member of the Kottonmouth Kings. His strong work ethic and explosive live shows have earned him tours with Tech N9ne, (hed) PE, Insane Clown Posse and a spot on one of the highest grossing independent tours, The Strange Noize Tour. Creating a stir in the underground live music scene, The Dirtball snaps off raps that will make skeptics think twice about the capabilities of rappers.

Dubbed Oregon¹s "King of Rapid-Fire Rhyme", The Dirtball's ear for creating infectious rhymes gives his albums a versatility that stretch through a variety of styles, from infectious hip-hop, blazed out rock beats, to grimy battle raps, making him one of the most musically ambitious rappers on  the scene.

The Dirtball speaks about his latest release “Nervous System”:

“When I set out to begin recording this record two years ago, I really wanted to create my own version of a classic hip-hop record”, commented The Dirtball. “Albums like Eazy-E's ‘Eazy-Duz It’ and Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ are both timeless and those records were the standard that I used when I created my album. My goal was to make a record that listeners could come back to a decade later and it would still sound fresh.”

The Dirtball’s brand of hip-hop can never be accused of sounding stale as his machinegun delivery attacks a barrage of banging West Coast beats with monstrous results. The album begins with an intro that sounds like a twisted audio sequel as a physician administers more drugs to the Oregon based emcee. The intro injects listeners into The Dirtball’s “Nervous System” and shoots them right into the West Coast bash on "I Came to Party". The album’s high octane hip-hop adds some alt-rock flavor courtesy of Big B on “Karma Bite,” while Kottonmouth Kings’ co-member Johnny Richter drops in on the intoxicating “Spill Zone”. The Dirtball is joined by another Kottonmouth Kings’ co-member Daddy X to blaze a new West Coast weed anthem on "Lets' Do It” and Psychopathic Records Blaze Ya Dead Homie helps to explore the depths of maniacal minds on "The Paper".

2002 | The Dirty D Project, Vol. 1
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With Chola I had been sending demos all over the place, including
Suburban Noize Records. When we broke up, I did a self propelled, I did
all the production and recording, etcetera, record called The Dirty D
Project, and pressed a few thousand with intent of sending them all over
the place. I did, got a few bites, and then Kevin Zinger over at Suburban
Noize saw my hustle from Chola till then, and made me SRH artist of the
month for three months. Then they signed me with a two record deal. This
would turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened in my musical path.

Bump Eternal
Don't Mean A Thing
Speak Out
Get At Me
Mad Quan
Preach Street
City Of Kron
Ready To Roll
Rise Up
Live People That Rock
Me & D
Password: radio

2005 | Pop-a-D-Ball
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Dirtball Intro
This One
Hello Myself
We Bad (Feat. Dgaf)
Unified Flight
Love Life
Ppppimp (Feat. Saint Dog And Just Cause)
Humblin' On
Puzzle Pieces
Push Up Ya Knucks (Feat. Daddy X)
The Drink
We All Are
Not Afraid
Dr. Muzik
Writing On The Wall
For What
Positive Flex
Messages Outro


2006 | Raptillion
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My Show
No Rules
Hate Bait (Feat. Dgaf)
Sports Talk
Batter Swing (Feat. Daddy X)
Just Me
We Bangin'
Rock Roll
Hustler Supreme (Feat. Big cool.gif
Project Upwordz
Got Love
No One Left
Same Ol' Story (Feat. Daddy X)


2008 | Crook County
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1. Intro
2. I'm Not
3. Mushroom Cloud (ft. Daddy X)
4. Speak
5. All In (ft. Big
6. Phantom Power
7. Taxman
8. PitSpit
9. Nightshade (ft. CeeKay)
10. Campfire 1
11. Crook County Killaz
12. Campfire 2
13. Moonshine Rhyme
14. Tried, True, & Tested (ft. Boondox)
15. Underground Biz
16. Just a Friend (ft. Lady Love)
17. Grind (ft. Johnny Richter)
18. Mora Kyrkogarden
19. Outro

2011 | Nervous System
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01.Intro (00:43)
02.I Came To Party (02:33)
03.Way We Live (03:00)
04.Cracka' Now (02:54)
05.Bang Loud (02:29)
06.Anybody (03:01)
07.Move Back (03:08)
08.Own It (02:27)
09.Let'em Roll (03:00)
10.I Smell Hell (03:26)
11.Let's Do It (04:36)
12.Mushrooms (04:08)
13.Overdose (03:19)
14.Long Road (03:59)
15.Fuck Off (Skit) (00:40)
16.Party Paradise (03:18)
17.Friends Past (03:14)
18.The Paper (03:41)
19.Karma Bite (02:22)
20.Spill Zone (03:35)
21.No Cops (03:02)
22.Rule The World (03:56)
23.Outro (00:32)
24.Rips The Hits 1 (17:42)
25.Rips The Hits 2 (13:10)


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In an effort to continuously broaden their musical horizons and expand the hip-hop empire they helped create, Kottonmouth Kings’ D-Loc and Johnny Richter branched out from the Kottonmouth Kings and released the highly anticipated self-titled debut "Kingspade" in 2004. The album was fueled by club banging beats and party anthems like “Drunk in the Club”, and was followed by the group's sophomore effort "PTB" in 2007. Since then Kingspade has gone on to chart on the Billboard Top 200, selling over 75,000 albums and tour the country on their own headlining tour.

For the last twelve years D-Loc and Johnny Richter have fronted underground sensations The Kottonmouth Kings(This isn't historically accurate. Johnny Richter has not been in the Kings for the entire 12 years...?). During their decade-plus tenure with the Kings, the duo have become an underground music institution soundscanning over 1,000,000 albums and selling 1,000,000 concert tickets from over 1,500 live performances. Their accomplishments are even more impressive given the fact that they have remained completely independent from the mainstream and without the aid of a major label.

2004 | Kingspade
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1 The Krowning 1:22
2 This Dat Beat 3:26
3 Who's Down 3:54
4 Smokin' Doja 3:44
5 Drunk in the Club 3:40
6 Keep Risin' 4:13
7 Tat Shop Talk 1:12
8 Same Ol' Bitches 3:52
9 Life 4:07
10 So Cal Weather 4:05
11 Spaded, Jaded, and Faded 3:56
12 Spin Dat Shit 3:27
13 So Loaded 3:56
14 It's Alright 4:33
15 Lemon vs Crack 4:05
16 High Riders 4:18


2007 | P.T.B.
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Who Run This?
Takin It Back
Neighborhood Trends
That's The Sh*t
We Ridin'
Lookin Up
Havin Fun
Bring The Crowd
Brotha Brotha
Check Yo Bitch
Follow The Leader
That's How It Goes
Inked Up
scene vbr


2009 | Throw Your Spades Up (LIVE)
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1. Spaded Jaded And Faded
2. This That Beat
3. Who's Down
4. We Ridin'
5. Drunk In Da Club
6. Who Run This
7. Neighborhood Trends
8. The Deal
9. Lifestyles
10. Down 4 Da Krown
11. Tsunami Brothers
12. That's The Shit
13. Smokin' Doja
14. Havin' Fun
15. P-Town
16. That's How It Goes
17. High Ridaz
18. Same Ol' Bitches
19. Life
scene vbr


Pakelika | Grand Vanacular | Disfunction.Ill

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Representing the Kottonmouth Kings, Pak is known as the undefeated, undisputed heavyweight pot smoking champion of the world with the only goal in life which is to be himself. He’s one tall toker that comes with the over equipped package. His age is undectectable, and his eyes are constantly bloodshot. Through out the years Pakelika has done many things… But he is most famous for his dancing. Pak has helped to develop and create a new form of dancing called “Hydro-Mechanix” with 20 years or more of experience.

Hydro-Mechanix Began forming in 1979. A “poppin” based art form in the realm of dance, which has absolutely no boundaries… And is not limited to any particular music. In fact, its actually a music in itself. Rhythm is the Key… Everything has rhythm… Everyone has rhythm… Most just have a false belief they don’t.

Pakelika not only works with the Kottonmouth Kings, he has recently released his first full length solo project in association with DJ Bobby B. The album is entitled “Pakelika Presents: Another Cult Classic.” The album was categorized as Progressive rap and spoken word, with a fast variety of styles and concepts. With no focus on the mainstream, Pakelika releases this one for the underground. The album features 16 tracks… 11 new, 3 previously released, and 2 off the legendary “Dis-Function” CD. All the songs are produced by DJ Bobby B, except for 1, 10, and the + song which are produced by Free “Papilan” Crawford.

Lyrics in Language is not a luxury but a lesson…listen…learn…and live life.

Grand Vanacular | 1999 | Entering the Brain: Cerebral Meltdown
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картинка, оставленная пользователем
1. V.a.n.a.c.
2. Techniques I Select
3. Activating Verses
4. No Ducks Allowed
5. Girl Song
6. Like Mud (backwards)
7. Cerebral Meltdown
8. A to Z (reversed)
9. On Some Ole' Ill
10. Take A Moment To Think
11. Phony Microphonist
12. Steel Wall Interface
13. Words (omitted)
14. Think Like Ya Enemy
15. Examining Mechanizmz
16. The Beginning Of The End
17. Hypnotic Pattern
18. He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best
19. None Other Than I

Pakelika | 2003 | Another Cult Classic
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1. The Disclaimer
2. Unstructured
3. Forgive Me Father
4. Black Clouds
5. "They" Do Not Care
6. Workin' The Psyche
7. Crazy Women F/ D-Loc & J. Richter
8. Red Eye'd
9. Yes, I Inhale
11. It's True
12. Fire In The Sky F/ Daddy X
13. Where Do We...
14. Confession To A Sold-Out MC
15. Never Fuck Wit Me!
16. So You're Hip-Hop

Pakelika | 2008 | The Smokin' Word
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1. Youth Of America
2. Inhale To The Chief
3. Late Fee's
4. Stay Awake
5. War Criminals
6. Murdr Murdr
7. Conscious Conservationist
8. The One That Did
9. Silence Is Everywhere
10. Drop It Pop It
11. Oh Ugot White Gloves
12. Freedom's Blood
13. Braggin' Rights Uno
14. Knowwhati'msayin'
15. Braggin' Rights Dos
16. Nothin' Betta Than
17. In Closing

Saint Dog

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Saint Dog is an original member of the Kottonmouth Kings and was with them up until the beginning of 2000. That’s when the Kings and Saint parted their ways. Saint started doing music with his brother Big Hoss, they started their own label, “UScircleA Records” and released their first album in 2001. Saint is one half of the duo that makes up Unconformable Social Amputees, a solo artist, and an owner of UScircleA Records.

2004 | Ghetto Guide
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1 Intro 0:33
2 SoCal Thugsta 3:59
3 Summertime 3:43
4 Big West Coastin' 3:41
5 Ghetto Guide 4:25
6 People Into Making Progress 5:26
7 I'm In The Band 4:02
8 Money Talks 4:09
9 Now I Lay Me 4:22
10 Fight Big Hoss 3:21
11 Breaking The Glass 3:37
12 Starts Bangin 3:49
13 F**k Five-O 3:45
14 First Class White Trash 3:51
15 Rock Star Roadie 3:08
16 At The End Of The Day 4:43
17 Crime 2 Rhyme 3:51
18 U.S.A. Anthem 4:07

2006 | USA (Unconformable Social Amputees)
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1 Subnoize Anthem 4:48
2 Oompa Loompa 3:519
3 P***y Poppin' 3:43
4 Paper Chase 3:21
5 Hip Hop Punk Rock (Gangsta Lean) 3:33
6 Their Lies 1:54
7 Reaper 4:13
8 When I Grow Up 4:31
9 Da Game 4:07
10 Wanna Live 3:10
11 Get Gone 4:16
12 Throw It Up 3:54
13 Ha Ha 3:48
14 How Many 3:58
15 Down 4 Whatever 3:25
16 Inside My Head 3:28
17 Stand Up 3:26
18 Friends Like You 1:29

Subnoize Souljaz

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Whenever a general goes to war, he calls upon his best soldiers to lead him to victory. Suburban Noize Records battalion of hell raisers includes Dirtball, Big B, Chucky Chuck, Daddy X and more. All true soldiers return to the pit because the SubNoize Souljaz are back and ready for battle!

For over a decade Suburban Noize Records has been creating an underground empire, marketing and distributing over 20 artists including (Hed)pe, Swollen Members, Potluck and hip-hop legends X-Clan. Ignored at large by mainstream media, Suburban Noize Records popularity continues to thrive as an alternative to major labels.

2005 | SubNoize Souljaz
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01. Frontline
02. Keep A Look Out
03. Crazy
04. Souljaz Story
05. Summertime
06. Dust 2 Dust
07. P,p,p,pimp
08. One By One
09. Live Life Quick
10. We Bad
11. Let's Ride
12. Sub Noize Tribe
13. Push Up Ya Knucks
14. Drama
15. Never Gonna Hold Me Down

2006 | Droppin' Bombs
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01. Here We Go Again
02. Uncle Sam
03. Let Us Know
04. Still Smokin
05. Mayday
06. Get Em Up
07. Feels So Good
08. U Can Hate Me
09. Set Me Free
10. One Life
11. All Night Long
12. Flyin High
13. In The Trenches
14. Pull The Pin
15. Droppin Bombs
16. Locomotion
17. On The Rise
18. Funny Feelins
19. We Are
20. Camp Radd

2009 | Blast from tha Past
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01. Paul Revere (Kottonmouth Kings) 03:38
02. Momma Said Knock You Out (Judge D) 04:32
03. Bxtch Better Have My Money (Big B ) 03:16
04. 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted (DGAF) 04:11
05. Microphone Fiend (the Dirtball) 04:05
06. Fxck Tha Police (Saint Dog, Judge D, D-Daddy X) 06:00
07. Aint No Future in Yo Frontin (Johnny Richter) 03:58
08. Murder Was the Case (Chucky Chuck) 03:49
09. Childrens Story (Daddy X) 03:53
10. I Got it Made (D-Loc) 03:49
11. I Got 5 Ono it (Potluck) 04:13
12. Bring Tha Noize (Sen Dog, Daddy X) 03:48
13. Just A Friend (Big B ) 04:03
14. Strictly Business (Dogboy) 04:44


Tsunami Bros. | 2003 | King Harbor
картинка, оставленная пользователем
1. Enter The Temple - (featuring Chucky Styles)
2. Evil's - (featuring Daddy X/Johnny Richter/Judge D)
3. Hands Like Bombs
4. Building Pakelika Robots - (featuring Pakelika The Visual Assassin)
5. Here Come The Tsunami Brothers
6. Watch'n Time Fly
7. Tidal Wave
8. Crab Shack Special, The - (featuring T.J Lavin/Big B/Soulman/Milky)
9. Rice In The Fader - (featuring Chucky Styles)
10. D.G.A.F. - (featuring Kona Gold/D-loc/Big)
11. Classic Burger - (featuring Johnny Richter/Mekelly)

Dogboy | 2007 | Rebel Riddim
картинка, оставленная пользователем
1.Return Of The One Drop
2.She's Driving
3.Rebel Riddim
4.Can't Buy Soul
5.Dear Jamaica
6.Where To Now?
7.Hold You
8.Fearless With A Smile
9.Daddy What Is War
11.One Stop Shopping
12.Desperate Times
13.Locked And Loaded
14.Sexy Rebel
15.You're My Reward
16.Straight Love Thing
17.Tap Into/Dub Into

Sen Dog | 2008 | Diary of a Mad Dog
картинка, оставленная пользователем
01. Fumble
02. Capo
03. Biggy Bang
04. Hard In The Paint
05. Graceful
06. Juggernaut
07. Backin' Up My Gang (Feat. J-Killa)
08. Don't Sleep On The Streets (Feat. Johnny Richter)
09. The Sicko
10. International (Feat. Brad X, Slip Matola, Dirtball And John E. Necro)
11. Hell And Back
12. What You Wanna Do
13. Hood Rat Love (Feat. Young De)
14. Stand Up
15. Curtain Call (Feat. AK Bulletz, Young De, Viv, Kali, J-Killa And Mellow Man Ace)

Taintstick | 2009 | 6 lbs of Sound
картинка, оставленная пользователем
01. Balls
02. 6 Lbs. Of Sound
03. Apple Juice
04. Motod*ck
05. Handjob
06. Monkeys Of War
07. Load
08. F*k Ur Face
09. A6K
10. Sir Eagle C*ck III
11. Dr. Banger’s Mix
12. I Love Tiger, I Love Fifty
13. F*k Ur Face (Clean Version)
scene vbr


Johnny Richter | 2010 | Laughing
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Let's Go
At It Again
Evolution (My Life)
Hometown (feat. Brawdcast)
Remember That Summer
Nice Cold One (feat. The Dirtball)
What Kind of World
Ideal Night
Go & Get 2
Puff Pass (feat. Brawdcast)
No One Really Knows
People Change
I'm Going Crazy
Hello World (feat. Daddy X)
Stand Up (feat. Big cool.gif

X Pistols | 2011 | Shoot To Kill
картинка, оставленная пользователем
01. P In The Punk
02. Wild Side
03. Beware
04. Suffocation
05. Let The Haters Hate
06. Shoot To Kill
07. Unplug
08. One Foot In The Grave
09. Showdown
10. Here We Go
11. Trapped In A Maze
12. American Freedom
13. I Hate Pigs
14. Livin' By The Gun
15. Lights Out
16. Draggin' Me Down
17. Love And Tragedy
18. Lock Load Fight Win

VA | In the Trenches

2009 | Vol. 1 The Best of Richter
картинка, оставленная пользователем

2009 | Vol. 2 The Best of Daddy X
картинка, оставленная пользователем

2009 | Vol. 3 The Best Of Dirtball
картинка, оставленная пользователем

2009 | Vol. 4 The Best of Saint Dog
картинка, оставленная пользователем

2009 | Vol. 5 The Best of Judge D
картинка, оставленная пользователем

2009 | Vol. 6 The Best of Dog Boy
картинка, оставленная пользователем


2002 | SRH: Spaded, Jaded & Faded
картинка, оставленная пользователем
1. Spaded Intro
2. SX-10 - Erase Me
3. Judge feat. Bionic Jive - Universal Soulja
4. Sprung Monkey - Momentum
5. Mower - Wrestle With The Pig
6. Stretcher - Process Recorded
7. Capitol Eye - Let's Go
8. Phunk Junkeez feat. Daddy X - Do This
9. Jaded Intro
10. Kottonmouth Kings - Police Story
11. Mellow Man Ace - What The Hell Happened To Hip-Hop
12. Sen Dog - Latin Thug
13. Mellow Man Ace feat. Johnny Richter - Live It
14. Judge feat. Johnny Richter - Judgement Time
15. Johnny Richter - Lady Killer
16. Faded Intro
17. DJ Bobby B feat. Kona Gold & Dog Boy - My Selecta
18. Slightly Stoopid - Cali Man
19. Mix Mob - So Cal Drunks
20. Deal 7 - Sucka
21. Burn Unit - Irish People
22. Too Rude - Dogin Bullets
23. Super Bright Light - Down

Password: SupaKrot aka Squeezzle

2003 | Suburban Noize Presents: Sub-Noize Rats
картинка, оставленная пользователем
01 - 03:43 - Kingspade - Adventures Of This
02 - 01:38 - Humble Gods - Born Free
03 - 03:36 - Judge D - Got Your Bac Feat. D Loc
04 - 11:04 - Kottonmouth Kings - Good As Gold. Kingsblend. Zero Tolerance
05 - 03:23 - Saint Dog - Fight
06 - 03:18 - Big B - Hooligan
07 - 03:06 - Phunk Juneez - Magnetic Mic Control
08 - 03:53 - Pakelika - Forgive Me Father
09 - 04:29 - Tsunami Bros. - Watchin Time Fly Feat. Daddy X And Judge D
10 - 03:05 - Last Laugh - Define Destiny
11 - 01:38 - Mower - Long Awaited Riot
12 - 04:14 - Daddy X - Irie Feeling
Password: radio

2005 | SRH Presents: Supporting Radical Habits
картинка, оставленная пользователем
1. Kottonmouth Kings - SRH
2. Judge D feat. Dirtball - Roll Call
3. SX-10 - Kill That
4. Insolence - Downfall
5. Jonny Richter - Things I Do (Part 2)
6. Last Laugh - Leeches
7. Slightly Stoopid - This Joint
8. SubNoize Souljaz - Keep A Look Out
9. Humble Gods - Destroy
10. Papper - 7 Weeks
11. Too Rude - Local Dub
12. Daddy X - Peaceful Day
13. Dirtball - Industry Beez
14. DJ Bobby B feat. One Session - If This Were
15. Mower - Seedless
16. Reyes Brothers feat. Big B - What What
17. OPM - Conflict
18. Mishka - One Tree
19. Phunk Junkeez feat. Dog Boy - Turnin' Around
20. Saint Dog feat. Big Hoss - Backlash
21. Big B feat. Johnny Richter - The B
22. Kingspade - Spaded, Jaded & Faded

Password: SupaKrot aka Squeezzle

2007 | SRH Presents: Supporting Radical Habits II
картинка, оставленная пользователем
1. On The Western Front - (DI)
2. Running Things - (Kottonmouth Kings)
3. Riot Maker - (Tech N9ne)
4. Road Rage - (Mover)
5. Seeing Double At The Triple - (Nof X)
6. Babylon Madness - (Dogboy)
7. Living by The Gun - (Danny Diablo)
8. Da SHXT - (Kingspade)
9. Thinkin Bout Cops - (Slightly Stoopid)
10. Nite Club In Bali - (Hedpe)
11. Gotta Get Mine - (Potluck)
12. Dont Go - (SX10)
13. Get Em Up - (Subnoize Soul Jaz)
14. Hardest Artist - (Dirtball)
15. Let Dem Hos Fight - (Fishbone)
16. Higher Than A Mother Fxcker - (O.P.M.)
17. As I Come Back - (Big Left)
18. Mind Yo Biz - (Chucky Styles)
19. Real Recognizes Real - (Ice Pick)
20. All I Ever - (Dirtball)
21. At The Top - (Last Laugh)
22. No Regrets - (Authority Zero)

2008 | Strange Noize Tour
картинка, оставленная пользователем
01 - 00:54 - Tech N9ne - Strange Noize 08 Intro
02 - 03:26 - Tech N9ne - Killer Feat. Big Krizz Kaliko
03 - 04:20 - Kottonmouth Kings - Puff N Tuff
04 - 03:51 - Skatterman and Snug Brim - Shitstarter
05 - 05:11 - Hedpe - Wind Me Up Feat. Tech N9ne and Kottonmouth Kings
06 - 03:49 - Tech N9ne - Get Your Attention Feat. Krizz Kaliko and Gina Mcfadden
07 - 03:24 - X Clan - Down by Law
08 - 04:39 - Grave Plott - Snap Feat. Tech N9ne
09 - 04:11 - Dgaf - We Came Here Feat. Daddy X
10 - 03:41 - Big Krizz Kaliko - Peek-A-Boo Feat. Prozak and Twiztid
11 - 03:20 - Prozak - Corporate Genocide
12 - 03:15 - Dirtball - Mushroom Cloud Feat. Daddy X
13 - 04:16 - Kutt Calhoun - Exclusive Feat. Big Krizz Kaliko
14 - 04:34 - Potluck - Stoner Bitch Feat. Kottonmouth Kings
15 - 04:31 - Big Krizz Kaliko - Mirror Mirror Feat. King Gordy
16 - 02:42 - Hedpe - Ordo
17 - 03:53 - Grave Plott - Need A Change Feat. Big Krizz Kaliko
18 - 03:29 - Big B - American Dream
19 - 03:36 - Subnoize Souljaz - Let Us Know
20 - 04:07 - King Spade - We Ridin
21 - 00:33 - Tech N9ne - Strange Noize 08 Outro
Password: radio

2009 | Bring tha Noize Sampler
картинка, оставленная пользователем
1. Rock Like Us {Hittin Switches} Remix - Kottonmouth Kings
2. That's Coke - La Coka Nostra
3. Take A Ride - D-Loc & Judge D
4. Criminals - Big B
5. Aint No Future In Frontin' - Johnny Richter
6. Stoner Bitch - Potluck Feat. Kottonmouth Kings
7. Renagade - (hed) p.e.
8. The Game - Kingspade
9. Down By Law - X Clan
10. Capo - Sen Dog
11. Mushroom Cloud - Dirtball Feat. Daddy X
12. Momma Said Knock You Out - Judge D
13. We Came Here - DGAF Feat. Daddy X
14. Put It In The Air - Short Dawg Feat. Kottonmouth Kings
15. Funky Rhyme - Danny Diablo Feat. Daddy X

Наиболее новые релизы (2011)
Potluck | 2011 | Rhymes and Resin
картинка, оставленная пользователем
scene vbr (thanx to Svon)



Big B | 2011 | Music for Misfits
картинка, оставленная пользователем
scene vbr (thanx to Dr.Slanch)


Slaine | 2011 | A World With No Skies
картинка, оставленная пользователем
scene vbr

Saigon | 2011 | The Greatest Story Never Told
картинка, оставленная пользователем
scene vbr

Kottonmouth Kings | 2011 | Legalize It (EP)
картинка, оставленная пользователем
192kbps (thanx to Svon)



Swollen Members | 2011 | Dagger Mouth
картинка, оставленная пользователем
scene vbr (thanx to Dr.Slanch)


X Pistols | 2011 | Shoot To Kill
картинка, оставленная пользователем
scene vbr

the Dirtball | 2011 | Nervous System
картинка, оставленная пользователем

спасибо всем кто закачивал здесь альбомы thumb.gif
в ближайшее время дополню шапку до конца

Это сообщение отредактировал Crank - 11.07.11 в 0:33
картинка, оставленная пользователем
OPM - For Them Asses
1. Intro
2. Bump
3. Rollin
4. Luffly
5. Interlude: Dave Grohl
6. Kali Kings feat. Richter
7. Everyday
8. Perfect Day feat: Eek-A-Mouse
9. Interlude: Doggy Style
10. Horny
11. How It Sounds
12. Don’t O U
13. Necropolis feat: Yellowman
14. Interlude: You Have A Collect Call…
15. Pot Luck
16. Viva


Ничего про группу узнать не смог, понял только что альбом вышел недавно, в билборде осел на 22ом месте.

has successfully blended hip hop and pop with
laid-back reggae rhythms

Блин, не туда запостил, Джок, перенеси тему в хип-хоп.
spb fs
Sorry but link doesnt work now:(
Sorry but link doesnt work now:(

Мда... самое интересное, что файл на сервере лежит, и его можно скачать, но почему-то если ссылка только на определённом сайте.
Вот такой-вой мудрый антилич.
spb fs
спасибо! всё у меня качает и с приличной скоростью smile.gif
у меня тоже wink.gif
© Reeb // набиру пива с собой, паеду к бабке в деревню.... :)
Please somebody helpme, i really needs this cd. when i triyed to download the link seems to be dead.
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Nikachiajet nix*ja....

Предупреждение за мат! moderator.gif
И не надо в каждой теме одно и то же писать.

Это сообщение отредактировал j0k3r - 08.12.04 в 23:13
Jus't like that... :O)
хватит в каждом топе одно и то же грить!
я сначала глазам своим не поверил, но, чёрт возьми, это так! ты сегодня сделал репост моего поста ... я не верю, что так бывает!!! (с)
Ladno, slyshal ne raz i ne dva. Gavariu eto potomu chto neskachivaetsa, a poslushat' oxota. Vot i dumaju, mol esli mnogo takix kak ja budet, kotoryje prosiat link zhyvoij, mot dadut kto sylku novaju... vot i vsia telega. Nadejus' nechevo protivazakonogo ja tut nesdelal, a? wink.gif
Jus't like that... :O)
ПАЖАЛСта, выложите еще разокrolleyes.gif
все мертво... еще разок.!
Да, люди, поделитесь!!!
Big B из этой группы осел на вокале в рэпкор команде 187, которую Ice-T продюссировал.

а альбом Menace To Sobriety 2000 года - это рэпкор.
А альбом-то интересный?huh.gif

Но вообщето судя по обложке и названию послушать стоит. biggrin.gif
Give Me Your KISS
картинка, оставленная пользователем
menace to sobriety мне очень понравился, а вот for them asses никто дать послушать не хочет. =(

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