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In a time when Rock music has been oversaturated with similarity, 7DaySun brings their polished sound to the forefront. The band mixes heavy licks and melody with a high energy show that will leave you wanting more.

7DaySun is a five piece Hard Rock band hailing from Louisville, KY. The group has quickly developed a reputation for their exciting high energy stage show and crowd interaction. Their goal is to spread positivity through song with well written music and a piece of mind.

A NEW BEGINNING EP was released via internet on July 5, 2005 and has received rave reviews. The EP, which was produced by Bobby Burns of Soulfly/X-Primer 55 fame, has such intensity that it will leave you wanting more! A NEW BEGINNING shows the bands diverse writing styles, from in your face songs like Under My Skin to power ballads such as Gift. Since its July 2005 release, it has sold over a thousand copies through word of mouth alone and helped gain a strong dedicated fan base. "Our fans are awesome! Plain and simple," says frontman Trey Landrum. "When you are in Atlanta (GA) or Springfield (MO) and kids are singing along, you know you are doing something right!"

7DaySun has proven themselves as being hard working and dedicated by performing with such acts as 3 Days Grace (Jive), ill Nino (Roadrunner), Hawthorne Heights (Victory), The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Virgin), 36Crazyfists (Roadrunner),Head Automatica (Warner), Five.Bolt.Main (Rock Ridge Music), Rock Kills Kid (Reprise), Allele (Corporate Punishment), Trivium (Roadrunner), 3 Inches Of Blood (Roadrunner), Trigger Point (Corporate Punishment), Jani Lane (Formerly of WARRANT) and supporting such acts as PRESENCE (Curb/Warner Bros) and ALSTON (Repossession) on the road. "We are doing everything by ourselves," says drummer Jeremy McMahan. "We are out there making things happen for us, rather than sitting around crossing our fingers." In December of 2005, 7DaySun was one of thirteen groups selected from five hundred submissions to be featured on XM Satellite Radio and was published in The New Wave Of Amrican Heavy Metal by Rockdetector.

A New Beginning [EP] (2005)

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1. Slowly Sinking
2. Under My Skin
3. Gift
4. Last December



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Very good band!!! I think their album will be amazing!!!

Have anyone this EP?
Только где их достать((((!!!
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Ничёсе народу!! Походу у когото на разогреве играли!
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Да... у них продюсер Bobby Burns (Soulfly/X-Primer 55) unsure.gif
yea...now this is what i'm talkin about!! great band!! thumb.gif I'm trying to search for it!
Will upload soon....

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thx biggrin.gif

thx a lot man!!

awsome band! i agree that their album is going to be good!

zebic, thanks for comment thumb.gif
Ixnay, it will be great!
any have the album??
7DaySun - A New Beginning (EP) [2005]
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1. Slowly Sinking (3:44)
2. Under My Skin (3:26)
3. Gift (4:36)
4. Last December (3:47)


Enjoy wink.gif

thx man!
Ixnay thx for upload, I can grab this, cause no one are downloading smile.gif
I love FunkySouls and all mothafuckers right here :P
Ixnay, пасиб большой! wink.gif

thx for EP


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