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This is the second release on the 'Skyline' imprint - the label that brought us the very funky "Mr Matatwe (Keep It Up)" by The Flying Fish. Rumoured to have been lost for over thirty years, the original master of "Poker Nights Theme" was retrieved from a hidden cellar, accidentally discovered when excavating the foundations for a giant Wall-Mart on the outskirts of Sidcup. The label was alerted to its presence, who can trace its history to an all but forgotten incident in 1973, where a young boy, apparently possessed by demons, wrote the song in his sleep. Needless to say the world is now a better place since its rediscovery. On the flip, the action doesn't relent - "Mooging Day's" pumping beats and syncopated clav give this track a 21st century twist to a distinctly 70s groove. Originally played on a Memorymoog, the bassline was so heavy that it needed something nastier - a Moog prodigy - which actually exploded on the last take, due to extreme funk overload.

Side 1
1. "Poker Nights Theme"
Side 2
1.  "Mooging Day"


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картинка, оставленная пользователем – вся информация о блокировках (что нужно сделать, чтобы это не тревожило)
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Me & my bass guitar...
А у кого-нибудь есть что-нить в таком же духе? Ну протсто оооочень нуна
Блин Клево !!! Есть еще что - нибудь из фанка!!! ЗАЛИВАЙТЕ !!! ПЛИЗЗ !!!!
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Время от времени она окажется сложной и неспешащей понравиться, а иногда легкой и веселой.

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