1996 - We'll Build Them A Golden Bridge
Destroyer - We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge (1996) 192 kbps

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01. Revolution
02. J. Tailor
03. Smith
04. I, as McCarthy
05. Mending Song
06. Leave Little Fiddler (Alone)
07. The Pornographers
08. War on Jazz
09. Islands in the Stream
10. Saddestroyer
11. Streets of Fire
12. Rose Fleched This
13. Breakin' the Law
14. Whistlin' Dixie (She Shoots)
15. Riota
16. Knowing When to Leave (Slang Mix)


1997 - Ideas For Songs
Destroyer - Ideas for Songs [Cassette Rip] (1997) 192 kbps

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01. A Month in the Country
02. Song About Disappointment
03. Spring Cleaning
04. No One Needs to Know
05. Death to the Northern Man
06. Child of Styx
07. Marrying the Hammer
08. Nothing Against You (Bored Spectre)
09. Song About a Girl Up to a Point
10. The Terror Serves a Purpose
11. Leaving London
12. Untitled
13. Forget America
14. Stuffed and Sick
15. The Leg We Stand On
16. Why Banacek Doesn't Love


1998 - City Of Daughters
Destroyer - City of Daughters (1998) V2

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01. Comments on the World as Will
02. No Cease Fires! (Crimes Against the State of Our Love, Baby)
03. The Space Race
04. Dark Purposes
05. Emax I
06. I Want This Cyclops
07. Loves of a Gnostic
08. Emax II
09. State of the Union
10. School, and the Girls Who Go There
11. Melanie and Jennifer and Melanie
12. War on Jazz
13. Emax III
14. You Were So Cruel
15. Signs
16. Rereadng the Marble Faun
17. Son of the Earth


2000 - Thief
Destroyer - Thief [Remastered 2010] (2000) V0

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01. Destroyer's the Temple
02. To the Heart of the Sun on the Back of the Vulture, I'll Go
03. The Way of Perpetual Roads
04. Canadian Lover / Falcon's Escape
05. City of Daughters
06. Every Christmas
07. Mercy (We Had the Right)
08. Queen of Languages
09. I.H.O.J.
10. In Dreams
11. Death on the Festival Circuit
12. M.E.R.C.I.
13. Thief


2001 - Streethawk: A Seduction
Destroyer - Streethawk: A Seduction (2001) 256 kbps

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01. Streethawk I
02. The Bad Arts
03. Beggars Might Ride
04. The Sublimation Hour
05. English Music
06. Virgin With a Memory
07. The Very Modern Dance
08. The Crossover
09. Helena
10. Farrar, Straus & Giroux (Sea of Tears)
11. Strike
12. Streethawk II


2002 - This Night
Destroyer - This Night (2002) 192 kbps

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01. This Night
02. Holly Going Lightly
03. Here Comes The Night
04. The Chosen Few
05. Makin' Angels
06. Hey, Snow White
07. Modern Painters
08. Crystal Country
09. Trembling Peacock
10. I Have Seen A Light
11. Students Carve Hearts Out Of Coal
12. Goddess Of Drought
13. Self Portrait With Thing (Tonight Is Not Your Night)
14. The Relevant Ballads
15. The Night Moves


2004 - Your Blues
Destroyer - Your Blues (2004) 192 kbps

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01. Notorious Lightning
02. It's Gonna Take an Airplane
03. An Actor's Revenge
04. The Music Lovers
05. From Oakland to Warsaw
06. Your Blues
07. New Ways of Living
08. Don't Become the Thing You Hated
09. Mad Foxes
10. The Fox and the Hound
11. What Road
12. Certain Things You Ought to Know


2005 - Notorious Lightning & Other Works EP
Destroyer - Notorious Lightning and Other Works EP (2005) V0

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01. Notorious Lightning
02. New Ways of Living
03. The Music Lovers
04. An Actor's Revenge
05. Don't Become the Thing You Hated
06. Your Blues


2006 - Destroyer's Rubies
Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies (2006) V0

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01. Rubies
02. Your Blood
03. European Oils
04. Painter in Your Pocket
05. Looters' Follies
06. 3000 Flowers
07. A Dangerous Woman Up to a Point
08. Priest's Knees
09. Watercolours Into the Ocean
10. Sick Priest Learns to Last Forever


2008 - Trouble In Dreams
Destroyer-Trouble_In_Dreams-2008-RTB V2

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01. Blue Flower/Blue Flame
02. Dark Leaves Form a Thread
03. The State
04. Foam Hands
05. My Favorite Year
06. Shooting Rockets (From the Desk of Night's Ape)
07. Introducing Angels
08. Rivers
09. Leopard or Honor
10. Plaza Trinidad
11. Libby's First Sunrise


2010 - Archer On The Beach EP
Destroyer - Archer on the Beach EP (2010) 320 kbps

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01. Destroyer - Archer on the Beach (feat. Tim Hecker)
02. Destroyer - Grief Point (feat. Loscil)


2011 - Kaputt
Destroyer-Kaputt-2011-FTD V2

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01. Chinatown
02. Blue Eyes
03. Savage Night at the Opera
04. Suicide Demo for Kara Walker
05. Poor in Love
06. Kaputt
07. Downtown
08. Song for America
09. Bay Of Pigs (Detail)



Destroyer - Kaputt (2011) 320 kbps

01. Chinatown
02. Blue Eyes
03. Savage Night at the Opera
04. Suicide Demo for Kara Walker
05. Poor in Love
06. Kaputt
07. Downtown
08. Song for America
09. The Laziest River (Vinyl Bonus Track)
10. Bay of Pigs


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Title Kaputt
Artist Destroyer
Label Merge
Genre Indie
Quality/Size 44.1 VBR 68,1 MB
Ripped 01-28-2011
Grabbed from CDDA
Enc Lame 3.97

01 03:49 Chinatown
02 04:07 Blue Eyes
03 04:24 Savage Night At The Opera
04 08:26 Suicide Demo For Kara Walker
05 03:26 Poor In Love
06 06:18 Kaputt
07 03:51 Downtown
08 04:29 Song For America
09 11:18 Bay Of Pigs (Detail)

Release Notes
Every era has a sound. When considering this, it can be easy
to forget that the sound developed as a way to express
something. Music heard as kitsch years later was once put
forth with complete sincerity. I mention this in connection
with Kaputt, the new record from Dan Bejar's Destroyer,
because the first thing that strikes you about the album is
its unusual sound, one for which we've all developed a
cluster of associations. The production and arrangements
evoke a narrow window of time-- sometime between, say, 1977
and 1984, or between Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" and
Sade's Diamond Life with stops along the way for Roxy
Music's Avalon and Steely Dan's Gaucho. It slides between
soft rock, smooth jazz, and new romantic pop. The bass is
fretless the synths have the blocky contrast of a Nagel
painting there are heavily reverbed trumpets and saxophones
that almost serve as a Greek chorus, trilling away at the
end of every line to enforce the beautiful plasticity of
these songs. For Destroyer, this sound is new, and it's
there for a reason.

The sound casts Bejar's songs in a very particular light,
and reinforces the feeling of the singer as persona. Bejar
has always come across this way to varying degrees, sure,
and his albums all have their own unique feel-- the rootsy
art-pop of Destroyer's Rubies, the MIDI experiments of Your
Blues, and so on. But here the persona seems even more
sharply defined. Singing these songs, Bejar comes over as
the wizened ex-playboy he's indulged every vice, come
through the other side, and now looks on amused. The cover
of Leonard Cohen's Death of a Ladies' Man, a record that
seems to serve as a spiritual (though not sonic) father to
this one, shows this figure in its quintessential form. On
that sleeve, we see a man in sharp but slightly disheveled
dress, a cigarette dangling from a couple of fingers
beautiful people are seated at the nightclub table, ready
for another night of glamor and pleasure.

Leonard Cohen in that image has a sense of swagger, and you
want to pull up a chair, have a drink, and hear him hold
forth on the topic of his choice. The figure inside the
songs of Kaputt understands the allure of this life while
understanding equally its futility. On early listens, a
couple of lines from the title track jump out and seem to
serve as a thesis for the record as a whole. "Wasting your
days chasing some girls, alright/ Chasing cocaine through
the backrooms of the world all night," Bejar sings, as horns
twist around in a bath of reverb. He sounds bemused, but not
necessarily judgmental, holding two feelings in mind at
once: our reflex to indulge ourselves, and the knowledge
that it's killing us.

But this happens on just one level, which is what makes
Kaputt so fantastic. It goes as deep as you want to go.
People can miss that Dan Bejar is funny as hell-- he seeds
his music with lyrical and musical in-jokes, and everyone
has their own favorite lines to pluck out of his songs and
admire for their concise wit. He likes surprises-- few lyric
sheets have as many exclamation points. But the essential
quality of all his records is complexity. They are doing a
lot of things at once. Kaputt feels rich.

For one, there is the surface beauty of the sound. Some less
inclined to the pleasures of the music from the
aforementioned era might have an initial reaction to its
essential corniness, but once you've tuned in, it sounds
beautiful. The songs seem delicate and glassy and
shimmering, and Bejar has toned down his quirky voice and
sounds relaxed and focused. So it's easy to enjoy bumping
the wet, jazzy pop of "Chinatown", which suggests the rainy
streets of an old city and new dramas unfolding around every
corner. Or wallow in the simple and elegant hook of "Blue
Eyes", the way Bejar voice works next to Vancouver singer
Sibel Thrasher, a regular vocal presence on Kaputt who sort
of serves as the Nicolette Larson to Bejar's Neil Young. But
"Blue Eyes" also has sly lyrical references ("your first
love's new order," "Mother Nature's Son") and funny put-
downs ("I sent a message in a bottle to the press/ It said,
'Don't be ashamed or disgusted with yourselves'"). More than
any other Destroyer record, you can just throw this on and
it sounds good, and plenty will do well stopping there. But
for those so inclined, there's more to explore.

So the lite-jazz style can seem a little funny, but it can
also be sad and sexy and joyous. And the writing is dense
with references-- to other songs on the album, songs by
other bands, to the music business, art outside the sphere
of music. "Suicide Demo for Kara Walker" is the most
striking example. It's a collaboration with the artist Kara
Walker, whose work, among other things, probes the racial
history of America. Bejar adapted the words she provided for
him on cue cards, and the result is fragmented and dream-
like, taking the Destroyer project to a new place. "Wise,
old, black and dead in the snow: My Southern sister..."
isn't the sort of thing we've heard from him before. An
early demo of the song reminded Bejar of the band Suicide,
hence the title. That's how things work in his world. Laughs
are mixed with grim insights.

Two tracks stick out a bit here. The astonishing "Bay of
Pigs", released as a single in 2009, concludes the CD
version of this album, and it's the one song that feels out
of place. It's longer, proggy, uses different textures, and
ultimately seems to be here because it's an amazing song and
as many people as possible need to hear it. Fair enough. And
the vinyl version of Kaputt also has a side-long, 20-minute
ambient track with just a bit of voice called "The Laziest
River", which is enjoyable and immersive but not essential.
Both indulgences are easily forgivable.

Bands can be brands or concepts that can be summed up in a
line or two-- which is the power of brands. It's a good
thing in proper doses. But Bejar's essential complexity
ultimately feels human. It seems absurd to look for genuine
wisdom in music in 2011, when we're constantly gorging
ourselves on the all-you-can-eat buffet of post-modern web
culture. But Kaputt feels wise. Like a mirror that actually
points back at something better. Something you can jam and
let wash over you, but also something you can use. It feels
funny, tragic, artful, and ultimately true.


Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
09. The Laziest River (Vinyl Bonus Track)

это как миниальбом в альбоме
Ну крутые, что тут скажешь. Мне оч нравятся ^^
Спасибо за ссылки.
На данный момент, для меня, это пока первый из достойных релизов 2011-ого года, если не ошибаюсь. Поскольку, пока, что попадало на ухо и глаз - либо второсортное инди с самыми типичными аккордами и напевами; либо чего-то, определенно, не хватало, чтобы занести его в ряд полноценного добротного релиза. (Не всё, конечно, так категорично, но тем не менее, в общих красках - картина без перспективы есть)
А это - это, по-настоящему, индивидуальный альбом. Очень light'овый и тонизирующий. Излучает свет. И поздно-весенний, когда уже май разгоняет нашу кровь, вся капель снисхождена и трава начинает зеленеть. Ну и, разумеется, можно с удовольствием начинать с этого альбома солнечные летние дни. Да будет свет. smile.gif
“Funkywhat? What the fuck do we know about funkysauce? We rob post offices. We steal cars. What the fuck do we know about funkysauce, mate?”
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Destroyer - (2011) - «Kaputt» (iTunes digital booklet)

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Не, надо было без рева мотора и на побережье где-нить.

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