8 groundbreaking hiphop instrumentals. Produced by Dj Dez of Slum Village. The New Master at Work. DJ Dez is also known as Andres when recording for Moodymann's Mahogani label.

DJ Dez - Mass Destruction [2004/Hipnotech]

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A1 Take It Ez
A2 Smooth Getaway
A3 Soul Gangsta
A4 My Side Of Town
B1 The Love
B2 Down For It
B3 All Day All Nite
B4 Late Nite

music.brainwash.net.ru/toxzic/dj dez - mass destruction - 2003.rar

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Oh, and on the off chance there are any astronomy aficionados amongst you, the North Star is that one.
Mass Destruction кто-нибудь может оживить?
Natural EP, Da Arsenal EP <- интересуюсь

Andrés - Andrés (2003)
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Label: Mahogani Music
Country: US
Released: 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House


01.Deep Inside 03:20
02.Geno's Pimp Suite 03:12
03.Love Hurts 05:09
04.Vibe Zone 03:08
05.You're Still The One 02:30
06.People 02:46
07.Interlude 01 00:36
08.Material World 02:41
09.Take My Hand 03:20
10.Interlude 02 00:37
11.Reality 02:45
12.Untitled.Bonus A 03:33
13.Untitled.Bonus B 03:05

Andrés - II (2009)
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Label: Mahogani Music
Country: US
Released: Jun 2009
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Deep House, Hip Hop


1 Back Home 0:40
2 Physical Rush 1:26
3 Change My Mind 2:46
4 Step Pattern (feat. Vernon Hill) 3:07
5 Sing About It (feat. Tracy Vox & KDJ) 2:42
6 Wish You Were Here (feat. DJ Minx) 0:31
7 That What It Is! 2:29
8 Learn To Love (feat. Monica Blaire) 5:04
9 It's All In The Game 0:38
10 Walk On Through 2:59
11 Few Of Us 0:54

re up DJ Dez - Mass Destruction !!!!!!!!!!!!
отличная музыка, кстати продюсирует музыканта Kenny Dixon aka Moodymann super.gif
Anyone have this yet?

DJ Dez - Mass Destruction and DJ Dez - Natural EP re-up ;(
"Niech To Jebie Co Dzień!
Podziemie To Tlen!
Polskiego Rapu - Weź Chemię Doceń!"
Andrés - II - 2009 [MP3 / V0 (VBR) / CD] [Mahogani Music / MMCD 24 / CD Release]
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Label:Mahogani Music
Catalog#:CD #24
Format:CD, Album

Released:Dec 2009
Genre:Electronic, Hip Hop
Style:Deep House, Hip Hop

Цитата: (RA)
Whenever a new record drops on Mahogani Music, I'm always excited. But, at the same time, I'm also slightly cautious about purchasing a copy. As a label operated by Detroit house music don Kenny Dixon Jr., you can be sure the Motor City artists tapped for release have true talent. However, in the past, Mahogani has occasionally released tunes featuring some slightly glaring easy listening clichés: Pleasant house music your mother might describe as "jazzy."

The label's newest LP, however, doesn't disappoint. Andrés' Andrés II combines elements of soul, hip-hop, broken beat and house music. It's a sample-heavy record which gracefully floats between head-nodding break beats and foot-tapping 4/4 grooves. While there are some slightly trite moments such as the bossa-nova sampling "Sing About It," these are easily forgotten thanks to brilliant tracks such as "Change My Mind." The latter samples GQ's disco hit "Lies"—a song which Theo Parrish once (ugly) edited to create a dance floor burner. Still, Andrés' production one-ups Parrish's version by adding an inspired keyboard jam by Amp Fiddler as well as uplifting female vocal samples. The result is magical, and frustratingly short. Clocking in at less than three minutes, the track leaves the listener craving more.

Later in the mix Andrés flexes his substantial hip-hop credentials with the piano-looping "It's All in the Game" and heads-down, introspective jam "Few of Us." The music here is reminiscent of old, grimy Slum Village beats which isn't surprising considering Andrés was associated with the group under his DJ Dez alias. Unfortunately while the grooves are tight, the "tracks" are again annoyingly abrupt, lasting around a minute.

Herein lies this album's greatest strength and weakness: The majority of these pieces are less than four minutes long and some of them barely reach beyond intermission status. The result is an LP which urges repeated listens but which contains few tracks that can stand on their own or truly work a dance floor into a sweat. Still, as a full album played all the way through, Andrés II delivers a deeply satisfying listening experience. Just don't expect a collection of floor-ready deep house cuts.

Цитата: (Gridface)
I’m not sure describing Andrés as a mix between Moodymann and Flying Lotus does him justice. One thing is certain, he’s part of a new wave of producers finding a unique voice through soulful samples.

This is only his second album, but it has been six years in the making. “Physical Bush” and “Step Pattern” are short, catchy hip-hop instrumentals. The latter has great electric bass and congas. “Change My Mind” and “Sing About It” are both at more traditional house tempos. On “Sing About It” Tracy Vox sings over samples, and KDJ murmurs and when the volume drops. It’s incredibly funky, but, alas, it clocks in at a mere two and a half minutes.

“That’s What It Is!” kicks off the B-side with a chunky downtempo beat. “Learn to Love” is nearly pop in intent, with seductive vocals courtesy of Monica Blaire. DJ Minx provides a couple of interludes. “Walk on Through” is a funky polka with horn and organ stabs and off-kilter samples in different keys.

With a total length of twenty-three minutes, this seems less like an album than a showcase of production skills. Still, it’s so unbelievably creative and fun, I know I’ll be listening to it over and over.


December 2009

01. El Ritmo De Mi Gente (feat. Lady) (03:22)
02. Change My Mind (02:41)
03. Step Pattern (feat. Vernon Hill) (03:08)
04. Sing About It (feat. KDJ, Tracy Vox) (02:36)
05. Wish You Were Here (feat. DJ Minx) (00:37)
06. Moments In Life (04:05)
07. On My Own (skit) (01:45)
08. Cove Heals (04:37)
09. Back Home (00:40)
10. Physical Rush (01:26)
11. Sha's Revenge (02:13)
12. Jazz After Hours (01:48)
13. Soul Brother Never Be Another (02:36)
14. Step To The Side (03:25)
15. Keep Tryin (01:30)
16. Skate Pazooza Detroit USA (00:55)
17. The Essence (02:27)
18. Body And Soul (02:53)
19. The Reminder (01:18)
20. Must Be Organized (03:14)
21. DJ Dez Live On The Cut! (01:40)
22. A New Beginning Ya' Know (02:55)
23. You Can't Hide (04:16)
24. After The Drumming! (01:46)
25. That What It Is! (02:27)
26. Learn To Love (feat. Monica Blaire) (05:06)
27. It's All In The Game (00:39)
28. Walk On Through (02:40)
29. Few Of Us (01:10)
30. Hey Time To Go (02:06)

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