Recuva 1.01.17 beta

Программа для восстановления данных от автора замечательной утилиты CCleaner. Восстанавливает любые типы данных, как с жёсткого диска так и с переносных устройств (mp3-плееры, цифровые камеры и т.д.).

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Огромное спасибо!!!как раз эту программу искал-новогодние фотки случайно стерлись...надо восстановитьthumb.gif
Огромное спасибо.! Восстанавливает да к сожаление не всё=(
20 мин назад кино удалил, она его не нашла.
Но вообщем работой доволен.
А востанавливает даже большие файлы? или есть ограничения?

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Arch Linux user.
And tomorrow you will glorify my name.
А я чтото не понял ничего,Восстанавливаю фотки,а просмотреть не могу,хотя вроде файл на месте...Кто подскажет что не так?
[B][FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]А что такое WAP???Омская Губерния(WAP)
Спасибо, хорошая прога, мне понравилась как работает.
Recuva 1.01.021 Beta

• Improved error logging
• Added ctrl/shift multiple select of items in list view, using either space bar or check boxes
• Changed column heading from 'Location' to 'Path'
• Changed column heading from 'File name' to 'Filename'
• Changed 'Filter' to 'Find'
• Redefined 'Unrecoverable' state to 'Very poor'
• Improvements to recovery algorithm
• Minor UI changes 
• Various stability fixes

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Recuva 1.01.024 Beta

• Added 'Date modified' column
• Added Volume label to drive list
• Fixed bug that caused app to hang on exit in Vista
• Added some more error logging
• Fixed odd bug on 2000 that caused the icon to go all weird
• Fixed scan halting issues on some versions of XP
• Removed dependency on shlwapi.dll
• Various Vista fixes
• Improved stability on Windows XP x64

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Recuva 1.01.026 Beta

• Complete rewrite of error tracing routines
• Fixed bug that caused the 'Date Modified' data to disappear when searching
• Renamed 'Date Modified' to 'Last Modified'
• Added command-line parameter for debug mode "recuva.exe /debug"
• Improved detection of bad sectors in MFT table
• Fixed bug that caused the application to close on win2k server

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Recuva 1.01.032 Beta

• Improvements to memory management when handling a large number of files
• Better handling of bad MFT entries
• Even more improvements to the error tracing
• Added 'About' tab to options dialog
• Tweaks to recovery algorithms (related to hidden system files)

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Recuva 1.01.037 Beta

• Fixed crash error when scanning.
• Fixed errors in filtering text.
• Fixed errors while recovering files one after the other.
• Fixed issues with Win2k.
• Updated the method for reading volume free space.
• General improvements to memory handling.
• Fixes to memory management in treeview mode.
• Updated the size of the options/about dialog and controls.
• Added "Ignored files" count display to the status.

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Recuva 1.01.043 Beta

• Memory management improvements.
• Ctrl+A now selects all items in the list view.
• Dynamic handling of removable drives.
• Added warning if you try to recover to the same drive as the source files.
• Tweaked detection of non-NT processor specifications.
• Changes to initial memory allocation algorithm.
• Interface tweaks.

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Recuva 1.01.048 Beta

• Fixed issue with slow response when using Ctrl-A on a large number of files
• Improved handling of removable drives
• Fixed issue that caused improper entries in drive list
• Improved searching of MFT mirror entries
• Minor UI tweaks

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Recuva 1.01.057 Beta

• Added "Check for updates..." link
• Added internal handling for multiple languages
• Memory handling improvements
• Minor bug fixes

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Recuva 1.01.062 Beta

• Fixed issue that caused the list/tree view to empty after a scan
• Added tooltip to tree view
• Optimized cluster count algorithm for NTFS 3.1
• Added visual indication for Debug mode (Recuva.exe /debug)
• Error log is now always created in debug mode
• Changes to multiple selection method

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