The configuration in which Cortez evolves is quite unusual: drums, guitar, vocals and no bass. Yes, no bass - or at least no bass player. It's a real technical achievement, enough to destroy anything standing in their way. This Swiss trio plays a (straightforward) post hardcore (noise) that is direct, heavy, atmospheric violent and which will please fans of either KNUT, BOTCH or CULT OF LUNA. Even if their music remains aggressive, it's still charged with emotions and intensity. Their story began in 2001. After four years of hard work and tons of shows, they have now found their own personal style and originality. Having shared the stage with bands like DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, UNSANE, ISIS, BURST, JESU, THE OCEAN and many more, they have gained a solid reputation as a live band. In 2005, Cortez went on a French tour for two weeks along with ASIDE FROM A DAY to promote their last effort: "Initial". The album was recorded with Pascal Hirt and mastered at RFI Studio in Seattle (BOTCH, ISIS, .), the cover was done by Benjamin Ith et Fabian Sbarro (VANCOUVER, UNFOLD, THE EVPATORIA REPORT, .). Thanks to the quality of their music, artwork and live performances, they got excellent reviews in the press, announcing a promising and exciting future for the band!

In form of the fierce Swiss trio CORTEZ, the committed, fine French Independent label radar Swarm Records deals out the next acoustic slaps. With bands such as HELLMOTEL, SPINNING HEADS or METRONOME CHARISMA, Radar Swarm Records already did great choices and they continue to do so with CORTEZ. The debut “Initial” is brute force and atmosphere at the same time, and for those who spend their spare time with bands like CULT OF LUNA, ISIS, KNUT, VANCOUVER, KLOAK or BOTCH, CORTEZ is the lot for you and basically you are doomed to purchase the masterpiece discussed here.        That said, “Initial” is opened by “Prompt” in a completely different manner than you would expect, as the Noise-influences 17 seconds blow the listener away before the actual concept is used in “Mine De Rien”. There is a certain stress factor here as well, though the overwhelming melodies and the impressive atmosphere that this band is able to create are simply excellent. This fact is proved even more clearly after the short intermezzo “Neant”, on the more than 10-minute “L’enjeu”. Here you get a really great performance, as despite the lengthiness of this track, the listener does not feel bored a second but is treated by wonderful instrumental passages that are reminiscent of ISIS’ milestone “Panopticon”. What is really crazy about this thing, though, is the fact that CORTEZ only use a guitar, drums and vocals and do without a bassist, even at live gigs. „Initial“ is quick to prove impressively that this does not affect the sound.        After the mighty “L’enjeu”, “El Vetic” continues seamlessly, and once again you are crushed by heavy guitar rolls which incessantly drill themselves into your brain alongside the intense grating vocals by JR, until the listener sinks down on his knees in awe. Those who believe that CORTEZ are not able to maintain the high standard of the first few songs throughout the entire disc are utterly wrong, as the Swiss throw the next acoustic grenade in “Marasme”. Just like “El Vetic”, this song also lasts more than seven minutes and once again the track begins with unobtrusive and minimalist sounds, before the band submits to intensity. They don’t do so with over-the-top heaviness in this song, but in an instrumental and hypnotizing form that also suits CORTEZ excellently. After this short break they return to somewhat more brutish sounds and tear through the musical landscape with “I.M.T.v.” and the almost Grindcore-like “b.M.T.v.” The case is a similar one with the disjointed and confusing “Notice”, before CORTEZ prepare for the final sprint and cross the finishing line as the clear winners.        Thus ends an album which hardly could have turned out better and makes the three Swiss a big hope for the future in the field of experimental Post Hardcore. One thing seems to be clear with “Initial”, provided with some luck, this band will draw a lot of attention in the future, as there is enough musical potential to gain more and more followers. Otherwise, you do not need to waste any more words on CORTEZ’ debut and can wholeheartedly recommend anyone to purchase this. Sensational, ladies and gentlemen!

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великолепная группа пробудившая во мне интерес к данному напралению...
тут и великолепные инструменталки, и грайндкор(Prompt,Nant,BMTV)....вокал просто разрушает мозг...бешеный нечеловеческий скрим!
ценить всем!!

Cortez - 2005 - Initial

ооо... спс давно их ищу
группа очинь стоящая.зря не обсуждаете((((жду ariamihc'а))
группа и правда очень хорошая!!
уже пару неделек слушаю,сильно
зацепили))))) у них ещё чё есть??
haters gonna hate, f. you

я хожу по улице словно чумачечий
камень давеча курил с череп человечий


свободу фрэнсису!!!!!
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SPLIT VINYL 10" with
VENTURA [ 2005 ]

Get A Life! Records
Recorded by Pascal Hirt.
Mixed by Pascal Hirt & Cortez.
Mastered by Patrick Matthey.
Artwork by Mathilde Quartier.
A0 ] 0....0 VENTURA SIDE:
B0 ] 0....0 CORTEZ SIDE:
0 l.M.T.v.

DEMO [ 2004 ]

Recorded & mixed by Pascal Hirt.
Artwork by Mathilde Quartier.
010 ] 0....0 EL VETIC
020 ] 0....0 b.M.T.v.

джаред маниак блин biggrin.gif хоть бы пометку сделал, типа: "Опасно для психики..." thumb.gif
группа очень мясная, ентот альбомчег я закачал в свое время у i_failed_you в теме) понравился с первого прослушивания. а вот от сплита или демки я б не отказался super.gif
хм. мне только трек L'enjeu понравился. остальное попса
Респект всем!
Никак скачать с не могу. Висит типа ждите формирования сцылки до 35сек и не шевелица никак (((((
перезалейте плз на ифолдер или на рапиду
заранее благодарен
Первые две песни просто уносят....
L'enjeu согласен класс песня.в середине такой проигрыш медленны грустный.прям депрессия находит)отменная группа.швейцарцы славны не тока часами и банками,но и хорошей сладжкор группой.
ещо раз асобо афтаритетных людей прошу поискать демку и сплит))
швейцарцы славны не тока часами и банками,но и хорошей сладжкор группой.

группами cool.gif

а демка вот:
Cortez-Initial-но ссылка устаревшая, так шо листайте рекламу

cortez_live_bmtv.MOV 15.04 Мб (с ихнего сайта видео, вроде с концерта. качество не очень)

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огромное спасибо!!!!!!
thumb.gif thumb.gif
какие ещо группы кроме них и катакта ещо там есть?вроде всё))
Knut, Nostromo, Shora

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