Those who associate the name Obscura with an album of Gorguts have to rethink. It's not just an album by the Canadian Death Metal band anymore, but a self contained band with a style and influence that already has been revealed by the name.  Obscura- Retribution    8,5 out of 10 points in Rock Hard Germany (January 2007)

History: In the beginning of 2002 Steffen Kummerer and Jonas Baumgartl started to play music together at the age of 16 and 18. Even back then they had the idea to create something that would differ from the typical metal stereotypes. When Markus Lempsch and Jonas Fischer joined in 2005 all that emerged into what is today known as Obscura. Together they dare to combine the influence of their idols, being the technical Deah Metal bands of the early 90s like DEATH, ATHEIST or PESTILENCE, with blastbeats. Obscura's sound is spiked with a cello and accoustic guitarparts which was a huge part in creating a unique style: Music that does not follow rules. The typical metal rhythms have to yield to 17/8th beats every now and then and the songs are polished by polyrhythms. The lyrics do not just deal with the dark abysses of the human entity, but they also evoke sensitive associativity. With Obscura metal made it to the 21st century. Since the single bandmembers already gained stage experience with their former/other bands/sideprojects all over Europe (i.a. as support for leading bands of the genre, SIX FEET UNDER, DEICIDE, DISMEMBER, MONSTROSITY or MACABRE) they now release that experience in the Obscura liveshows and tours. Sore fingertips and hurting necks prove that Obscura's progressive Death Metal has been sought after for way too long. During a European tour with the American Death Metal legends SUFFOCATION Obscura already played in in six countries and there's more to come in the future!

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Obscura - Retribution (2006)

pls re-up on rapidshare thumb.gif ty biggrin.gif
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Обрыганский вид пацанов сразу навёл меня на хорошие мысли))) Значит не какое-нить модное гамно играют, а штот труёвое thumb.gif Да ящё какое труёвое\М/...единстна тока тупые блекерские трешёточные партии местами утомляют, но усё остальное проста на высшем уровне...всем фанатам позднега Death'а, да и ваще в меру прогрессивного смертельного митола проста маст хэв!!!

Кстати влияние Горгатс тож очень чувствуется...не тока в названии)))

п.с. хотя нет с горгатс я явно погорячился))) просто один риффик тож у пацанов такой хроматический- чисто матерный попался)))

Джаред, ty very much for this metal art! thumb.gif
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Retribution, 2006

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01. Humankind 02:48
02. Nothing 04:57
03. Unhinged 02:17
04. None Shall Be Spared 05:58
05. Alone 03:45
06. Hymn to A Nocturnal Visitor 06:33
07. Intoxicated 02:30
08. Exit Life 03:49
09. Sentiment 06:11
10. Sweet Silence 03:16
11. Lack of Compehension 03:46
Total playing time 45:50


Amazing album one of the best! thumb.gif
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Есть смельчаки залить в 192 на рапиду или ипапку? Пару песен качнул с сайта - вставило. thumb.gif
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320 мало? оригинал))
320 мало?

Много... Нах 320? 192 - нормально. ph34r.gif
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группа представляет собой кусок гавна. стандартный дэт-метал с заезженными риффами. музыка абсолютно не похожа на Горгатс, хотя название наводит на такие мысли. стандартно, тупо, скучно.
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OBSCURA: Promo CD 2008 - con ex-Necrophagist y ex-Pestilence

20 mb
192 kbps
++++plzz i unders. english or frensh no russia ok ++++
OBSCURA Putting Finishing Touches On New Album Recordings

German death metallers OBSCURA are currently recording their new album with producer V. Santura (DARK FORTRESS) at The Crypt Studios in Germany.

OBSCURA bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling (ex-PESTILENCE) comments: "I just got back from Landschut, Germany, where we've finished most of the recordings for the new album. I'm very excited about the new OBSCURA material; it sounds extremely brutal and technical compared with PESTILENCE's 'Spheres' (1993). We are looking forward to play most of the new songs during the upcoming shows."

OBSCURA's upcoming CD will feature cover art and layout by German artist Timo Wuerz.
Re-up "Retribution" (rapidshare, 320kbps).
here's the one, but i'm not sure of the bitrate... the size is 87 Mb - click me.
taken from here, thanks goes to power/speed.

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