Exit Motel


Artist : Exit Motel
Title : Flights of Gravity
Year : 2007
Label : n/a
Genre : AlternRock
Type : Album
Ripped on: 04/07/2007
Ripper : PJ
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Playtime : 59:52 min
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01. See My Air 06:03
02. Hospital Man 05:28
03. Lost Inner City Estrange 05:38
04. Them Many Wasps 05:32
05. Light Half Mine 02:53
06. Gravity Fields 08:09
07. Verticals 04:28
08. Life of Freefall 06:48
09. Mirrors 04:48
10. Resolve 04:59
11. Size of a Million 05:06

[Release Note]

Exit Motel are the songwriting partnership of Matt Clark and
Rich Patmore. Their delicately severe sound arouses notions of
Soundgarden meeting The Police, Faith No More crossed with Pink

At the start of 2006 they entered 4D Studios to begin work on
their debut album Flights Of Gravity.

Inspiring from start to finish the partnership of Rich Patmore
and Matt Clark has finally been cemented on a record in a class
of its own. From the opener "A Light Half Mine" to the
delicately severe "Them Many Wasps" and more nurtured tones of
"Gravity Fields", this album transpires from the vocality of
Pink Floyd to the grain of Seattle rock.

With breathtaking contributions from both Paul Ford and
London's Myrrh-Cedez Gayle, each track takes a form always
approving of the next. The duo's first single release, Hospital
Man has already gathered the ears of those in the know and goes
far beyond the boundaries of just a return to form.

This is a band that has no plans to be ignored. An industry
onslaught planned for the first half of 2007, followed by a
string of live shows beginning in March and enough obsession to
see the world of Exit Motel get a lot weirder and a whole lot

Never ones to rely on fortune, Matt Clark and Rich Patmore have delved deep to find a new kind of musical truth in the form of Exit Motel. What started out as a singer-songwriter combo reminiscent of the Simon & Garfunkel days soon became a more complete blueprint of lucid sound, provoking an undertone of The Police meets Faith No More.

So what..s changed? Apart from the line-up, it would appear the duo have a different pose, at least when it comes to their music. The last ten months have been a studio induced coma which has seen the band become almost obsessed with writing the songs they..ve always held back. One too many opinions have finally been put aside, where two-minds have been released to carve an album solely based on what they know.

..Flights Of Gravity.. is the debut album from Exit Motel which can only be described as a journey through sound. The delicately severe sound of Exit Motel evolves from Massive Attack-esque production to a rawness likeable to the likes of Mars Volta and Faith No More. Contributions from both Paul Ford and Myrrh-Cedez Gayle take this album to the verges of uncontrollable addiction.

The new album Flights of Gravity is out now, available on iTunes, Amazon.co.uk and CDBaby.com.

Go to www.exitmotel.com for more info.


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