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Artist : The Wombats
Album : Backfire At The Disco
Label : Kids Records
Genre : Indie
Bitrate : 204 kbps avg
Source : CD Single (1-2 tracks)
Playtime : 00:08:50 (13.2MB)
Rls date : 2007-04-16
Store date : 2007-04-16

Track List
1. Backfire At The Disco 3:14
2. Backfire At The Disco (KGB Remix) 5:36


The Wombats release Backfire At The Disco through KIDS. A
new recording of a live favourite, the track has been
produced by Jimmy Robertson (Klaxons) and mixed by Steve
Harris (Kaiser Chiefs) – so comes with impressive
credentials. The song boasts an effervescent spirit that
makes a mockery of its subject matter – a disastrous date
– hitting the listener with razor sharp hooks, thrilling
“woo, hoos” and a truly infectious energy. It’s scuzzy
indie pop at its best that exemplifies much of what The
Wombats are about.

Bonus track Little Miss Pipedream is a more sedate
offering by comparison, showing how the Liverpool natives
are equally capable of reigning things in and coming over
all charming. The band is comprised of Matthew Murphy
(vocals, guitar, keyboard), Tord Overland Knudsen (bass,
vocals) and Dan Haggis (drums, vocals). They are certain
to make a big impression over the course of 2007 if they
continue to churn out catchy numbers such as this.

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ARTIST: The Wombats
TITLE: Backfire At The Disco
GENRE: Indie
TIME: 03:08 min
SIZE: 49,4 MB
VIDEO: XviD 640x480 1953kbps
AUDIO: 229kbps

papa bear
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это лучшее, что я слышал в этом году))

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крутая группа... киньте Kill The Director на айфлодер плиз!
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I don't speak russian!
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ARTIST: The Wombats
TITLE: Kill The Director
GENRE: Indie
TIME: 02:49 min
SIZE: 32,7 MB
VIDEO: XviD 640x304
AUDIO: 202kbps


альбом в хорошем качестве есть у кого?
Artist : The Wombats
Album : Kill The Director
Label : 14th Floor
Genre : Indie
Bitrate : 168 kbps avg
Source : CD Single (1-2 tracks)
Playtime : 00:05:58 (7.49MB)
Rls date : 2007-06-23
Store date : 2007-06-25

[Track List]
1. Kill The Director 2:44
2. Kill The Director (KUT FM Live Acoustic 3:14

'Kill The Director', a cool, fanbase-building, live
favourite is the first single proper from The Wombats,
produced by the band with Steve Harris (Kaiser Chiefs/The
Automatic) and mixed by Rich Costey (Muse/Bloc Party) who
gives great alternative pop songs a cutting edge sound.
The track is another catchy hi-octane blast of scuzzy
indie pop, which exemplifies why The Wombats stealthily
became the biggest unsigned band in the UK. In their
native Liverpool, they were recently the first unsigned
band ever to headline, and sell-out, the 1200-capacity
Academy 1.


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ARTIST: The Wombats
TITLE: Girls, Boys & Marsupials
LABLE: Vinyl Junkie
GENRE: Indie
TIME: 43:23 min
SIZE: 75,6 MB
BITRATE: 241kbps
RLS DATE: 2006-00-00

Track List
01. Moving To New York 03:33
02. Lost In The Post 03:12
03. Patricia The Stripper 03:07
04. Party In A Forest (Where's Laura?) 02:53
05. Backfire At The Disco 02:41
06. My First Wedding 04:26
07. Metro Song 05:18
08. Derail & Crash 03:25
09. Little Miss Pipedream 04:01
10. Caravan In Wales 03:42
11. Sunday T.V. 05:41
12. Acapella 01:25



Release Note:

Released in Japan only

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I'D Rather Dance With You

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