Rastermusic/Noton is a label cooperation for electronic music based in Germany. In 1999 labels Rastermusic and Noton.archiv für ton und nichtton merged and a foundation stone, for a collaboration uniting sound and art design with strong attention to scientific sequences, was laid down.

Rastermusic was founded by Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider in 1996. The main interest was to give repetive minimal-music following the direction of pop. Priority is to publish series with focus on a specific philosophy of music/ sound composing.

Noton.archiv für ton und nichtton was founded by Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) more as an platform for conceptional and experimental related projects in music, art and science. After the publishing of the (still ongoing) clear series in 1996 the idea for a conceptual cd magazine occured and was finally realised as the 20`to 2000 series on Raster-Noton between 1999 and 2000.

Raster-Noton has a sublabel named Kangaroo., which is reserved for releases by Ilpo Väisänen (of Panasonic fame) only.

William Basinski - Shortwavemusic
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: vyr012
Format: LP
Country: Germany
Released: Jun 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental
1 Evening Scars (8:35)
2 Cobalt Pools (5:29)
3 Fringe Area (7:14)
4 On A Frontier Of Wires (23:40)
5 Particle Showers (14:13)
this album is the first of three resulting from a series of experiments in 1982 using lo-fi technology to extract sounds from the airwaves and weave them into musical tapestries. using two »norelco« reel-to-reel decks from the ’60s, a radio and a shortwave radio. basinski recorded samples of music from the radio, edited the tape into loops of varying lengths, and slowed them down. these themes were then layeded together in real time to an accompaniment of randomly shifting shortwave radio static. the themes explored were often brief excerpts [3 or 4 notes] from musak versions of popular standards by manipulating these themes and mixing them with an existing symphony of electronic information, basinski has created a series of melancholy, atmospheric aural landscapes for the listener to inhabit. the music is timeless and compelling a remarkably original experimental music album.
alva noto - transall
Raster-noton 2007

This album consist Transrapid, Transvision and Transspray series from Transall cycle. transall approaches with the problematics of speed, the vision of utopia and the dissolution of our ideas into fragments.

1 Funkbugfx (8:29)
2 Pulse (XS Version) (2:32)
3 Future (7:15)
4 Highmatrix (2:21)
5 Remodel (5:33)
6 J (5:52)
7 Postfabric (3:30)
8 10 (6:16)
9 Fuel For Black Quartz (0:16)
10 R/Re/Repeat (0:53)
With - I-Sound
11 Bit (5:49)
12 Birr (1:48)
13 Obi One (Edit XS Version) (2:40)
14 F 117.tiff (1:51)
15 Autoshape (5:39)
16 Spray (1:39)

Dusted review:
Carsten Nicolai’s music is problematic for the critic. His output is pre-determined by theoretical articulation, so any lapse into pale description is insufficient. Why should it matter that Transall is ‘funky,' as most writers have observed? Given that one strain of Nicolai’s recent work had him recalibrating R&B rhythms for maximum austerity, it’s hardly surprising. What is more important is how true Nicolai is to his conceptions, how his theory manifests itself in sound, and how close the result is to the theoretical predication.
Nicolai is a contextual musician. He is more a designer than musician - he probably doesn’t need to hear the music (as) he’s making (it), as the interface between vision, computer screen, and edit function is where everything happens. For Transall, Nicolai transformed ‘text, image, vector graphic - storage files’ into ‘raw audio data,' coaxing the rhythmic out of the data translations. The resultant sounds - grainy, striated, notched, cracked - map the terrain of data flow. The rhythmic pulsations map onto order, the speed of electricity; the liner notes from Ulf Poschardt, Kodwo Eshun and Marco Peljhan thread together acceleration of progress, deceleration of utopian thought, and a short tract on ‘alternate high frequency material’ that calls on science and military analysis. "Fuel For Black Quartz" sources sound from a Quicktime movie at the Federation of American Scientists’ Military Analysis Network website. From the micro- of digital transformation to the macro- of cultural and military acceleration, we’re far from a simple ‘let’s get funky.'
If there’s any funk here, it is the ‘cut-copy-paste’ funk Szepanski once hailed as ‘the movement of zero and one made audible’ - making music out of pure form/process. Resting on rhythm is the misnomer here - if rhythm reflects hierarchical structure (and that is a problematic assumption in itself) then Transall is some kind of atomisation of structure through the translation of the ‘storage file’ into one molecule in a chain of gritted beats. The result? You’ve just been seduced by sterility.

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CoH "Enter Tinnitus" (1998)
[Raster-Noton; cdr015]
Abstract, Minimal

01 iOpen Up! (0:53)
02 Decoded : Terminate (5:09)
03 Solool (4:06)
04 Their New Polka (6:16)
05 Heitkamp (5:45)
06 Speaking Tones (4:28)
07 Siesta For Two (5:30)
08 Expect Now (6:13)
09 Space Odyssey Revisisted (5:47)
10 The Fourteenth Thing She Did Today (To A.B.) (2:45)

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Ø + Noto - Wohltemperiert
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: cdr039
Format: LP
Country: Germany
Released: Apr 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Experimental, Minimal
1 Los (0:15)
2 Hain (5:41)
3 Mur (7:24)
4 Beispiel Drei (1:53)
5 Melodie (6:26)
6 Beispiel Zwei (4:08)
7 Beispiel Eins Plus (1:07)
8 Knödeltraum (3:59)
9 Mur Rückkehr (8:14)
10 Grille (7:55)
11 Süsssonor (7:17)
12 Beispiel Rausch Vier (4:00)
13 Struktur (0:22)
14 Ems (0:42)
15 Zwielichtmelodie (1:27)
P.S. Q is Mika Vanio, Noto is Alva Noto

Mitchell Akiyama - Temporary Music
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: cdr046
Format: LP
Country: Germany
Released: May 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Minimal, Ambient
1 Big Sur (6:07)
2 Thaw (5:38)
3 Arterial (4:32)
4 Rain No Water (5:49)
5 Tied To The Mast (6:56)
6 Alongé (4:21)
7 Intravene (6:00)
8 Sun No Heat (6:39)
9 Empêcher L'Océan (3:52)
10 Temp.est Past (8:18)
"born in toronto, based in montreal, mitchell akiyama has been carving a niche for himself as one of the premier avant-garde electronic artists in canada.
originally trained in classical music and jazz on piano and guitar, he began composing electronic music in 1995.
akiyamas new album, "temporary music", is a collection of fragments - shards of pianos, pieces of field recordings, digital interruptions. all pieces are homages to places and people whose images have changed and faded over time. "temporary music" is a representation of the ephemeral nature of experience and the instability of memory." R-N

Mokira - Cliphop
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: cdr036
Format: LP
Country: Germany
Released: 01 Oct 2000
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Noise, Experimental
1 Redo (4:36)
2 Palm (6:40)
3 From (5:10)
4 Kind (6:38)
5 Same (4:09)
6 Byte (6:24)
7 Hiss (5:51)
8 Full (5:00)
9 List (5:07)
10 Slut (5:17)
P.S. Mokira is project of Andreas Tilliander

New Forms - Contemporary electronic music in the context of art
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: ltd006
Format: 2 x CD
Country: Germany
Released: Dec 2000
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Abstract, Experimental, Minimal
Notes: "Contemporary electronic music in the context of art". Released at the occasion of the exhibition at galerie für zeitgenössische kunst in Leipzig/ Germany in 1999. Curated by Carsten Nicolai aka Noto & supported by Raster-Noton. Published by galerie für zeitgenössische kunst. Distributed by Raster-Noton. Compilation in special food packaging.
1-1 Disinformation National Grid (Live Mains Electricity) (6:30)
1-2 Scanner Spray (5:56)
1-3 Max.Ernst Privileg (3:20)
1-4 Richie Hawtin 07:96 (7:96)
1-5 Komet Tab (5:00)
1-6 Kim Cascone Nulldrift (Pulsar Atomization Mix) (6:43)
1-7 Goem Lokatie Leipzig (6:18)
1-8 Ryoji Ikeda + Noto Cyclo Cycle (5:47)
2-1 Byetone Rotation (13:47)
2-2 Pan Sonic Kausi-Vaihdos (6:02)
2-3 William Basinski Tape loop (3:33)
2-4 Signal Multiscan (3:40)
2-5 CoH Grain:Loop (6:00)
2-6 Pomassl Disperss Humm (6:07)
2-7 Marc Behrens Two Leipzig Zones (6:00)
2-8 Francisco López Untitled #94 (5:34)
2-9 General Magic Detritus (3:32)
Pixel - Set Your Center Between Your Parts In Order To
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: R-N 74
Format: LP
Country: Germany
Released: Jun 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Minimal
1 Drum (9:25)
2 Sinus (7:31)
3 Feeds (8:25)
4 Lion (8:20)
5 .Matrix (6:44)

"SET YOUR CENTER BETWEEN YOUR PARTS IN ORDER TO is the highly anticipated follow up release to the stellar debut DISPLAY by danish artist pixel aka jon egeskov. as a professionally trained jazz musician with academic credentials, egeskov furthers his journey into the realm of minimalistic electronic music. with parts he continues merging digital (sound) artifacts with subsonic basslines in a rather allusive manner. inspired by african conflict and cross rhythms, pixel examines the potential of simultaneous yet independent pulsating metres. he fuses polyrhythmic and polymetrics with the signature raster-noton sound vocabulary and thus connects his work to the here and now.

the tracks are heavily accentuated in regards to dynamics. they were recorded during several studio sessions without any overdubs (and without editing later). pixel may have drawn inspiration to proceed this way after witnessing live performances by pansonic and autechre. the songs were created intuitively and spontaneously during the process and performing and improvising. you can indeed hear that everything is floating and that there are no statics or incidental situations.

the album SET YOUR CENTER BETWEEN YOUR PARTS IN ORDER TO gets it's sparks from the ups and downs of it's density... from the complex blending of basic particles to the shift in their significance. if you allow yourself to get into this dark and evolving fabric a auditory sensation of rhythmicized timer will emerge." R-N

Frank Bretschneider

2007 Raster-Noton (R-N 82)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

1 A Soft Throbbing Of Time (7:46)
2 The Big Black And White Game (5:31)
3 We Can Remember It For You (3:50)
4 The Eight Day People (3:04)
5 Other Days, Other Eyes (4:10)
6 Construction Shack (4:11)
7 The Moon Is A Hole In The Sky (6:54)
8 All Summer In A Day (3:13)
9 The October Game (2:44)

MP3 VBR V2 ~ 195 kbps | RAR 59,8 MB | zshare.net | pass: 12141618
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Senking - Trial
картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: cdr035
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 2000
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Abstract, Minimal, Experimental
Credits: Composed By, Programmed By - Jens Massel
1 Flaw (4:25)
2 Wind Up (4:54)
3 Lurk (4:45)
4 Trackdown (4:21)
5 Hide Out (8:26)
6 Pell-mell (4:56)
7 Dent (4:00)
8 Lift (4:17)
"jens massel aka senking, fumble, kandis has established to an integral part of cologne music scene during the last two years. creating music far away from the typical party sound or subtle humoristic style of label a-musik the »sound of cologne« gained a lot from him.
Trial is an attempt to go into the field of «clicks and errors« where he puts his main interest on creating songs, density and deepness. the tracks are a kind of tale nearly melodies and quotes from dub integrated in a tension that works with dynamics. send through effect tools again and again and repiled up it`s rather about expression and carrying personal trademarks than technical process. the guitar in the last track is thus logically the consequence of the ambition of the release." R-N

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