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Hyperdub 2006
01. Untitled
02. Distant Lights
03. Spaceape [ft. Space Ape]
04. Wounder
05. Night Bus
06. Southern Comfort
07. U Hurt Me
08. Gutted
09. Forgive
10. Broken Home
11. Prayer
12. Pirates
13. Untitled

Certain to be one of the most memorable albums of the year and without a doubt its most groundbreaking - Burial's debut album has already been subject to extensive discussion and focus dotted around the entire musical spectrum, from the cavernous Dubstep community at one end to the expansive critical behemoth of Pitchfork and Simon Reynolds at the other. Cliche and hyperbole aside, it's true to say that only once in while we're presented with an album of such chilling sensation, tempered skill and emotional mastery that the listener is overwhelmingly submerged into the producer's wholly realised creation of a musical urban legend.

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Jus' doing my bit for the dubstep hype machine... Not your typical dubstep, though nothing overly sophisticated either - only a proof of what can come out the most minimal technology today (Sound Forge wave editor, ahem?) in London. Burial's identity is yet unknown (kind of weird for the size of dubstep community), but whoever mentioned Photek along the lines was very close, cause this has got the same sparseness, the same dark/nostalgic mood, the same processed vocals, the overall deceiving looseness & simplicity of sound, and it's dubbed right up. I could go on and on about it, but right now I'm more curious about what others think...

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upload please somewhere else. please please please

yeah, your my man!!!!!
thanks 1000x for deliviring this rare dubstep stuff!!!

benga rocks, burial too!

keep on the dubstep thing.....



will upload it somewhere when i've dl it...


Caught this one on your blog, thankyou.
Very cool blog it is too.
Thanks for all your stuff actualy.
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Very good stuff!
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More dub than step. And good for listening on a rainy day like today. I like it. Most of all that dubstep stuff is utterly forgetable or just simply boring from the go. This one is not.
But that SpaceApe guy should consider banging his fake dreads "upon di wall" to death. Or simply concentrate on his visual artist side.

Это сообщение отредактировал bumba - 27.05.06 в 17:04
only the birds fly first class...
please reup somebody, i cant download from there;///

sry, will upload it on sunday!
please reup somebody, i cant download from there;///

yes, you can.

More dub than step.

kinda disagree as well..
there's certainly the 2steppish rhythms that sets this album apart from others,
amongst other things..
alternative link:


maby someone could upload the tempa 'dubstep allstars' series or the v'exd and boxcutter album
Thank you.
If you need any reupload of my post PM me or better use SoulSeek.

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it`s actually burial ......... but it`s great! doru649 thank u!
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mmm i like this beat..

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