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Gianluigi Trovesi / Umberto Petrin / Fulvio Maras

Vaghissimo Ritratto
ECM Records
If “spontaneous composition,” rather than the term “free improvisation,” suggests the ability to collectively grab apparent form from the ether, then Italian woodwind multi-instrumentalist Gianluigi Trovesi’s Vaghissimo Ritratto deserves to be cited as one of its clearest examples. Teamed with pianist Umberto Petrin, with whom Trovesi has worked in the Italian Instabile Orchestra, and percussionist Fulvio Maras, a member of Trovesi’s octet responsible for the superb Fugace (ECM, 2003), this is intimate chamber improvisation of the highest order.

Not all the material is rooted in collective extemporization. Artists as diverse as French songwriter Jacques Brel, Renaissance composer Josquin Desprez and Italian popster Luigi Tenco are represented alongside original compositions by members of Trovesi’s trio, magically blurring the stylistic differences seemingly inherent in a program of music that spans centuries.

Claudio Monteverdi’s solemnly majestic “L’Orfeo” receives a literal reading, but is ultimately an introductory segue to Trovesi’s “Grappoli orfici.” The Renaissance/Baroque seamster’s theme acts as the starting point for solos by both Petrin and Trovesi that organically marry classicism with the jazz vernacular. Here Maras’ percussion adds color, not rhythm, in contrast to the trio’s playful “Serenata,” which first alternates between Petrin and Trovesi, with Maras adding marimba-like electronics and an undercurrent of ambient sound. The three ultimately come together, leaving Maras alone as the improv segues into another Renaissance piece, Orlando di Lasso’s “Matona mia cara.”

The trio regularly takes the idea of a single player, fleshing it out into a collective piece that feels as if it were intended all along. “Primo apparir” begins abstractly, with Petrin settling into a gentle, Satie-like vamp over which Trovesi layers a lyrical melody. The sublime beauty and simplicity is unsettled by Petrin’s occasional dissonance, and Maras’ subtle electronics and percussive rumblings. That the trio can move as one when seemingly unexpected changes emerge is testimony to its uncanny chemistry.

Maras rarely delivers a firm pulse, though there are exceptions. The improvised “Mirage” is driven forward by Maras, with Petrin injecting sparse support for Trovesi’s haunting, somewhat Middle Eastern melodies.

The trio’s ability to blend music from centuries past with modernistic treatments is most notable on Luca Marenzio’s “Al primo vostro sguardo,” where Maras’ electronic keyboard introduces the piece with Harold Budd-like ambience. Maras moves to spare percussion as Petrin takes over with a melancholy set of changes kept slightly off-center through hints of dissonance. The trio moves to a more literal treatment when Trovesi enters, but ultimately returns to Maras’ ambient soundscape for the piece’s outro.

Extremes are kept to a minimum, with nuance and subtler dynamics used, instead, to create a deep resonance. But don’t mistake Vaghissimo Ritratto’s graceful elegance for a lack of adventurous spirit. There are plenty of risks taken on Vaghissimo Ritratto, but its true beauty is how, with Trovesi, Petrin and Maras’ telepathic movement with a singular purpose, it just doesn’t sound like it.

1. Primo apparir
2. L'Orfeo
3. Grappoli orfici
4. Mirage
5. Secondo apparir
6. Al primo vostro sguardo
7. The lover's appeal - Terzo apparir
8. Angela
9. El grillo
10. Particolare di J. Donne
11. Amsterdam
12. Serenata - Matona mia cara
13. My little maid and I
14. Canto vago
15. Far far away
16. Vaghissimo ritratto

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Gianluigi Trovesi - Profumo Di Violetta (2008)
ECM note

Gianluigi Trovesi - piccolo & alto clarinets, alto sax
Marco Remondini - violoncello, electronics
Stefano Bertoli - drums, percussion
Filarmonica Mousiké Orchestra - winds & percussion
Savino Acquaviva - conductor

G. Trovesi
01. Alba

C. Monteverdi 1567-1643)
02. Toccata da " Orfeo "
G. Trovesi
03. Musa
04. Euridice
05. Ninfe avernali
06. Ritornello da "Orfeo"
G. Trovesi
07. Frammenti orfici

G. Trovesi
08. Intrecciar ciaccone da"Ciaccona " di Maurizio Cazzati (1620-1677)

09. "Pur ti miro " da "L' incoronazione di Poppea "
G.B Pergolesi (1710-1736)
10. " Stizzoso mio stizzoso " da " La serva padrona "
G. Trovesi
11. Vespone

G. Trovesi
12. Profumo di violetta part 1
G.Verdi (1813-1901)
13. " Ah, fors'è lui che l' anima …" da "Traviata "
G. Trovesi
14. Profumo di violetta part 2
Marco Remondini
15. Violetta e le altre

G. Trovesi
16. "E' Piquillo un bel gagliardo " da "Traviata " di G. Verdi
G. Trovesi
17. Salterellando
18. Antico saltarello
G. Trovesi
19. Salterello amoroso
Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)
20. Largo al Factotum da "Il barbiere di Siviglia "

Rodolfo Matulich - G. Trovesi
21. Aspettando Compar Alfio
Pietro Mascagni (1863-1945)
22. "Il cavallo scalpita " da Cavalleria Rusticana
23. Così Tosca dal finale degli atti III e I di Tosca di Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)

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Gianluigi Trovesi - In Cerca Di Cibo
ECM note

Gianluigi Trovesi - clarinets
Gianni Coscia - accordion

01. In cerca di cibo
02. Gepetto
03. Villanella
04. Il Postino
05. Minor Dance
06. Pinocchio - in groppa al tonno (piano)
07. Django (Donadona)
08. Pinocchio - in groppa al tonno (forte)
09. Le giostra di Piazza Savona
10. Lucignolo
11. Tre bimbi di campagna
12. Celebre Mazurka alterata
13. Fata Turchina
14. El Choclo
15. In cerca di cibo

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итальянские народные
Gianluigi Trovesi & WDR Big Band – Dedalo (2001)

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Size : 86.53 MB
Quality : 320 kbps

Tracklist :

01. Hercab
02. Herbop Fragment
03. Herbop
04. Dance For A King Fragment
05. Now I Can
06. Dance For A King Fragment
07. From G To G
08. Scotch
09. Dance For The East No.2
10. Dance For A King Fragment
11. Dedalo
12. Hercab Live

*2011 / 320
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Gianluigi Trovesi & Gianni Coscia - Frère Jacques: Round about Offenbach
ECM note

Gianluigi Trovesi - piccolo and alto clarinets
Gianni Coscia - accordion

01. Sognando Hélène / Oui! c’est un rêve (6:48)
02. Ah! que les hommes sont bêtes / Mon Dieu, mon Dieu (2:09
03. Piff, paff, pouff / La Duchessa nei caraibi (3:51)
04. Tangoffenbach (4:32)
05. Ah! vivre deux / L’eccentrico inventore (4:02)
06. Et moi? / No, tu no! (2:08)
07. La voix (3:03)
08. Parton le barcarole (3:53)
09. Beguine del fauno (2:44)
10. Sei Italiano? / No! ... Je suis Brésilien (6:08)
11. La Duchessa della Czarda (2:05)
12. C’est une chanson d’amour (1:17)
13. Galop ... trotterellando (7:29)
14. Le jugement de Paris / Ma! Non so! (5:57)
15. Dedicated to Hélène and her little birds (5:14)
16. Metamorfosi ... Pour séduire (4:41)
17. Minuetto / Olympia (2:19)
18. Ouverture / Un Americano a Troia (4:28)
19. Epilogue (1:25)

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Anat Fort Trio & Gianluigi Trovesi - Birdwatching

Anat Fort - piano
Gary Wang - double bass
Roland Schneider - drums
Gianluigi Trovesi - alto clarinet

01. First Rays
02. Earth Talks
03. Not The Perfect Storm
04. It's Your Song
05. Jumpin' In
06. Milarepa, Part 1
07. Song Of The Phoenix I
08. Song Of The Phoenix II
09. Murmuration
10. Meditation For A New Year
11. Inner Voices
12. Sun


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