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And So I Watch You From Afar - This Is Our Machine And Nothing Can Stop It EP - 2007

01. I Capture Castles (07:10)
02. Holylands, 4am (02:07)
03. The Voiceless (06:51)
04. The Machine (Part 1) (01:03)
05. The Machine (Part 2) (05:48)
06. WPB, 6am (02:57)
07. Mount Kailash (06:44)

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And So I Watch You From Afar - Tonight The City Burns EP - 2007

01. These Riots Are Just The Beginning (04:41)
02. The Torch (00:41)
03. Tonight The City Burns (feat. Cahir O’Doherty & Johnny Black) (06:09)
04. Marching Over The Coals (03:02)
05. Something More Than Power (feat. Neil Hughes) (07:42)
06. La Plata Es El Asesino (feat. Geoff Topley) (04:12)

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And So I Watch You From Afar - And So I Watch You From Afar (2CD) - 2009


01. Set Guitars To Kill (05:30)
02. A Little Bit Of Slidarity Goes A Long Way (03:26)
03. Clench Fists, Grit Teeth...Go! (06:20)
04. I Capture Castles (07:18)
05. Start A Band (04:54)
06. Tip Of The Hat, Punch In The Face (04:22)
07. If It Ain't Broke, Break It (06:22)
08. TheseRIOTSareJUSTtheBEGINNING (04:49)
09. Don't Waste Time Doing Things You Hate (07:32)
10. The Voiceless (06:28)
11. Eat The City, Eat It Whole (07:46)


01. Intro (00:11)
02. Marching Over The Coals(00:03:04)
03. Clench Fists, Grit Teeth... Go! (Live) (07:20)
04. And So I Watch You From Afar - Holylands, 4am (Live) (02:12)
05. The Machine (Live) (05:53)
06. TheseRIOTSareJUSTtheBEGINNING (04:43)
07. Mount Kailash (06:46)
08. The Voiceless (Beat Down Motorcore Version) (02:27)

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And So I Watch You From Afar – The Letters EP - 2010

01. S Is For Salamander (03:58)
02. D Is For Django The Bastard (02:31)
03. B Is For B-Side (02:49)
04. K Is For Killing Spree (An Ode To) (06:43)

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And So I Watch You From Afar - Straight Through The Sun Without A Scratch (7") - 2010

01. Straight Through The Sun (04:45)
02. Without A Fucking Scratch (05:50)

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And So I Watch You From Afar - Gangs - 2011

02. Gang (starting never stopping) (05:25)
03. Search:Party:Animal (05:17)
04. 7 Billion People all Alive at Once (05:43)
05. Think:Breathe:Destroy (04:41)
06. Homes - Ghost Parlor KA -6 to… (02:45)
07. Homes - …Samara to Belfast (09:51)
08. Lifeproof (05:04)

MP3 / V0(VBR) / 87.8MB

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ARTiST: And So I Watch You From Afar
TiTLE: This Is Our Machine And Nothing Can Stop It
LABEL: n/a
GENRE: Instrumental Rock
TiME: 26:24 min
SiZE: 38,1 MB
RiP DATE: May-28-2007
RELEASE DATE: 000-00-2007
WEBSiTE: n/a

Track List:

01. I Capture Castles 07:19
02. The Voiceless 07:05
03. Holylands, 4am 02:09
04. The Machine 06:56
05. WPB 6am 02:55

Release Notes:
You have certain expectations of a band whose debut
EP is titled 'This Is Our Machine And Nothing Can
Stop It', namely momentum, drive, dynamism, and a
sheer unfettered avalanche of sound. And So I Watch
You From Afar effortlessly deliver, bringing a
brain-annihilating barrage of rhythms and
rottweiler, what's just been kicked in the knackers,
fury. It's an awing show of musical strength.
Looking across the venue I spot yourcodenameis:milo
cowering in a corner.

ASIWYFA are of the instrumental post-rock ilk, but
put away your childish Mogwai comparisons: they are
far from being a flat-pack clone. Tonight we get
prog, autobahn-cruising rhythms, flitting firefly
guitar and jazz odyssey improv. Songs such as 'I
Capture Castles' and 'The Machine' are ominous
cavalcades of sound, the rippling percussion and
primal riffs relentlessly battering the audience.

The belligerent snarl of 'Screaming Ground'
instantly informs us that yourcodenameis:milo are in
no mood to take a spanking from their support act.
Indeed, few bands have as visceral a live presence
as an on-message milo. And tonight they are
fluently, poetically, noisily on-message; they are a
musical slap round the chops, demanding our
attention, the playing for the duration of this
performance tighter than a miser's fist.

Though the majority of the set is, inevitably, drawn
from current album They Came From The Sun, there is
more than enough from the back catalogue to sate the
considerable, 'loved 'em from the beginning'
contingent. The heavens-questing guitars of
'Seventeen' push up and out with all the might of a
Hungarian women's weightlifting team. And if the
guitar playing is fine then the rhythm section is
formidable. The bass on songs such as 'I'm
Impressed' and 'Evening' is unusually heavy,
rumbling like the stomach of an obese man with a
wired-shut gob.

And, as if we weren't already feeling disoriented
enough, frontman Paul Mullan decides to ratchet the
surreally shell-shocked factor up a notch or two by
playing the encore sporting a large horse's head.
It's a photo-finish between tonight's two acts, but
headliners milo take it, the gracious winners
declaring ASIWYFA their new favourite band and
leaving us with a thought on previous touring
partners Enter Shikari: "shit, shit, shit".

This is impressive.
very impressive
Очень интересная группа. После скучной пост-рок череды действительно заинтересовала. Вы только посмотрите, как они работают со звуком!
ребята молодцы=))) нравятся различные эффекты на гитары =) со знанием дела музыку играют =)
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dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio!
Peter Knocks Out! (watch)
Отличная банда! smile.gif
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летом ещё стянул с какого-то блога вроде...или ещё откуда-то,непомню...заслушивался тогда,и теперь снова начну...напомнили))


обложка у них очень понравилась помню...это была главенствующая причина для скачивания rolleyes.gif

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haters gonna hate, f. you

я хожу по улице словно чумачечий
камень давеча курил с череп человечий


свободу фрэнсису!!!!!
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ну если Эмо Муравьям нравиться ,то и я качну .. thumb.gif
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Ах, какая вкуснятина. Вначале валялись в общей массе незамеченные, потом послушал и сразу понял, что это по меньшей мере стоящая группа.
Побольше бы таких. Песня The Machine жжжотжжотжжот!
Северная Ирландия - Белфаст
Tonight the City Burns! EP
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They're usually instrumental, but this gig/EP was a collaborative effort with the support acts singing on the tracks.

The Night is my time and the shadow my shelter as I vade alone through the darkness.
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NightThief, ах, какой великолепная музыка как раз для 1го января!
Альбом чудесен.
Альбом замечательный, но переложите обложку пожалуйста для Тунайт Сити Бёрнс ЕП! Пасиба
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Альбом понравился..но мне всё же больше нравится когда они без вокала..
Ребята просто молодцы! Очень впечатлен их музыкой. Вступления, развитие мелодии, все просто на высшем уровне.

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