Kaman Leung - Lacrimal (Z5 Records) [2007]

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release date: 00.06.2007
street date: 14.05.2007
label: Z5 Records (XQCP-1002)
genre: bass
source: cdda
quality: vbr, 44100, j-stereo
duration: 54:39 min
size: ~ 62,1 mb (65 173 580 bytes)
rar: 9 tracks, .jpg, .nfo, .sfv, .m3u
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01. Kaman Leung - Inquietude [05:24]
02. Kaman Leung - Await [06:40]
03. Kaman Leung - Stretchmarks [07:09]
04. Kaman Leung - 100 Year Anniversary [06:26]
05. Kaman Leung - As Hope Fades [05:08]
06. Kaman Leung - Lacrimal [08:53]
07. Kaman Leung - Stillborn [05:08]
08. Kaman Leung - Neither Death Nor Life [04:28]
09. Kaman Leung - No.62426 [05:23]





нехватает ifolder.ru
трэк нумеро 6 ничего так -вспоминается к.ф трайнспоттинг)-попадет на какой нить сборник)
в остальном лично мною ничего шедеврального не услышано-похоже на порожняк торчковый)
личное мнение
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Битрейт - жесть. В голову не пришло на каркуляторе сразу посчитать, тяжело ведь автору написать два слова: "низкий битрейт"...
А вообще, релиз очень и очень даже... За это респект. Придётся искать хотя бы 192кбпс...

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Отличный релиз, вот только битрейт подкачалнемножко... но под косячок потянет....
Битрейт - жесть. В голову не пришло на каркуляторе сразу посчитать, тяжело ведь автору написать два слова: "низкий битрейт"...

а из размера и количества трэков это разве не ясно? blink.gif
мои подкасты с bass-музыкой - > здесь <
note: buy the original cd | support

написано ведь))
"...страшно не там где нет людей, а там где они есть" suncheez
вай нот ин май секчон?
бат сенькс энивей
Cheers thumb.gif for posting a note in the "main" dubstep thread, I would have missed this. ohmy.gif

It has got me thinking (since I posted a Cyruss (Random Trio) 12" EP that had its own thread for 1 - 12 inch!! that I may have missed 100's over the months and only the other day someone moaned about a double post suprisingly as it was a differtent link that it brought the possibility of missing many more.

I know if its an artist with many releases or a Label like WARP or even high class biggrin.gif labels like BUNKER there are separate threads for them but not 1 off albums.

So not trying to be a pain, unsure.gif just a thought - Could this make finding releases a bit too difficult?
I know Dubstep is not a huge genre and it is possible to follow new releases via Juno Records or Boomkat yet I'm not sure if it is practical to check those sites before searching here for a new release.

Basically & to the point, unless as you have done, someone puts a secondary notification/heads up post in a 'main' genre thread mentioning the separate new release, is it best to keep to MAIN thread headings such as GENRES, ARTISTS with many releases, LABELS etc (LIVE sets from a particular club or radio station) and not many smaller threads that have no purpose other than being a new release?

or have I missed something special about the release that i've not understood? huh.gif

Thanks again, for this and MANY other great shares. thumb.gif
F**k all "earn money with your uploads" filehosters like turbobit / turbo.to & uploadboy.me
Turk321, yes mate.
there are 2 links: here and my notification in a main thread as you can see.
this small post like many others is just for presentation of unknown/good albums
unfortunately that's not work for many artists and you can see the results
bullshit about bitrate, blablabla...
шикарно, очень понравилось thumb.gif
Мне тоже очень понравилось, а есть у них ещё какие-нибудь альбомы?
Альбом супер! очень понравился!
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Держите нелюди, давненько у меня уже валяется, давольно таки тускловатый альбомчекmad.gif

File: kaman leung - lacrimal (2007, z5 records).rar
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/51643942/kaman...z5_records_.rar

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