Carla Bley

Female Vocal / Jazz / USA / Post-Bop
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Artist: Carla Bley
Album: Musique Mecanique
Genre: Post-Bop,Progressive Jazz
Date: 2000-07-25
Label: Ecm Records

0. 440
1. Jesus Maria And Other Spanish Strains
2. Musique Mecanique I
3. Musique Mecanique II (At Midnight)
4. Musique Mecanique III


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Artist: Carla Bley
Album: European Tour (1977)
Genre: Post-Bop,Experimental Big Band
Date: Sep 1977
Label: Watt

1 Rose and Sad Song Bley 11:11
Composed by: Bley
Performed by: Bley, Carla Band
2 Wrong Key Donkey Bley 7:52
Composed by: Bley
Performed by: Bley, Carla Band
3 Drinking Music Bley 4:26
Composed by: Bley
Performed by: Bley, Carla Band
4 Spangled Banner Minor and Other Patriotic Songs

Post-bop jazz has produced only a few first-rate composers of larger forms; Carla Bley ranks high amongst them. Bley possesses an unusually wide compositional range; she combines an acquaintance with and love for jazz in all its forms with great talent and originality. Her music is a peculiarly individual type of hyper-modern jazz. Bley is capable of writing music of great drama and profound humor, often within the confines of the same piece.

Born Carla Borg, Bley learned the fundamentals of music as a child from her father, a church musician. Thereafter, she was mostly self-taught. Bley moved to New York around 1955, where she worked as a cigarette girl and occasional pianist. She married pianist Paul Bley, for whom she began to write tunes (she also wrote for George Russell and Jimmy Giuffre). In 1964, with her second husband, trumpeter Michael Mantler, Bley formed the Jazz Composers Guild Orchestra, which a year later became known simply as the Jazz Composers' Orchestra. Two years later, Bley helped found the Jazz Composers' Orchestra Association, a non-profit organization designed to present, distribute, and produce unconventional forms of jazz. In 1967, vibist Gary Burton's quartet recorded Bley's cycle of tunes A Genuine Tong Funeral, which brought her to the attention of the general public for the first time. In 1969, Bley composed and arranged music for Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra. In 1971, Bley completed the work that cemented her reputation, the jazz opera Escalator Over the Hill. In the '70s and '80s, Bley continued to run the JCOA and compose and record for her own Watt label. The JCOA essentially folded in the late '80s, but Bley's creative life has continued mostly unabated. For much of the past two decades, she's maintained a mid-sized big band with fairly stable personnel to tour and record. She's also worked a great deal with the bassist Steve Swallow, in duo and in ensembles of varying size.

Bley wrote the music for the soundtrack to the 1985 film Mortelle Randone. She also contributed new compositions to the Liberation Music Orchestra's second incarnation in 1983. All through the eighties, nineties and into the new millenium, Bley has continued releasing albums through ECM, ranging from duets with bassist Steve Swallow to the "Very Big Carla Bley Band. As an instrumentalist, Bley makes a fine composer; she plays piano and/or organ with most of her bands, and while her playing is always quite musical, it's clear that her strengths lie elsewhere. Bley's asymmetrical compositional structures subvert jazz formula to wonderful effect, and her unpredictable melodies are often as catchy as they are obscure. In the tradition of jazz's very finest composers and improvisers, Bley has developed a style of her very own, and the music as a whole is the better for it.
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I love Welle:Erdball and i wanna go funky!!
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Carla Bley Big Band - Appearing Nightly - ECM

Artist: Carla Bley Big Band
Album: Appearing Nightly
Release year: 2008
Genre: Jazz / ECM
Tracks numbers: 5
Playtime: 68:40
format, bitrate, size: mp3 256CBR / 103482 KB
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1. Greasy Gravy
2. Awful Coffee
3. Appearing Nightly at the Black Orchid
4. Someone to Watch
5. I Hadn't Anyone 'Till You

Earl Gardner - trumpet
Lew Soloff - trumpet
Florian Esch - trumpet
Beppe Calamosca - trombone
Gary Valente - trombone
Gigi Grata - trombone
Richard Henry - trombone
Roger Jannotta - soprano and alto saxophones, flue
Wolfgang Puschnig - alto saxophone, flute
Andy Sheppard - tenor saxophone
Christophe Panzani - tenor saxophone
Julian Argu"elles - baritone saxophone
Carla Bley - piano, conductor
Karen Mantler - organ
Steve Swallow - bass
Billy Drummond - drums

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Carla Bley-Carlas Christmas Carols-2009-JUST

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Release Info

Artist: Carla Bley
Album: Carla's christmas carols
Label: ECM
Genre: Jazz
Catnr: n/a
source: CDDA 02-12-2009 00-00-2009
quality: VBR/44,1Hz/Joint-Stereo
Url: n/a

Release Notes:

Just enjoy !.

track title time

01. o tannenbaum 02:31
02. away in a manger 05:54
03. the christmas song 05:16
04. ring christmas bells 05:50
05. god rest de merry gentlemen part 1 04:48
06. god rest de merry gentlemen part 2 05:20
07. it came upon a midnight clear 04:58
08. hell's bells 05:14
09. jesus maria 08:33
10. jingle bells 03:07
11. o holy noght 07:29
12. joy to the world 01:38

Runtime 60:38 min
Size 75,4 MB

если только как фон...
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Carla's Christmas Carols на народе.
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Carla Bley & Paul Haines - Escalator Over the Hill [1971] 320 kbps
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Hotel Overture 13:12
... This Is Here 6:00
Like Animals 1:20
Escalator Over The Hill 4:51
Stay Awake 1:18
Ginger And David 1:40
Song To Anything That Moves 2:17
Eoth Theme 0:38
Businessmen 5:37
Ginger And David Theme 0:55
Why 2:19
It's Not What You Do 0:13
Detective Writer Daughter 3:00
Doctor Why 1:30
Slow Dance (Transductory Music) 2:51
Smalltown Agonist 5:29
End Of Head 0:37
Over Her Head 2:37
Little Pony Soldier 4:35
Oh Say Can You Do? 1:08
Holiday In Risk 3:10
Holiday In Risk Theme 0:47
A.I.R. (All India Radio) 4:00
Rawalpindi Blues 12:40
End Of Rawalpindi 9:38
End Of Animals 1:25
... And It's Again 9:55

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Альбом сей интересен. Я много слышаю Free Jazz'a, но эта работа заставила в удивлении приподняться бровь. С наскока запрыгнуть на этот поезд не удалось. Со сложной музыкой такое бывает. По структуре музыка схожа с творчеством Cecil Taylor'а, только в ней меньше ярости. Погружайтесь и воспаряйте, дорогие друзья.
Jazz Reality (1966)

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