Joe Lovano

Joe Lovano - From the Soul (1992)
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Жанр: Jazz
Год Выпуска: 1992
Количество треков: 10
Time: 64:30
Recorded December 28, 1991
Формат|Качество: MP3|320 – 142 МВ

Tracks list:
1. Evolution (Lovano)
2. Portrait of Jenny (Burdge/Robinson)
3. Lines and Spaces (Lovano)
4. Body and Soul (Eyton/Green/Heyman/Sour)
5. Modern Man (Lovano)
6. Fort Worth (Lovano)
7. Central Park West (Coltrane)
8. Work (Monk)
9. Left Behind (Silverman)
10. His Dreams (Lovano)

Joe Lovano - Tenor Saxophone
Michel Petrucciani - Piano
Dave Holland - Bass
Ed Blackwell - Drums

Produced by Joe Lovano

Pass: AndrejK
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Joe Lovano – Cross Culture (2013)

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Artist : Joe Lovano
Album : Cross Culture
Year : 2013
Genre : Jazz
Bitrate : VBR ~244K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo


1. Blessings in May (6:17)
2. Myths and Legends (4:59)
3. Cross Culture (6:35)
4. In a Spin (4:28)
5. Star Crossed Lovers (7:33)
6. Journey Within (5:41)
7. Drum Chant (4:21)
8. Golden Horn (5:17)
9. Royal Roost (5:54)
10. Modern Man (2:43)
11. PM (7:51)

Total Playing Time: 61:45
Total Size : 107,4 MB

Это, конечно, сильно, что для такого монстра джаза, как Ловано, тут всего лишь столько вот сообщений smile.gif
такова судьба львиной доли монстров

иной раз выкладываешь релиз какого-нибудь такого товарища - а в итоге не более 5 скачиваний
ну и, естественно, ни одного комментария
Joe Lovano - Tenor Time (1997)

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1. Walkin' (7:06)
2. Why Don't I (6:47)
3. Bye Bye Blackbird (6:28)
4. Paradox (6:55)
5. Ruby My Dear (5:09)
6. Invitation (10:07)
7. Budo (6:56)
8. Like Sonny (5:33)
9. Dewey Said (8:02)

Co-leaders Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas have become revered figures in the modern jazz landscape. Throughout their stunningly diverse careers, both artists have absorbed the rich lessons of history and the free, seeking spirit of the forward-thinkers, bringing the entire spectrum to bear on their intensely individual voices. That, in essence, is the Scandal that Douglas had in mind when he penned the title track for the second album from his and Lovano’s co-led quintet Sound Prints.

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Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas - Scandal (2018)

Joe Lovano - saxophones
Dave Douglas - trumpet
Lawrence Fields - piano
Linda May Han Oh - bass
Joey Baron - drums

01. Dream State
02. Full Sun
03. Fee Fi Fo Fum
04. Ups and Downs
05. The Corner Tavern
06. Scandal
07. Juju
08. Mission Creep
09. Full Moon
10. High Noon
11. Libra
The great saxophonist Joe Lovano has appeared on a number of ECM recordings over the last four decades, including much-loved albums with Paul Motian, Steve Kuhn and John Abercrombie. Trio Tapestry is his first as a leader for the label, introducing a wonderful new group and music of flowing lyricism, delicate texture, and inspired interplay. Lovano and pianist Marilyn Crispell are in accord at an advanced level inside its structures. “Marilyn has such a beautiful sound and touch and vocabulary,” Joe enthuses. Drummer Carmen Castaldi, a Lovano associate of long-standing, also responds to the trio environment with sensitivity, subtly embellishing and detailing the pieces. Lovano: “We play together like an orchestra, creating an amazing tapestry. I brought in the material, but there’s an equal weight of contribution, creating music within the music, and harmonizing it in a really special way.” Trio Tapestry was recorded at New York’s Sear Sound studio in March 2018, and produced by Manfred Eicher.

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Joe Lovano - Trio Tapestry (2019)

Joe Lovano - saxophone
Marilyn Crispell - piano
Carmen Castaldi - drums

01. One Time In
02. Seeds of Change
03. Razzle Dazzle
04. Sparkle Lights
05. Mystic
06. Piano/Drum Episode
07. Gong Episode
08. Rare Beauty
09. Spirit Lake
10. Tarrassa
11. The Smiling Dog

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