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FORT KNOX FIVE (Fort Knox Recordings, Wash DC)
    The Fort Knox Five have had a huge impact on the international funk and breaks scene over the past couple of years. With the release of five critically acclaimed singles on their own independent label, Fort Knox Recordings, the FK5 have been thrust into the spotlight and caught the attention of music lovers around the world.

    FK5 flawlessly fuse live instrumentation with modern electronics to create their signature funk-driven sound. Their highly sought-after production style has been called upon to remix incredible artists, including: the legendary Tito Puente, Louis Armstrong, Tower of Power, A Skillz and Krafty Kuts, Dynamo Productions, and Mo'Horizons to name a few. They have also been called upon by the godfather himself, Afrika Bambaataa, to produce four tracks on his recent album "Dark Matter" on Tommy Boy Records. Recently, they have been back in the studio with Afrika Bambaataa and King Kamonzi to record a smoking new single called Radio Free DC.

    FK5's unique DJ style ranges from eclectic downbeat & hip hop, to upbeat funk and breaks. Their keen sense of party rocking has gained them countless fans around the globe. They have rocked dancefloors in Russia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Canada to name a few. As well as mega clubs such as Fabric Live in London, Supercharged in Brighton, La Paloma in Barcelona, and many more....

    2005 proved to be a pinnacle year for the Fort Knox Five. Having been selected into the prestigious Urb Magazine Next 100, and featured on the Hotel Costes Sept Compilation, FK5 also teamed up with the English Funkateers, Skeewiff, over at Jalapeno Records. Together they compiled a breakbeat funk compilation called, The Raid. It features exclusive tracks and remixes by Skeewiff, the Fort Knox Five, and Kraak en Smaak. These tunes all come from the back catalogs of Fort Knox and Jalapeno.

    A major turning point in 2005 was when they were selected to be Gwen Stefanis tour and show dj on the Harajuku Lovers 2005 tour. Being a part of this, they had the opportunity to open sellout shows with Gwen Stefani, and the Black Eyed Peas. They were able to play massive arenas, such as the Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Gardens, and everywhere else in between.

    In 2006, the Fort Knox Five released the New Gold Standard Vol 1, which was the first cd release for Fort Knox. It is a compilation of songs coming from the vaults of Fort Knox. Solid 24K Gold! They are also releasing a mix cd of their remixes entitled Fort Knox Reminted in March of 2007. FK5 will also be working closely next year with Krafty Kuts, Afrika Bambaataa, and Wicked Lester. Keep an eye out for their first full length album out early fall 2007.

Fort Knox Five - The New Gold Standard

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01. The Fort Knox Five feat. Afrika Bambaataa &, King Kamonzi - Radio Free D.C.
02. The Fort Knox Five feat. Akil Dasan - Blowing Up The Spot
03. The Fort Knox Five - Brazilian Hipster
4. Rex Riddem feat. Carlos Scorpiao - Salvador Diaspora (FK5 Remix)
5. Speedy Consuela - Sundaydream
06. The Fort Knox Five feat Jah Kamonzi - Once Again 07. The Fort Knox Five - The Big Score
8. Speedy Consuela - Sukka Suited
09. The Fort Knox Five feat. Mustafa Akbar - Dodge City Rockers
10. International Velvet Five feat. Mustafa Akbar - Baby Shiva
11. Liftoff - Shine
12. International Velvet Five feat. Mustafa Akbar - Chariot (Interplanetary Mix)
13. Liftoff - Autumn
14. Liftoff - Kool It Man
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Release : 2006
    The New Gold Standard is the debut CD release from Fort Knox Recordings, featuring newly minted sounds from the Fort Knox Five, Rex Riddem, Speedy Consuela, International Velvet, and Liftoff. With The New Gold Standard, the Fort Knox Five have compiled a collection of breakthrough singles and some vault classics to showcase the groundbreaking sounds of their premier funk and breaks label.
    To kick things off, Afrika Bambaataa and King Kamonzi help deliver a statement straight to the Capitol in Radio Free DC. Akil Dasan is heard Blowing Up the Spot in one of the earliest FK5 productions. Followed up by the instant classic, The Brazilian Hipster. Which has been featured on numerous compilations, including the illustrious Hotel Costes Sept. Rex Riddem meets Carlos Scorpiao in Bahia, the African state of Brasil, to create Salvador Diaspora. Add a little twist of FK5 and you have a bouncing latin funk bomb. Speedy Consuela drop Sundaydream. A chillout anthem for any laidback afternoon. Jah Kamonzi goes into dub mode on the new exclusive Fort Knox Five track, Once Again. Followed by The Big Score, a superfunk soundtrack reminescent to a '70s bank heist. Speedy Consuela returns with the Indie pop nugget, Sukka Suited, a call to arms for all you mod cons out there. The Fort Knox Five picks up the pace with the scorching Dodge City Rockers, featuring Mustafa Akbar rocking the funk. The unique voice of Thievery Corporation collaborator, Roots of See-I, is featured on International Velvet's deep rocker, Baby Shiva. Liftoff makes it debut with Shine, a brit-beat groover filled with flower power harmonies. Mustafa returns with his out of this world vocal stylings, this time teaming up with International Velvet, for the interplanetary mix of Chariot. The journey continues with Liftoff's Autumn, a sitar soaked pschedelic narrative taking you through strawberry fields with the Walrus and the Eggman. What better way to end this spliffed out mission than with Kool It Man. Liftoff takes us out of here with a crazy sonic venture made for any latenight session.
    With The New Gold Standard, the Fort Knox Five take things to a new level, bringing 14 songs that represent the past, present and future of their label.


Fort Knox Five - Reminted

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    This non-stop groove is the magic of the DC label’s remixes of classic funk and soul tunes with their own live instrumentation and in-house DJ’s, creating a seamless jam. Impressive are not only the mixes, but the choice of tunes to mess with. Music by Tito Puente and Joe Bataan, as well as more current work by Torpedo Boyz and Ursula 1000 provide the starting point for the jams, which show both respect for the originals and the right insight into them to know how to build and in many ways deepen them. This is especially vivid in their treatment of Puente’s "Ran Kan Kan" and Kraak & Smaak’s "One of These Days." Sid Barcelona and company have created a continuous, hard funk party-tape that is hard to top. If spring ever really gets here, this is the soundtrack.

1. Ran Kan Kan
2. Give The Drummer Some
3. Ain't It Funky
4. Get It Together
5. Now I'm Living For Me
6. Catalina Sunset
7. Wrong Alley Street
8. One Of These Days
9. Are You Talking To Me???
10. Electrik Boogie
11. Open Secret
12. The Fool


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label fort knox/us
genre: breakfunk/bigbeat/breakbeat
released 11/2003

A1 Dodge City Rockers (Original Mix)
A2 Dodge City Rockers (All Good Funk Alliance Mix)
B1 Robbing The Room

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label fort knox/us
genre: breakfunk/bigbeat/breakbeat
released 2003

A1 Donde Estabass 2 (The Fort Knox Five Mix)
Remix - Fort Knox Five, The
A2 Bam & Bass (Thunderball Mix)
Remix - Thunderball (2)
B1 Got The Funk (All Good Funk Alliance Mix)
Remix - All Good Funk Alliance
B2 Rastarollarink (The Fort Knox Five Mix)
Remix - Fort Knox Five, The

label fort knox/us
genre: breakfunk/bigbeat
released 12/2003

A1 The Big Score (Dropped Mix)
Remix - Dr. Luke , Ursula 1000
B1 The Big Score (Original)
B2 Learning It The Hard Way

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label fort knox/us
genre: breakfunk/bigbeat/latin
released 3/2004

A Blowing Up The Barrio
B1 Blowing Up The Spot (Ancient Astronauts Mix)
Remix - Ancient Astronauts
B2 Blowing Up The Spot

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label fort knox/us
genre: breakfunk/bigbeat/hip hop
released 6/2005

A1 Radio Free D.C. (Original)
A2 Radio Free D.C. (Instrumental)
B1 Radio Free D.C. (A. Skillz and Krafty Kuts Remix)
Remix - A-Skillz + Krafty Kuts
B2 Radio Free D.C. (A. Skillz and Krafty Kuts Instrumental)
Remix - A-Skillz + Krafty Kuts

can someone dont mind reup their both albums on somewhere like sendspace again plz? mil thx... biggrin.gif

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label fort knox recordings/us
style:beat/breakfunk/groove/nu jazz
release 2007/7

01. Fort Knox Five - The Spirit of '75
02. Fort Knox Five - Blowing Up the Barrio (Mo' Horizons Soundsystem Restyle)
03. Fort Knox Five - Learning it the Hard Way (Kraak & Smaak Mix)

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Fort Knox Five - The spirit of `75

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Fort Knox Five - Spirit Of '75 (2007)

Label:Fort Knox Recordings
Format:Vinyl, 12"
Released:Jul 2007
Style:Trip Hop/Big Beat
Quality:vbr kbps mp3
Size:~24 mb

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A1.Spirit Of 75
B1.Blowing Up The Bario (Mo' Horizons Soundsystem Restyle)
B2.Learning It The Hard Way (Kraak & Smaak Remix)


pass: or tunestop
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album: Fort knox funk
style funk/breakfunk/reggea/groove/hip hop
release 2007

1 Intro
2 Drum Pan Sound RemiX
3 Under Me Sensi MiX
4 Message To Rudy
5 J5 MiX
6 Taking It Back
7 Hippy Funk
8 Taking The Funk To The Party
9 Funky Interlude
10 The Message
11 What My Defanition
12 That Thing MiX
13 Dirty Harry MiX
14 Whats That Sound MiX
15 Track 15


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dj set:To the breaks of dawn
label fort knox recordings
style upbeat-funk/breaks/ hip-hop/ bigbeat
release 2005

live @ unmixed
album fort knox funk - megaaaa! roots music, but dj set:To the breaks of dawn - to me has not liked
Artist : Bombs (Fort Knox Five vs Ursula 1000)
Album : Bombs EP
Genre : Beat
Source : Vinyl Rip
Label : Bombs
Date : 00-00-2008
Encoder : WEB
Quality : 320kbps 44100 kHz Joint Stereo
Tracks : 3

01. Bombs :: Under Mi Sensi
02. Bombs :: Another Message To Rudy
03. Bombs :: Drumpasound


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RTIST.....: Fort Knox Five
TITLE......: Radio Free DC
LABEL......: Fort Knox Recordings
STORE DATE.: Oct-21-2008
GENRE......: Hip-Hop
ENCODER....: Lame 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
SIZE.......: 72,1 MB

Track Listing:

01 - RFDC: A Place Called Fort Knox 00:24
02 - Insight 04:12
03 - Funk 4 Peace 04:26
04 - How To Start A Band 04:14
05 - Sao Funky (Parts 1 & 2) 03:50
06 - The FK Strut 03:43
07 - RFDC: Calling All Stations 00:16
08 - The Party Pushers 04:03
09 - Killa Soundboy 04:18
10 - The Wonder Strikes Again 03:44
11 - The Spirit Of '75 05:01
12 - RFDC: The Power Of Five 00:28
13 - Papa Was Stoned 04:47
14 - Uptown Tricks 04:15
15 - Not Gonna Take It 04:28
16 - RFDC: Signing Off 01:00

53:09 min

Release Notes:

For their highly anticipated debut album, the Fort Knox Five
unleash 12 songs that inspire, incite and unite our generation to
Funk 4 Peace!

On Radio Free DC, the Fort Knox Five take things back to their
roots and keep the vibe centered around the city they love,
Washington DC.

The album opens with a straight up old school party jam, Insight,
featuring Asheru, from the underground hip-hop group the Unspoken
Heard. Asheru's intelligent rhymes set the tone for the record
music with a meaning, party with a purpose, being smart with the
art makes the average folk nervous. Long time co-conspirator,
Mustafa Akbar, then takes center stage on the album's unifying
anthem, Funk 4 Peace. Showcasing their indie rock roots with a
heavy dose of Funk and Soul, the Fort Knox Five enlist Ian
Svenonius (from DC Hardcore's Nation of Ulysses and The Make Up)
to proclaim step-by-step instructions on How to Start a Band.
Venturing deep into the heart of DC's Jamaican Underground, the
Fort Knox Five collaborate with Rootz and Zeebo from See-I, as
well as the unrivaled, mic-specialist, Sleepy Wonder to deliver
three of the album's ragga fueled future classics, Killa Sound
Boy, The Wonder Strikes Again and Not Gonna Take It.



Fort Knox Five - Radio Free DC (2008)

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