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Blackdown is an alias of Martin Clark. He is a well-known documenter of the Dubstep music scene and writes his own blog on http://blackdownsoundboy.blogspot.com. Aside from this he is also a DJ/producer of Dubstep. In comparison to more extreme forms of Dubstep, his style of production could be described as ambient or calm with little “dark” influences but still always with heavy emphasis on the bass line. Blackdown is currently signed to Keysound Recordings and to date has had three records released; two of which were with another Dubstep artist called Dusk.

Blackdown - Lata

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Label: Keysound Recordings
Catalog#: LDN002
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: Jul 2006

A1 Lata (5:15)
A2 Crackle Blues (Burial Remix) (5:45)
Remix - Burial
B1 The Danger Line (4:34)
B2 Crackle Blues (5:03)

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1st release on Keysound!

Dusk + Blackdown - Drenched / Submerge
Label: Keysound Recordings
Catalog#: LDN001
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: 30 Jul 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dubstep
Credits: Mixed By D. Frampton, J. Thompson, Martin Clark

1. Drenched (7:09)
2. Submerge (5:19)


enj ph34r.gif y! who have LDN005 please share it here!

I've found "Margins Music" here:


Thanks to the original uploader.

Oh, and could anyone re-up "Drenched / Submerge"?


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Well, if someone like me will be looking for 'Margins Music' you can check here

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Dusk + Blackdown and Grievous Angel - Margins Music, Redux [2009]

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Label: Keysound Recordings
Catalog#: LDN014
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 23 Nov 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Grime, Dubstep


01. Keysoundz
02. Iqbal's Groove (Dub)
03. Confusion ft. Farrah
04. Darker Than East ft. Target (Cyclical Mix)
05. This Is London (Orbit)
06. Kuri Pataka ft. Farrah (Her Mix)
07. Akkaboo
08. The Bits ft. Trim (Ogun Mix)
09. DisEast
10. Lata VIP (Dub)
11. Northside Cheng (Southside Dub)
12. Rolling Raj Deep (Drum Ritual)
13. Drumz of Nagano (London Ting Mix ft. Trim)
14. Kuri Pataka ft. Teji & Farrah (His Mix)
15. Focus (1984 Mix ft. Trim)
16. Concrete Streets ft. Durrty Goodz
17. Keysound Rain (Big in the Scene Mix)

UK/Bass music stalwart Grievous Angel versions Dusk & Blackdown's 'Margins Music' inna dub stylee! Grievous and Dusk/Blackdown are kindred spirits when it comes to this quintessentially British ting. Between them they've probably written more than anyone on the subject, holding down hugely essential blogspots, magazine columns, and the brilliant Woofah fanzine. So it makes a helluva lot of sense to work on the substance itself, with Grievous Angel here giving 'Margins Music' a complete overhaul, revising the entire album in a swung dub style, much like Mad Professor did to Massive Attack, and so many dub legends have done to music before them. Grievous turns the whole set into a continuous mix, blending between tracks with the sort of deft skills that made his 'Sufferah' series of dubstep>R'n'B>Bass mixes so essential. He manages to intensify the sweet, sweaty and brilliantly claustrophobic nature of the album into a psychedelic urban headtrip, like the equivalent of stalking the same streets with a headful of potent ganja, perceptions shifted and flavours amplified (occasional pangs of peripheral paranoia included). We're going to have to wait another 6 months for these biblical floods and crap weather to finish, but until then, immerse yourself in this lush, balmy, tropical experience. Highly Recommended!

MP3 320 CBR



hey mate,

this album is incredible!!!
i'm impressed. you should maybe check the fantastic nasha compilations, if
you like sounds like d+bd and you don't know nasha's output.

check it here on fs

Grievous Angel For Blackdown Soundboy Volume 1, Nov 19th 2009

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00:00 - Intro
00:09 - MF Grimm / DJ Premier - International Rules
02:04 - The Streets - Lets push things forward (Roll Deep Remix)
04:50 - DJ Premier / Gangstarr: Mass Appeal (instrumental)
05:05 - Blackdown: Beta
07:50 - Joe: Rut
13:30 - Untold & D Franklin: Beacon
14:30 - Prince: Soft and Wet (screwed and chopped)
16:09 - Pearson Sound: Gambetta
18:08 - D'Angelo: One Mo Gin
22:21 - Shortstuff: A Rustling
25:33 - Prince: Black Sweat (Grievous Angel Refix)
27:45 - Musical Mob: Pulse X
27:45 - Blackdown: Defocused
28:56 - Big$hot: Glitch
30:57 - Ends

Direct Download From Blackdown's Blog

Download From Sendspace

A little promo gem before the album came out.


for those colours which you wish to be beautiful,
always first prepare a pure white ground.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
leonardo da vinci
Dusk & Blackdown vs Grievous Angel / Margins Music : Redux / LDN014 / WEB / 2009
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ARTIST: Dusk + Blackdown Vs. Grievous Angel
ALBUM: Margins Music: Redux
QUALITY: Lame 3.98 (320kbps) / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
RELEASE DATE: 01-12-2009
RUNTIME: 65:20 min
SIZE: 17 Track(s): 149.6MB
LABEL: Keysound Recordings
01 Keysoundz 0:36
02 Iqbal's Groove (Dub) 5:04
03 Con/Fusion ft. Farrah 3:45
04 Darker Than East ft. Target (Cyclical Mix) 3:55
05 This Is London (Orbit) 4:26
06 Kuri Pataka ft. Farrah (Her Mix) 1:51
07 Akkaboo 4:23
08 The Bits ft. Trim (Ogun Mix) 6:25
09 Dis/East 4:10
10 Lata VIP (Dub) 5:25
11 Northside Cheng (Southside Dub) 1:47
12 Rolling Raj Deep (Drum Ritual) 3:43
13 Drumz Of Nagano ft. Trim (London Ting Mix) 4:45
14 Kuri Pataka ft. Teji & Farrah (His Mix) 5:55
15 Focus ft. Trim (1984 Mix) 4:28
16 Concrete Streets ft. Durrty Goodz 3:42
17 Keysound Rain (Big in the Scene Mix) 1:00
Total: 65:20 min
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Margins Music залейте на rghost, пожалуйста.

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