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God damn it! If I didn't know better, this band called The Heavy started out as a two piece, writing tunes out of their yards with an acoustic guitar, a telecaster and a Yahama SU10. However many years down the line, they seem to be picking up more and more fans who are into the heavier things in life. Such as the dirt from a battered kick drum, the moonshine from the minds of the two wolves that love to torment the Little Red Riding Hoods in all of us and the soul riddled vocals that seem to make the marriage to the grime and the filth feel like you've gone and entered the gates of heaven, wearing nothing but horns and a pair of nike cortez. Damn, these boys know how to get their sh*t dirtier than anything that has ever passed through your back passage. When you hear the Sonics/ Son House inspired " In the Morning" you'll understand. The Heavy will release their debut album, "Great Vengeance & Furious Fire" on November 5th. King Louie will be keeping you updated.....................Gonna be one hell of a bonfire night!!!!!

The Heavy - That Kind Of Man [2007]

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01. That Kind Of Man.
02. Coleen.
03. Easier.
320 kbps, 23 mb



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ARTiST: The Heavy
TiTLE: Great Vengeance & Furious Fire
LABEL: Counter Records
TiME: 33:38 min
SiZE: 39,2 MB
RiP DATE: Aug-31-2007
RELEASE DATE: Oct-22-2007
WEBSiTE: n/a

Track List:

01. That Kind Of Man 03:39
02. Colleen 03:09
03. Set Me Free 03:40
04. You Don't Know 03:16
05. Girl 02:47
06. Doing Fine 04:28
07. In The Morning 03:04
08. Bruk Pocket Lament 02:50
09. Dignity 02:36
10. Who Needs The Sunshine 04:09

Release Notes:

Prepare to burn. Sorry. Don't wanna put you off or
nuffink. But prepare to burn.

The Heavy make the kind of dirty, guitar-scorched
hip hop soul which leads you into temptation. And
then you're going to burn. The dark side of four
boys from the arse-end of Bath, the beast of Bodmin
Moor, half man/half wolf, The Heavy specialise in
making everything wrong sound right. So successful
are they, so good does it feel, so natural, that
voodoo filth will be pouring through you before you
know what's going on.

From the moment you hear first single, "That Kind of
Man," you know only exorcism can save you. Combining
the gritty bottom end of classic Wu Tang with
wall-of-sound guitar wailing and raw blues-soul,
it's instantly recognisable and utterly addictive,
Swaby's sweet-yet-threatening vocal raising it to
another level. "Coleen" is a more stripped-down hip
hop groove, with backing singers giving the tune a
Stax-on-acid feel. "Set Me Free" throws acoustic
guitar in to the mix for a more laid-back (though
still rhythmically driving) number. "You Don't Know"
shows heavier rock influences, a building pile-up of
riffage. "Girl" gives Swaby a chance to show off his
(slightly tongue in cheek) rapping style, over a
rhythm which can only be described as
Kinks-meets-Marly Marl. "Doing Fine" is the
emotional centrepiece of the album, a downhome blues
straight outta the West Country. "In The Morning" is
frugging and flithy. "Bruk Pocket Lament" sounds
like classic blues brought bang up to date and
reeling from too much meths. And the raging
"Dignity" ain't going to stand no fucking with it,
seen? The album finishes with "Who Needs The
Sunshine," which carries echoes of the Bristol scene
of Massive Attack and Tricky, but reconstituted as
an epic country blues.

The core of The Heavy are Swaby and Taylor, who have
known each other for a decade. Swaby's parents were
one of the first West Indian families to move to
Bath. One of eleven siblings, he grew up surrounded
by reggae, Prince and Two Tone as well as the hip
hop he embraced so fervently. When he met Taylor
they bonded over vintage rhythm and blues and the
movies of Jim Jarmusch.

Despite starting with an Atari and a four track, the
pair soon recruited Dingley (drums) and Page (bass)
and began gigging as a four piece. Perhaps their
unique sound is in part the result of coming from a
town they describe as "the graveyard of all
ambition". Or some West Coutry leyline shiznit.
Either that or they're just sex-crazed lunatics. At
the end of the day, who cares as long as it sounds
this good?



Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
мощно! thumb.gif
почет и уважение,шапки долой, де`вица на фотокарточке прекрасна.
Отличниками были в колледже.И музыка аккуратная такая.MTV короче.
thanks biggrin.gif
очень неровный, шумный альбом. Но задорно и живо.

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artist ........ The Heavy
title ......... In The Morning
release date .. 2007
label ......... Counter
cat. no ....... COUNTCD008P
url ...........

rip date ...... 13-10-2007
genre ......... Psychedelic Rock
quality ....... 182 kbps (average) / 4410Hz
time .......... 09:32
size .......... 12,98 MB
source ........ CD Maxi (3-5+ tracks)

track list
01. In The Morning 2:53
02. You Don't Know 3:04
03. Our Special Place 3:35

Two tracks already on the album, last track unreleased.


reup pls this one


track list
01. In The Morning 2:53
02. You Don't Know 3:04
03. Our Special Place 3:35


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Label: Counter Records
Catalog#: COUNTCD007X
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 29 Oct 2007
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Rock & Roll, Breaks, Electro

File Info: mp3 320 kbps; rar 78mb

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reup pls this one
track list
01. In The Morning 2:53
02. You Don't Know 3:04
03. Our Special Place 3:35
Pass: heavy

На будущее: пиши куда лить?! ph34r.gif
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а где можно взять слова песен?
Oh No! Not You Again!!!

new Song from The Heavy!!!

The Heavy - Great Vengeance And Furious Fire

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"The Heavy sound like Curtis Mayfield's 'Pusherman' resurrecting Led Zeppelin and the exiled spirit of Cassius Clay. Get used to the weight, The Heavy are about to throw it down." -The Fly

"You'd think it would be hard to reinvent blaxploitation-era soul, but The Heavy pull it off explosively well... just listen and try not to fantasize about Pam Grier fighting off her pimp with a broken bottle." -NME, 8 out of 10 album review

"If you want your soul revival as funky as Amy Winehouse or Sharon Jones and the dap-kings but with just a little more fuzz, this British five-piece has you covered." -Rolling Stone

Hailing from the poor, insular and dark English countryside surrounding Bath, The Heavy are creating matchless grooves dissimilar to everything else happening right now. Self-described as heavy as f*ck, The Heavy are one of the baddest soul bands we've ever come across...

Counter Records will be co-releasing Great Vengeance and Furious Fire with the newly launched +1 Records, on April 8, 2008. The band will be performing live in the U.S. for the first time at SXSW 2008. Keep an ear out for tour details to follow when The Heavy will be howling across the U.S.

Track Listing:
1 That Kind of Man 3:39
2 Colleen 3:09
3 Set Me Free 3:39
4 You Don't Know 3:16
5 Girl 2:46
6 Doing Fine 4:28
7 In the Morning 3:04
8 Bruk Pocket Lament 2:50
9 Dignity 2:36
10 Who Needs the Sunshine 4:09
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и что это всё? а где ж темка The Heavy - Sixteen? а ещё б лучше весь альбомчик!
© Aleks™
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