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ARTIST.....: Manu Katche
TITLE......: Playground
LABEL......: ECM
URL........: http://www.manu-katche.com / http://www.myspace.com/manukatche
RIP DATE...: Sep-19-2007
STORE DATE.: Sep-25-2007
GENRE......: Jazz
QUALITY....: VBR / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo
SIZE.......: 95,4 MB

Track Listing:

01 - lo 06:30
02 - pieces of emotion 04:18
03 - song for her 06:27
04 - so groovy 05:53
05 - morning joy 05:32
06 - motion 05:21
07 - project 58 06:19
08 - snapshot 04:59
09 - possible thought 06:10
10 - inside game 05:11
11 - clubbing 07:08
12 - song for her (var.) 06:22

70:10 min


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ARTIST.......: Manu Katche
TITLE.........: Neighbourhood
LABEL........: ECM
YEAR..........: 2005
GENRE.......: Jazz
QUALITY....: 192kbps
SIZE..........: 74.6 MB

Track Listing:

1. November 99
2. Number One
3. Lullaby
4. Good Influence
5. February Sun
6. No Rush
7. Lovely Walk
8. Take Off And Land
9. Miles Away
10. Rose


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"It'a About Time" ' 1992

1. Cry of Passion
2. Change
3. Warm Doorway
4. Who I Am
5. Go Getter
6. Lost in You
7. Silence
8. My Inner Heart
9. No Country
10. She Is
11. 25th of July
12. Tell Me Why

"It'a About Time" ' 1992
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Manu Katché Playground JazzBaltica 2008

Manu Katché Playground JazzBaltica Salzau/Germany 2008

New Source 2 Extra Tracks Rose And So Groovy


1. November 99
2. Take Off And Land
3. Good Influence
4. Miles Away
5. Song For Her
6. Rose
7. Number One
8. So Groovy
9. Lovely Walk


Manu Katché - drums
Tomasz Stanko - trumpet
Peter Wettre - tenor saxophone
Marcin Wasilewski - piano
Slawomir Kurkiewicz - bass

Bitrate 320


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Manu Katché - Third Round (2010)
ECM notes

Manu Katché - drums
Tore Brunborg - saxophones
Jason Rebello - piano, fender rhodes
Pino Palladino - bass
Jacob Young - guitars
Kami Lyle - voice, trumpet

01. Swing Piece
02. Keep On Trippin’
03. Senses
04. Being Ben
05. Une larme dans ton sourire
06. Springtime Dancing
07. Out Take Number 9
08. Shine And Blue
09. Stay With You
10. Flower Skin
11. Urban Shadow

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Manu Katche - Third Round (2010)

mp3 320kbps | 99MB
Intensified commitment to the French-African drummer’s programme of “beautifully mutated grooves and jazzy themes” (to quote The Guardian) distinguishes Manu Katché’s third ECM album. Inside an all-new line-up, bassist Pino Palladino nonchalantly reinforces the groove element – he and Katché have much shared history as sessioneers – and helps the pulses of Manu’s tunes to dance. Pianist Rebello has both delicacy of touch and energy to burn, and saxophonist Brunborg, currently playing at a peak, solos passionately on Katché’s melodies. Guest guitarist Jacob Young shades and colours a handful of pieces, while Kami Lyle adds innocent vocals to “Stay With You”. Recorded in the South of France in December 2009 and issued on the eve of a major European tour, “Third Round” is poised to be one of the season’s jazz hits.
Manu Katché: Paris-born (in 1958) and originally a pianist, Katché switched to percussion while studying at the Paris Conservatory. His distinctive drum style is derived from classical snare drum and kettledrum studies as well as from a conscious embracing of African roots. His work with Peter Gabriel on the album “So” and, subsequently on the Amnesty International World tour with Gabriel, Sting and Tracey Chapman catapulted him to world attention and he was soon recording and/or touring with Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson, Dire Straits, Simple Minds, The Bee Gees, Tears for Fears, Youssou N’Dour, Joan Armatrading, Joe Satriani, Nigel Kennedy and dozens more. His ECM affiliations include recordings with Jan Garbarek, amongst them: “Took Up The Runes”, “Twelve Moons”, “Visible World”, “In Praise of Dreams”, and the recent live album “Dresden”. Katché’s first leader date for the label, “Neighbourhood”, was recorded in 2004, with “Playground” following in 2007.

01. Swing Piece (04:55)
02. Keep on Trippin (05:34)
03. Senses (04:13)
04. Being Ben (04:23)
05. Une Larme Dans Ton Sourire (02:27)
06. Springtime Dancing (04:10)
07. Out Take Number 9 (02:09)
08. Shine and Blue (04:53)
09. Stay with You (04:31)
10. Flower Skin (04:23)
11. Urban Shadow (02:58)

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