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Супер команда!

Deron Miller - vocals, lead guitars, bass, keyboards (CKY)
Tim Yeung - drums, bass, keyboards (Divine Heresy)
Risha Eryavac - bass
Luke Jaeger - guitars

World Under Blood (Demo)
1. Under The Autumn Low
2. God Among The Wast
3. Dead And Still In Pain

Size: 8.44 MB
Download: http://ifolder.ru/3980521
Download: http://www.axifile.com/?3801813
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Listen to World Under Blood@myspace.com.

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название отличное, а вот группа разочаровала blink.gif
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WORLD UNDER BLOOD, the melodic death metal side project featuring CKY guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller alongside Tim Yeung (DIVINE HERESY, VITAL REMAINS, HATE ETERNAL) on drums, Risha Eryavec (DECREPIT BIRTH) on bass, and Luke Jaeger on guitar, has set the tentative track listing for its debut album, "Tactical", due this summer via Nuclear Blast Records. It is as follows (not final sequence):

* Dead And Still In Pain
* Under The Autumn Low
* A God Among The Waste
* Pyro-Compulsive
* I Can't Stand His Name
* Into The Arms Of Cruelty
* Revere's Tears
* Purgatory Dormitory
* Wake Up Dead (MEGADETH cover)
* Alliance Or War (MALEVOLENT CREATION cover; bonus track)

Commented Miller: "These days, a lot of bands are judged by their technicality, and often that is seen as 'heavier.' I agree to an extent, but the only problem is that the more technical a band is lately, the more that specific 'song' loses.

"We could have done a record that was 20 notes per second, because every member of WORLD UNDER BLOOD is capable of that, but on this record, we pretty much said, 'Let's make sure the songs are amazing.' I know they are. I have made sure and WILL make sure that they all turn out the way they were meant to be and certainly nothing less."

Guitarist-turned-producer James Murphy (DEATH, TESTAMENT, OBITUARY), who mixed some of WORLD UNDER BLOOD's early demo recordings and is also involved with "Tactical", stated about the project, "WORLD UNDER BLOOD bridge a gap between genres that has never been bridged.... a few have tried with mixed results, but this is the first real resounding success of fusing brutal, blasting death metal with a melodic American rock vibe and it opens a door that will turn into a floodgate... I'm very happy to have been picked by Deron to mix this project ... he really pulls it together on this one musically and Tim's performance is stellar as well."
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Ребят, ничего от команды не слышно? Очень хочется узнать когда выйдет полноценный альбом и выйдет ли вообще?
World Under Blood To Release “Tactical” In July
World Under Blood‘s (CKY, Divine Heresy) long-delayed new album “Tactical” has been slated for a July 26th release date through Nuclear Blast.
• Dead And Still In Pain
• Under The Autumn Low
• A God Among The Waste
• Pyro-Compulsive
• I Can't Stand His Name
• Into The Arms Of Cruelty
• Revere's Tears
• Purgatory Dormitory
• Wake Up Dead (MEGADETH cover; bonus track)
• Alliance Or War (кавер MALEVOLENT CREATION, бонус-трек)

Обложка к дебютному альбому

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Tactical (2011)
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320 kbps | 105 mb

01. A God Among the Waste (4:14)
02. Into the Arms of Cruelty (4:40)
03. Pyro-compulsive (4:44)
04. Dead and Still In Pain (4:14)
05. Purgatory Dormitory (3:24)
06. Under the Autumn Low (4:04)
07. I Can't Stand His Name (3:06)
08. Revere's Tears (4:45)
09. Wake Up Dead (Megadeth Cover) (3:31)
10. Alliance or War (Malevolent Creation Cover) (3:37)

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Tactical (2011)

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