A Hawk and a Hacksaw - You Have Already Gone to the Other World (2013) 320
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The past couple of years have found A Hawk and a Hacksaw sporadically touring a live soundtrack to Sergei Parajanov's 1964 feature Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. Now, the New Mexico-based duo of Heather Trost and Jeremy Barnes have an album in the works containing music they composed for the film, which they say "accompanies, comments on, and sometimes overtakes the original soundtrack and dialogue". Those are some lofty goals, but this title track from the imaginary soundtrack makes their intent clear. It's a piece of music that’s as breathless as it is uplifting.

"You Have Already Gone to the Other World" picks up on the Balkan and Turkish folk template the pair have tirelessly mastered over the years, constructed around a stumbling gait reminiscent of the shredded rhythms strung together by the Western Saharan act Group Doueh. It’s a vast swirl of energy kicked into action by percussion that sounds like it’s being hammered out on a giant slab of metal. The encircling groove is key here, sucking you in and letting the rest of the music swirl around you in its heady, drunken way. There’s a bounty of stylistic shifts all sewn together seamlessly, making this feel like a form of magic carved out of earthy base material, perfectly mirroring the touches of magical realism in the film it was created to accompany.

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1. Open It, Rose (Hungary) (3:10)
2. You Have Already Gone To the Other World (3:17)
3. Witch's Theme (4:49)
4. Wedding Theme (Ukraine) (3:28)
5. Dance Melodies from Bihor County (Romania) (3:10)
6. Hora Pa Bataie (Romania) (1:58)
7. Nyisd ki Rózsám (Hungary) (3:48)
8. Where No Horse Neighs and No Crow Flies (3:39)
9. Învârtîta din Blaj (Romania) (2:26)
10. Horses of Fire Rachenitsa (4:55)
11. Bury Me in the Clothes I was Married in . . . (2:32)
12. Marikam, Marikam (Hungary) (2:06)
13. The Snow in Kryvorivnya (2:57)
14. Oh, Lord, Saint George, Bewitch Ivan, Make Him Mine (5:12)
15. Ivan and Marichka / The Sorceror (5:42)
16. On the River Cheremosh (Ukraine) (4:31)

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ух ты, новое пластинко
Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses

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Artist.....: A Hawk and A Hacksaw
Title......: Forest Bathing
Label......: The Leaf Label
Genre......: Folk
Rip date...: 2018-04-12
Runtime....: 33:34
Tracks.....: 10
Size.......: 78m
Quality....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
Codec......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
Encoder....: LAME
Url........: play.google.com


01. Alexandria 04:56
02. A Broken Road Lined with Poplar Trees 03:15
03. A Song for Old People / A Song for Young People 03:04
04. The Shepherd Dogs are Calling 03:40
05. Night Sneaker 01:38
06. The Magic Spring 03:07
07. The Sky is Blue, the Desert is Yellow 04:22
08. Babayaga 01:48
09. The Washing Bear 02:19
10. Bayati Maqam 05:25

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