anyone has an other adresse to download ableton
Народ! Дайте ссылку плииииииз! smile.gif
Ableton Live 6.0.1

картинка, оставленная пользователем

What's New in Ableton Live 6 :
* Multicore and Multiprocessor support allow the computational workload from instruments and effects to be distributed to other processors or cores, speeding up system performance.
* Movie Import - Improvise, compose and warp sound to picture.
* Essential Instrument Collection - Live's new sound library—completely inspiring.
* Instrument and Effect Racks - Multiply the creative power of your instruments and effects.
* New and Improved Devices - Shape your sound with precision, warmth and dirt.
* Deep Freeze expands editing functionality with frozen tracks (temporary rendered files created to free system resources). Cut, copy, paste, duplicate and consolidate clips without having to re-freeze. Automate mixer and clip envelopes, record frozen session view clips into the arrangement, and drag frozen MIDI clips into audio tracks, all without missing a beat.
* Project Management Tools - Live's project-management tools keep you in control.

New and Improved Devices add to Live's palette of creative tools:
* EQ Eight has replaced EQ Four, with improvements turning it into both a sound-shaping and mastering tool.
* Add analog richness with the warm distortion of Dynamic Tube. Like many of Live's effects, it can be used for subtle coloration or drastic sonic manipulation.
* Saturator has been improved with the addition of a true analog saturation curve, a user-definable waveshaper, and an optional second output saturator stage.
* Automate and "play" incoming MIDI notes with Note Length. This MIDI effect can generate new notes when incoming notes are released, emulating the release behavior of instruments like the piano or the harpsichord.
* Operator has been augmented with a set of 24dB filter modes, as well as new FM algorithms, giving users more sonic possibilities than ever.
* Conveniently organize collections of Live Sets, Live Clips, presets, samples, and movie files with Live 6's new Project Management Tools. * Self-contain a project and pack it with lossless compression for archiving or transfer using Project Folders. Search for missing files and purge the disk of unused files with ease.

still digg'n 4 dope
ilkdaft, огромное спасибо !

Буду очень благодарен тем, кто найдёт дополнительный софт к Ableton Live 6, а именно:



3)Essential Instrument Collection
киньте линк плиз не качает
собственно Operator в недалеком будущем последуют Sampler и Essential Instrument Collection


still digg'n 4 dope
перезалейте!!!!!!!!! оч. надо плиззззз
here we go// : ::Ableton Live 6.0.3:

// ::Ableton Sampler:

// ::Operator:

still digg'n 4 dope
Есть ли русификатор для 6.0.1? Оч надо...
Everybody spin...
Люди, выложите еще разок плиззззззз
помогите пожалуиста наити Ableton 6.0.3 желателно на русском или с руссификатором для Макинтошеи.

please help me to find Ableton 6.0.3 for MacOs.
перезалейте плз)
очень хочется достать Essential Instrument Collection sad.gif
кто-нить дайте плиз рабочю ссылку на эту софтину... оч. прошу!!!
Any peeps here that can point us in the right direction for a working version 5.3 or above on a Mac ,Binary would be nice.Ta in Advance

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