Abstract Mindstate

Female Vocal / Hip-Hop / Soul / USA / YZY SND
E.P Da Hellcat aka The Wit
Lotis & картинка, оставленная пользователем Olskool Ice-Gre aka Tha Gud Dr.

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Please upload everything ,album ,ep.... .THX


Abstract Mindstate - We Paid Let Us In (album)
Abstract Mindstate - Still Paying (album)
abstract Mindstate - x5 - 12"
Abstract Mindstate - EP ,7 Tracks
Abstract Mindstate - Mix Tape
Abstract Mindstate - Project Soul (mixtape)

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ABSTRACT MINDSTATE (Ol Skool ICE-Gre aka Tha Gud Dr. & E.P Da Hellcat aka The White Lotis)
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It takes a lot of hustle to earn a title as serious as Chicago's Hardest Working Rhyme Duo but no group in the Windy City is more deserving than Abstract Mindstate. E.P Da Hellcat aka The White Lotis and Olskool Ice-Gre aka Tha Gud Dr. have put in more work than the construction crews in downtown Chicago. Five 12 inch records, 1 seven song ep, an unreleased album and 2 mixtapes later the self proclaimed Wonder Twins of the Windy refuse to throw in the towel.
The most current of their projects is the second installment of their mixtape series aptly titled: Chicago?s Hardest Working Vol. 2 (Project Soul). EP spits with an intensity that lets you know she was raised on the wild Westside, while Olskool delivers verses that make the Southside stand up.
There has yet to be a nationally known male/female duo in Hip Hop and Abstract Mindstate works to be the first. No gimmicks and marketing schemes needed here, they are the real deal with a track record to prove it. A 15 hour Amtrak ride from Jackson Mississippi (where they were students of Jackson State University) to Chicago some odd years ago has given birth to what has become one of the most progressive Hip Hop collectives the Windy City has to offer. Mindstate has worked with some of the top producers and artists in Hip Hop and are respected for their energetic live show.
If you?re looking for a group with balance, originality, tight verses and soulful production over hard hitting beats Abstract Mindstate is the answer.

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Chicago's Hardest Working Vol.2 (Project Soul) Mixtape
Chicago's Hardest Working Vol.1 Mixtape
Still Paying (Album:Yet to be released)
We Paid Let Us In (Album)
The Last Demo: The EP
Welcome 2 Chicago feat. Kanye West b/w Shoot Shaaah! (12 inch)
Love Song b/w Necessity (12 inch)
Equiponderance b/w Taoism (12 inch)
Shook b/w Get Yo Groove On (12 inch)
Misfitz In This b/w Hip Hop Manifesto (12 inch)

01 Abstract Mindstate - Missin You (Prod.Rashid Hadee)
02 Abstract Mindstate - Welcome 2 Chicago Feat.Kanye West (Prod.Kanye West)
03 Abstract Mindstate - Like This Yall Feat.Rashid Hadee (Prod.Rashid Hadee)
04 Abstract Mindstate - Yall Don't Really Want It (Prod.Rashid Hadee) link: http://media2.sonicbids.com/EPK/Assets/aud...C-4347D32E231F}
05 Abstract Mindstate - Insanity (Prod.Kanye West)
06 Abstract Mindstate - Rock This City (Prod.Xtreme)
07 Abstract Mindstate - A Good Man is Gone (Prod.Rashid Hadee) link:
08 Abstract Mindstate - Sacrifice (Prod.Rashid Hadee) link: http://media2.sonicbids.com/EPK/Assets/aud...B-46B48A573AA8}
09 Abstract Mindstate - Downtown Feat.Consequence (Prod.Kanye West)
10 Abstract Mindstate - Flyin High (Prod.Rashid Hadee)
11 Olskool Ice-Gre (Of Abstract Mindstate) Feat.Kanye West - Brigade Level Forma
12 Abstract Mindstate - Abstract Scat (Prod.88 Keys)
13 Abstract Mindstate - Love Song (Prod.88 Keys)

http://www.myspace.com/4abstractmindstate http://www.abstractmindstate.com
http://www.4TheSoul-Reciprocity.com http://www.wersalka.com/view.php?type=roz&id=30
has anyone got any albums from these guys that they could upload?

thanks in advance
Plz re-upload album server zshare

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please re-up your compilation of AM. it maybe good and i'd like to check it too. thanks in advance.
please reupload if someone has any of their albums sad.gif

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01. MISSIN YOU | prod. rashid hadee
02. WELCOME 2 CHIACAGO | prod. kanye west
03. LIKE THISS YALL | ft. rashid hadee | prod. rashid hadee
04. YALL DONT REALLY WANT IT | prod. rashid hadee
05. INSANITY | prod. kanye west
06. ROCK THIS CITY | prod. xtreme
07. A GOOD MAN IS GONE | prod. rashid hadee
08. SACRIFICE | prod. rashid hadee
10. DOWNTOWN | ft. consequence | prod. kanye west
11. FLYIN HIGH | prod. rashid hadee
12. BRIDGA LEVEL FORMA | ft. kanye west | prod. kanye west
13. CREEPIN | prod. rashid hadee
14. ABSTRACT SCAT | prod. 88 keys
15. LOVE SONG | prod. 88 keys
16. WHAT IT MICK LUTER | prod. rashid hadee
17. ITS TIME | prod. rashid hadee

ребят, перезалейте 16. WHAT IT MICK LUTER;)

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01. INTRO | prod rashid hadee
02. I (ME, MYSELF) | prod rashid hadee
03. SACRIFICE | ft. trizonna mcclendon | prod rashid hadee
04. CREEPIN | prod rashid hadee
05. A GOOD MAN IS GONE | prod rashid hadee play
06. MISSIN YOU (AN ODE TO HIPHOP RETURN) | prod rashid hadee
07. WHAT IF | ft. mick luter | prod rashid hadee
08. WHAT??? | prod rashid hadee
09. FLYIN HIGH | prod rashid hadee
10. ITS TIME | ft ashaki djenaba | prod rashid hadee
11. WAITIN OF THE WEKKEND | ft. dre cagney | prod rashid hadee
12. SELF ELEVATION | prod rashid hadee
13. NOSTALGIA | ft. common | prod young dogg
14. CHAOS & CONFUSION | prod rashid hadee
15. YALL DONT REALLY WANT IT | prod rashid hadee
16. SCENES | ft glc | prod rashid hadee
17. JUST SPITTIN | ft cap d | prod rashid hadee play
18. MIC CHECK | prod rashid hadee play
19. THESE RAPS | ft. pecial ed | prod rashid hadee
20. MY THOUGHTS | ft. qualo | prod rashid hadee
21. DEDICATION | ft. jv | prod rashid hadee
22. OUTRO | prod rashid hadee


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This need re-up!


Word up youknowhatI'msayin'?
yup. reup please
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please re up smile.gif)))
Abstract Mindstate The M.O.D.-We Paid Let Us In-2001-EMG INT

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Release Info

Abstract Mindstate the M.O.D. - We Paid Let Us in

Artist: Abstract Mindstate the M.O.D
Album: We Paid Let Us in
Year: 2001
Genre: Rap
Ripper/Encoder: EAC / LAME 3.97
Quality: VBR kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Source: CDDA
Label: n/a
Type: Album
Rip Date: Oct-03-2009
URL: n/a
Release Notes: T R A C K i N F O R M A T i O N
01. What is Abstract Mindstate (Intro) [02:20]
02. Equiponderance [04:09]
03. The Storm [04:12]
04. Wonder Twins [07:18]
05. Crowd Control [04:11]
06. Rhythm F Kera [03:54]
07. Shook [04:29]
08. Pain F Trizonna [00:31]
09. Hot Music F Kamikaze of Crooked Lettaz [04:02]
10. Taoism [04:18]
11. Poisonous Gases [04:23]
12. Keep it Moving [03:37]
13. Get Yo Groove on F Punchy [03:18]
14. Chicago Song [04:18]
15. What is Abstract Mindstate [02:47]
Total Size: 73,1 MB Total Time: 57:47 min.

01. What is Abstract Mindstate (Intro) [02:20]
02. Equiponderance [04:09]
03. The Storm [04:12]
04. Wonder Twins [07:18]
05. Crowd Control [04:11]
06. Rhythm F Kera [03:54]
07. Shook [04:29]
08. Pain F Trizonna [00:31]
09. Hot Music F Kamikaze of Crooked Lettaz [04:02]
10. Taoism [04:18]
11. Poisonous Gases [04:23]
12. Keep it Moving [03:37]
13. Get Yo Groove on F Punchy [03:18]
14. Chicago Song [04:18]
15. What is Abstract Mindstate [02:47]

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MP3 / 320 KBPS / 72.3 MB

01. Salutations (Intro) [feat. Jonquia Rose]
02. I Feel Good
03. A Wise Tale
04. YZY SND (Skit) [feat. Luka Sabbat]
05. Elevation
06. Move Yo Body [feat. Tony Williams]
07. Social Media
08. Lambo Truck Podcast (Skit) [feat. Luka Sabbat]
09. Expository Mode
10. My Reality
11. Sound Off the Alarm
12. Voice Mail (Interlude) [feat. Deon Cole]
13. The Brenda Song [feat. Kanye West]
14. I Know You

produced by Kanye West

Abstract Mindstate - A Wise Tale (Official Music Video)

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