"Electronic Controlled Mind" - 1997

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Accessory is a German synthpop/electro-industrial group consisting of Dirk Steyer and Ivo Lottig. They have toured with other groups including Hocico, And One, Terminal Choice.

It began in 1995 when Dirk and Kay created a band under the name of "Voices of Darkness", later becoming Accessory in 1996. In 1997 they released a demo album, Electronic Controlled Mind on a small record label named SD-IMAGE. Ivo joined the group in October of 1999 to play on keyboards. Shortly after Kay left the band to pursue his career, but returned in 2001 to do lighting and technical operations. They released their first official album, Jukka2147.de, in February 2001 after joining the label Out of Line.

off site - http://jukka2147.de


01. Introduction - Part
02. War Of Emotions
03. Future World
04. Memorychip
05. Gate
06. Mindcontroller
07. Empty Eye
08. Odyssey Of Mind
09. Innocence
10. Religious Prisoner
11. Firing Squad
12. Accessory
13. Djihad
14. E-x-i-t

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link http://www.sendspace.com/file/k9hezf
War Of Emotion -2000

1 War Of Emotion
2 War Of Emotion (Mix Pop)
3 War Of Emotion (Mix Re)
4 Livehammer
5 Relict
6 Die Rebellion

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Неужели никому не понравилось???
Ау, любители EBM, где вы? Уже уснули?
Yeah, they slept in cryo-cages, waiting for the new cyber era of humanity ))...
Maybe it would be better to begin with album 2003?
Accessory 2003 Titan (192 Kbps): _http://www.sendspace.com/file/iae6an

And thanks for your the latest downloads...
Просто отличная банда большое вам спасибо
Searching for accessory - "i say go". Help, please.

Accssory I Say Go

Бодрая музычка. Неплохо бы и Electronic Controlled Mind обновить на фолдер когда у них там 33-я профилактика закончится. Иногда думаю что уних там стоят ЭВМ с бобинами и чуваки постоянно клеят слюнями старую пленку , хотя увы - лучше обменника нет.
Класная банда, хорошо играют! Залейте еще альбомов плз!
хороший альбом thumb.gif
господа поделитесь пожалуйста «More Than Machinery» если у кого есть. желательно на ifolder
Accessory - More than Machinery [2008]

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01. Humanity
02. If this isn´t a dream
03. Acsy Girl
04. The Hole
05. Numbers and Bits
06. Heartattack
07. Take the Chance
08. Tanzflaechenmann
09. Big and Easy
10. Under Control
11. Gegen den Strom

А ни у кого нет качеством получше??
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War Of Emotion -2000 перезалейте кто нить... =)

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