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Ad Noiseam

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Industrial, Ambient, Noise, Experimental label currently from Berlin, Germany


список музыкантов

Aaron Spectre
Antigen Shift
Keef Baker
Crno Klank
Curtis Chip
Andrey Kiritchenko
Cordell Klier
Mad E.P.
Needle Sharing
The Panacea

Wilt - Dark Meadows

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GENRE..... Ambient
LABEL..... Ad Noiseam
CATALOG#.. adn63
KHZ....... 44,1
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER... Lame 3.90.3 Mod
REL.DATE.. Sep-28-2006
Ripped by. FWYH


01. Dark Meadows (6:05)
02. Amerikan Zombie (4:51)
03. Deak Electroniks (2:34)
04. When The Earth Swallows Us Whole (9:01)
05. For Blake (4:39)
06. Keeper Of Lanterns (4:32) Piano - Jeph Jerman
07. Harmonic Convergence (3:41)
08. The Devil's Rainbow (4:55)
09. Moonchild (10:50)
10. Forever End Credits (1:37)

Every Wilt album has to have a concept, and the fourth full length of this project for Ad Noiseam is no exception. If the towering “As Giants Watch Over Us” and the gritty “Radio 1940” were revolving around exogenous ideas, “Dark Meadows” goes back to 2001's “Amidst A Spacious Fabric”, in the sense that its core is Wilt as a musical entity. Founded by James Keeler as a way to replicate into sounds his painting and sculptures into music, Wilt was so far a exercise in textures and atmospheres. With the addition of guitarist Dan Hall, this project takes again the form of a band, with his jams, multiples influences and tastes, something that James Keeler had been looking for since the demise of Children, his nineties jazz / sludge metal group. It is this shift from a complete studio project to a band “jamming out dark walls of sound” that is documented in “Dark Meadows”. A break-up from the electronic noise of its past, Wilt embraces a new sound that leaves more space to improvisations, feelings and band dynamics. Wide and psychedelic and varied, “Dark Meadows” combines atmospheric droning with an oppressive layer of acoustic noise and intricate guitar sounds. Still the result of painstaking experimentations with tonalities and harmonies, Wilt has added a new dimension and yet more textures to its sound: the contact microphones have learned to let room for the guitar, the distortion has relegated to the background, and the noise has become more acoustic. “Dark Meadows” ends up being both one the most rewarding and sombre of works of Wilt, for it marries it organic darkness with an acute sense of melody and an ever-present cavernous bass

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Thanks much. Ad Noiseam is a good label without a doubt.
Larvae - Fashion Victim

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Label: Ad Noiseam
Catalog#: adn 29
Country: Germany
Released: 03 Oct 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Illbient, Dub, Drum n Bass
Credits: Mastered By - James Salter
Mixed By - Genetic (3) , Larvae , Omar Torres


01. Refuse (4:26)
02. Kelvin (Genetic Mix) (4:24) Remix - Genetic (3)
03. Fashion Victim (3:16)
04. I Owe You (5:28)
05. Redline Version (4:18)
06. The Voice Collapse (4:00)
07. Philistine (6:03)
08. Unbranded (5:02)
09. Tonystark (4:12)
10. Crazyeye (4:31)

Following their recent “Monster Music” EP (adn28) , Larvae present here their first full length album, “Fashion Victim”. The most ambitious work of these American artists to date, this album is also the culminating point of a painstaking improvement, research and mixing of influences. Powerful, intelligently written and uncommonly diverse, “Fashion Victim” is an album which goes back to the essence of a real music album, for its tracks are coherent, linked into a whole, and yet possess quality which could make each stand on its own.
“Fashion Victim is about my frustration with fashion, image, and superficiality taking precedent over substance” says Matthew Jeanes of Larvae. And indeed, this album is one of rich content. While drawing its influence from drum'n'bass, illbient, electronica and noise, this album lets the genre classification to pigeon-holing reviews, and relies on its powerful function to overcome the form. Adds Jeanes: “the music is at times angry, at times it sounds defeated and sad, and it's always a bit of a protest.”
And yet this is not a CD who will delight lovers of fine music only, for Larvae aim at producing a music that can be enjoyed. From the drum of “I owe you” and “Crazyeye” to the bass of the title track and “Tonystark”, this album is something that will bring feet and heads in motion.
Ad Noiseam is very proud to be able to present “Fashion Victim”, an album of uncommon impact and talent, which is assured to charm by both the force of its music and the wit of its composition. A work that goes beyond classification and has to be recognised as such.

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Спикок тем, так или иначе имеющих отношение к Ad Noiseam:
Mad EP
Somatic Responses
Detritus - Endogenous
Aaron Spectre
эх - мог бы отредактировать тему - поправил бы список артистов с указанием тем на форуме
эх - мог бы отредактировать тему - поправил бы список артистов с указанием тем на форуме

1) Об этом должен был позаботиться аффтар темы smile.gif
2) Я не модератор, и редактировать чужие сообщения не могу
не ну согласись проверить такой список - займёт немало времени - да и как быть с теми артистами что появились бы после создания темы? - ну ладно думаю неважно - главное собрать все релизы что были на данном лейбле
VA - Ad Noiseam (2CD) (2001-2006)
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GENRE..... Electronic
LABEL..... Ad Noiseam
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Apr-17-2006

CD 1:
01. Larvae: Snowday
02. Mad E.P.: Grapepopgirl
03. Andrey Kiritchenko: Timetravel of a snail
04. Air Inspector: Sleepy
05. Exillon: Julipt
06. Lapsed: Funk Sickness (version 2
07. Dälek: Forever close my eyes (remix by Larvae)
08. Keef Baker: Nr42
09. Horchata: Luciferin
10. Antigen Shift: No Snow in Melbourne
11. Enduser & Kazumi: Genesis (remix)
12. Cordell Klier: Deconstructed leaves from Mike Hallenbeck
13. Uniform: The Correct Way to Destroy a Piano
14. Magwheels: Afghanistan
15. Morc: Venus

CD 2:
01. Cdatakill: Yesterdays
02. Lapsed & Non Non: Z Crazy Eyes
03. Bong-Ra: Jaws
04. Mothboy: Area vs Area
05. The Panacea: Mortal Sin
06. Needle Sharing: It's No Joke (Cock'n'Sucker remix)
07. Submerged: Chore Boy
08. AZ-Rotator: Hard Disk Dead
09. Curtis Chip: Ice Fission
10. Detritus: Maze Dancer
11. Tarmvred: To Be Allocated
12. Mago: Noton
13. Iszoloscope: To Exhibit Chaotic Behavior
14. Kirdec: Neo-ethnocentrisme
15. Wilt: Days of Crows 2

01. Mothboy: C.S.R.
02. 2nd Gen: Middle Finger Context
03. Larvae: Bubastis
04. AZ-Rotator: Genolom (video edit)
05. Bong-Ra: Sp66d d6mon (666mph rmx)
06. Jason Forrest: War Photographer
07. Crno Klank: Atalodz
08. Horchata: Luciferin
09. Mago: Noton
10. Wilt: Days of Crows 1
11. Andrey Kiritchenko: Timetravel of a snail
12. Enduser: Wisdom (Datach'I remix)
13. Morc: Venus
14. Larvae: Solo Shoots First

Part1 Part2 Part3
Bonus DVD

P.S. Компиляция, посвещённая пятилетию лейбла.
Larvae - Dead Weight

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Label......: Ad Noiseam
Cat.No.....: ADN62CD
Source.....: CDDA
Rip Date...: Jul-03-2006
Genre......: Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock
Style......: Illbient, Dub, Post Rock
Quality....: VBRkbps
Size.......: 71,8 MB

01 Banjos & Brimstone 05:23
02 Airplanes (featuring Hope For Agoldensummer) 04:43
03 Less Than Now 03:52
04 Warding 04:15
05 Nation of Bling (featuring Non of Shadowhuntaz) 04:17
06 Telecast (featuring Jessica Bailiff) 04:53
07 Raindelay 04:41
08 Bubastis 04:54
09 Thanks for playing (featuring Jessica Bailiff) 04:34
10 Dead Beat 04:32
11 Art of War (featuring Scalper) 03:55
12 The Logical End 04:12

With their second album, Larvae strip their music out of the genres they had been associated with, and focus on a sincere reflection on their musical roots, their position as a band, and their place in the musical landscape. Integrating guitars on most tracks and vocals (by Jessica Bailiff, Shadowhuntaz, Hope For Agoldensummer and Scalper), Larvae give here birth to a very soulful and wonderfully produced album which can not be overlooked, a work of great substance and talent.

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Lapsed - Lapsed (2005)
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Стиль/Style: Glitch, IDM, Breakcore
Год/Year: 2005
Страна/Country: Germany
Лейбл/Label: Ad Noiseam
Формат/Format: CD
Качество/Quality: MP3, VBR ~192 kb/s
Размер/Size: 85.53 MB (3% recovery record)

1 Break Ya Neck (4:38)
2 De-Constructing Failure (4:04)
3 Hapless Plastic (2:34)
4 We Run With Doom (3:04)
5 My Final Breath (3:57)
6 Beat To Death (3:42)
7 Fateless Drift (4:32)
8 'Till The Break Of Dawn (4:10)
9 Cracked Mirror (4:11)
10 Mechanical Specter (5:54)
11 Where Were You (6:38)
12 Break Ya Neck (Remix By Air Inspector) (6:24)

Download from filefactory
Пароль/Pass: http://doci.nnm.ru/scumdrum

За заливку спасибо phi11

Exillon - The Keening Dithers (2006)
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Стиль/Style: Experimental, IDM, Ambient
Год/Year: 2006
Страна/Country: Germany
Лейбл/Label: Ad Noiseam
Формат/Format: CD
Качество/Quality: MP3, 320 kb/s
Размер/Size: 148.64 MB (3% recovery record)

1. Aliasing
2. Moonlight Sinatra
3. Termit
4. Cadi
5. Now you'll never know
6. Horn of Jericho (Exillon remix)
7. Jan
8. Dtofv3
9. Duhv
10. Kollipy
11 .Sfx02

Пароль/Pass: http://doci.nnm.ru/scumdrum

а чего каверы с discogs.com вставляешь, они ж не видны? на http://www.adnoiseam.net/ и брал бы
как это не видны? у меня видны - или я один такой?

p.s. файл фактори - вроде требует наличия в системе спайваре какогото? что-то слот никак неудаёца получить
Нормально сливается с ff, попробуй ещё разок.
Exillon - оченно понравился thumb.gif
Detritus - Endogenous [2003]
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Label: Ad Noiseam
Catalog#: adn 26
Released: 07 Jul 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Rhythmic Noise, Drum n Bass, Ambient
Dalek - Streets All Amped

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Ad noiseam adn58
4 tracks
released on March 20th, 2006

Dalek offer with oStreets All Ampedo a new record of their original mixture of massive noise, heavy beats, intelligent vocals and detailed turntablism. Never short of talent, this act has now approached its sound from a new angle, placing the vocals more in the background than ever before since their oNecro Negro Nekroso album, and adding more details to their colossal wall of sound. oStreets All Ampedo is a new display of virtuosity in an awe-inspiring discography, a record of sheer brilliance.

1. Streets All Amped
2. Ascension
3. Maintain
4. Back to Burn

Dalek is without a doubt one of the most remarked and remarkable bands to have emerged in the recent years. With three albums (two of which on Mike Patton's label Ipecac), a reputation for relentless touring and an unforgettable live show, this American duo has not only made a name for itself worldwide, but single-handedly built a whole new sound, picking the best of many genres and avoiding being reduced to any category.
Hip-hop at its core, Dalek is also a massive juggernaut of noise and head-banging rhythms. Mixing intelligent lyrics with extremely heavy rhythms, intense beats and carefully chosen samples, Dalek have received the praise of the press worldwide, gone on tour with Fantomas, The Melvins, Isis, Meat Beat Manifesto or The Bug and played more festivals than one would think possible. And let?s not forget their collaborations with Faust, Kid606, DJ Spooky and 2nd Gen and Techno Animal, to cite only a few.
With oStreets All Ampedo, Dalek offers yet a new face of their art. Following the noise-driven oAbsenceo album (Ipecac), Dalek demonstrate again their open-mindedness, and come back to the roots of their oNegro Necro Nekroso debut. The vocals have won their prominence back, and the instrumentation has become more intricate, resulting in four fast paced, intense and detailed tracks.
Ad Noiseam is proud to present Dalek's oStreets All Ampedo. A record combining the sheer overwhelming talent of Dalek with their open-mindedness of sound, it is another masterpiece from an essential project.

Dalek: www.deadverse.com

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Larvae - Monster Music

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Ad noiseam adn28 - Released on July 8th, 2003
CD ep

First discovered through the ôLow End Reconö compilation in which they shared the bill with Mick Harris (Scorn / Quoit) and

Not Breathing, the American duo Larvae has been active for years in various media fields, performing with video,

photographic and audio installation.

Subtle music composers and visual artists, Matthew Jeanes and Bryan Meng took their time to polish their art, which finally

reached the ears of Ad Noiseam. Following a first 7ö and a split with Miles Tilmann on their own Sub:Marine Records, Larvae

is now working on a first full length CD album, to be released on Ad Noiseam in the autumn 2003.
But before this comes ôMonster Musicö, an EP recorded in 2002 whose four tracks present accurately the various sides of

LarvaeÆs music. Starting with the energetic drumÆnÆbass anthem ôMothraö and ôGidrahö before slowing down the pace with the

two latest pieces (remember the term ôillbientö?), heavy and rich in basses.
Using samples from old Japanese monster movies, Larvae pay also here a tribute to Godzilla and his giant friends, and takes

a distance from the gloomy image attributed to noisy (some will say ôindustrialö) drumÆnÆbass. Massive and not afraid to

integrate elements from noise or hip-hop, Larvae is one of a kind, anthemic and yet detailed and heavy. Bursting out of its

cocoon, this monster is not to be missed.

1. Mothra
2. Ghidrah
3. Mecha
4. Mothra remix

Track 3 remixed by Mothboy and The Dustmite

Mastered by James Salter.
Artwork by Larvae.

Larvae: www.zeroplate.com

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