Adrian Lane

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Adrian Lane - Playing With Ghosts (2017)
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01 Another Spell Than Beauty's
02 Playing With Ghosts
03 Abandoned Equations
04 Of The Spheres
05 A Rainy Beginning
06 Retreat Half_Hidden
07 Count The Tides
08 Conversing In Turn
09 Father & Son
10 Andante
11 To Other Coasts
12 A Nip In The Air
13 Invisible Near The Rain
14 Make Or Mars
15 Even The Forest
16 Amid Tall Dangers

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Release Date: August 18, 2017

Adrian Lane - Piano, Samples, Glockenspiel, Laptop.
Bryan Styles - Clarinet on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16
Mick Gawthorp - Flute on tracks 8, 11, Saxophone on 7, 11
Rei Sugawara - Voice on track 4
Debbie Lane - Voice on track 10, 11

"... the music of Adrian Lane is nostalgic and tidy, like an old mansion whose curtains have been thrown open and whose floors have been swept" – a closer listen

"Playing With Ghosts shows off Adrian Lane's undeniable talent in sculpting gracious, lovely pieces by looking towards the past, embracing its imperfections to make something a little more perfect" – Beach Sloth

On his album "Playing With Ghosts", Adrian Lane uses 100-year-old cylinder recordings as the starting point for new compositions – chopping them up, reordering them and playing along to build up a series of completely new compositions. “I’ve always liked the idea of collage and often include this in my visual art,” says Adrian. “So I wanted to do something that incorporated this approach in my music.”

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Adrian Lane - I Have Promises to Keep (2019)
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01. As Sand with Salt
02. Vantage Point
03. Similar Latitudes
04. Disembarkation
05. The First for Another Day
06. Rumour on the Wind
07. Some Still Cypress Shade
08. Moonset
09. To Fulfil the Promise
10. We Look for Landmarks
11. For When I Return
12. This is My Proof
13. Close at Hand
14. I Have Promises to Keep

MP3 320 kbps
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January 25, 2019

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