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Since finding a comfortable spot within the hip-hop world, AKAI SOLO has cultivated a reputation as one of the genre’s brightest rising talents. His stream-of-consciousness lyrics typically sink into an addictively hazy melange of dusky soul and funk loops underscored by hypnotically thudding drums. AKAI SOLO’s bars express a heady blend of spiritual and political enlightenment mixed with braggadocio, delivered through the lens of anime and video game references. A team-up with Pink Siifu (2019’s Black Sand), plus an appearance on the bluesy “Long Grass” from billy woods’s Terror Management album, have boosted AKAI SOLO’s profile even further. Having signed on to executive produce an upcoming project for AKAI SOLO, woods compliments the younger MC’s voice and delivery as being, “Off-the-cuff but in the pocket. [He’s] projecting but not shouting: It’s hard not to just shout all the time; it’s also hard to know when you need to be shouting.” read more

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Ride Alone, Fly Together (2020)

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01. Intro
02. The Way That I Chose (prod. David Earle)
03. 4P ft. Lungs (prod. iblss)
04. Stand Alone Calm (prod. iblss)
05. Beast of Gratitude (prod. Roper Williams)
06. Full Blunt Alchemist (prod. iblss)
07. Ra's Hue (prod. iiye)
08. Get It Together (prod. iiye & FlowClark)
09. With The World In Mind ft. Pink Siifu (prod. iblss)
10. Kizuna pt. 2 (prod. iblss)
11. Color of Conquerors (prod. iblss)
12. Mika's Impetus (prod. iblss)
13. Ride Alone (prod. iblss)
14. Panther Lily (prod. rbchmbrs)
15. Loaded Perspectives (prod. iblss)
16. Wind God Moves (prod. Ahwlee)
17. Never Neglect Instinct (prod. iblss)

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