Alexkid - Bienvenida [26-jun-2001]
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Стиль: Electronic
Label: F. Communications

01. Esmeralda (Meet You at the Fun Fair)
02. Maybe (Tape Mix)
03. I Think (Dorfmeister & Alexkid Remix)
04. Fear in Flight
05. Arbore (Part 1)
06. Bienvenida
07. U's Variation
08. Not Every Angel
09. Strawberry Lane
10. Night Lines

~ 46.6 Mb (128 kbps)

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05 - Arboré Part 1.mp3
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Hello, song N°5 works but there is an accent on the "e", that's why you can download it...
I up it on you send it... (only song n°5)

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Alex Kid - ''Bienvenida''

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Released on 06/08/2001
Label: F Communications

"Opening with the gorgeously infectious 'Esmeralda', Alex Kid's long awaited debut long player, like St Germain's Tourist, follows a string of much praised EPs.

But unlike Tourist a majority of tracks here are previously unreleased or new re-workings of earlier tracks. Hence we get a new version of the down beat atmospheric 'Maybe' and a previously unreleased and totally breathtaking collaborative re-mix of 'I think' with Richard Dorfmeister.

The tactile production quality of the latter is revealing of Alex Kid's use of organic and digitised sounds, as Christian Lechevretel's trumpet and Stefane Goldman's guitar whisper over the drums and effects.

Guest artists pop up all over the album. Philippe Monrose provides most of the percussion and Jean-Philippe Rykiel shares piano and organ duty with Ready Made. Stefane Goldman contributes most of the guitars, apart from Norbert Galo's Fx-Guitar work on 'Maybe', Christian Lechevretel provides trumpet and trombone and Renaud Pion plays flute and saxophone on the bed and bass of 'Night Lines'.

'Fear In Flight' sees Ursula Rucker following the footsteps of Dana Bryant's jazz rap, while Bruno Rousselet plays a lilting upright bass line the Latin broken-jazz beats of 'Bienvenida'.

As well as laying down grooves, this is a beautiful and complex album. Surprises come from abstract jazz interludes, such as 'U's Variation', which come close to what Red Snapper term 'Fuck off jazz'.

Hanifah Walidah's vocals injects warm soul into the brew on 'Not Every Angel', while Rousselet rejoins the line-up for the superbly funky upright bass of 'Strawberry Lane'.

There might not be many stand out single tracks here, with the possible exception of 'Strawberry Lane', 'Not Every Angel' and 'Bienvenida' itself. But, when an album is as complete, varied and atmospheric as this, who needs hits.

This couldn't be further from the mass market and you either feel it or you don't. If you do Mr Kid's got a great big multi-genre jazz edged disco ball of a welcome awaiting you."

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fear leads to anger
anger leads to hate
hate leads to suffering
suffering leads to
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Caracol - залейте на RapidShare, пожалуйста, если есть у кого
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Alexkid - Bienvenida (2001)

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1. Esmeralda (Meet You at the Fun Fair)
2. Maybe
3. I Think
4. Fear in Flight - Alexkid, Rucker, Ursula
5. Arbore Pt. 1
6. Bienvenida
7. U's Variation - Alexkid, Lechevretel, Christ
8. Not Every Angel - Alexkid, Walidah, Hanifah
9. Strawberry Lane
10. Night Lines

Size: 71Mb


Quality: 192 KBit/s

Alexkid - Mint (2003)

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1. Where
2. Come With Me
3. Fleur Bleue
4. Pick It Up
5. Mint
6. Turn It Round Again
7. Don'T Hide It
8. Love We Have
9. Day 3
10. Palma

Size: 67Mb


Quality: 192 KBit/s

Alexkid - Caracol (2006)

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1. Riverflow
2. Decibelly
3. Nightshade
4. Love Letters
5. Basic
6. Orm
7. Caracol
8. Mare Alta
9. Back And Forth

Size: 99Mb


Quality: 320 KBit/s

Очень интересный музыкант, ди-джей, продюсер. Лично к моему большому сожалению, в последние годы Alexkid более целеустремлён к таким стилям, как techno и house. Первые два альбома меня в своё время очень впечатлили. А вот Caracol (2006) не особо. Вот доп. инфо:


Приятного прослушивания.
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Artist : Alexkid
Album : Dubs And Echoe Tales
Genre : Techno
Source : Web
Label : Cadenza Split Composition
Date : 00-00-2009
Encoder : WEB
Quality : 320kbps 44100 kHz Joint Stereo
Tracks : 9
Time : 41:43 min
Size : 106.04MB

1 El Cinco (Original Mix) 7:46
2 Mocco (Original Mix) 8:48
3 Instrulento (Original Mix) 4:04
4 Lampara (Original Mix) 1:57
5 Sheiker (Original Mix) 3:42
6 Fosforo (Original Mix) 2:48
7 Absence (Original Mix) 4:26
8 Dame Todo (Original Mix) 4:43
9 Jezabells (Original Mix) 3:29


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