Prog rock (Argentina)
Amagrama - Volumen 1 (Buenos Aires Free Experience) 2005
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CBR 192, 84.9MB

Track listing:
1. Hi Circus (8:24)
2. Delay 2ms (6:23)
3. Piezas de aire (8:11)
4. Kaos Blues (11:54)
5. Enigma (13:34)
6. Patriarcal (13:08)
------------------------- Total Time: 61:34

- Agustin Amaya / keyboards
- Juan Cruz Sanabria / guitar
- Javier Martinez / contrabass
- Juan Amaya / drums and percussion

Guest musicians:
- Eduardo Amaya / bass (6)
- Carlos Lucena / guitar (6)

This is the new CD from the young and promising Argentine ‘cuartetto’ Amagrama. It is not a new studio album but ‘jam sessions that are recorded live in the studio’
It took a few listening sessions before I captured the spirit from this CD but then I got excited, these guys can play and in many different styles, great!
I’m impressed by this performance from Amagrama: they have chosen to make a CD in the spirit of the Seventies by "improvising and showing the hidden side of the musician". Not an easy goal but Amagrama has prooved that they are good and adventurous musicians, playing not only prog.
most of the time Amagrama succeeded to keep my attention and I enjoyed their improvisional skills. RECOMMENDED TO THOSE WHO LOVE THE FREE MUSICAL SPIRIT OF THE SEVENTIES!!

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Кто может - грабит, кто не может - ворует. (Д.И. Фонвизин)
Amagrama - Ciclotimia 2004

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Кто может - грабит, кто не может - ворует. (Д.И. Фонвизин)

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