"Silent Touch" 1998
(the complete album - 160kbps /44kHz)

01 Fatum
02 Wooden God
03 To Sleep
04 Forgotten
05 Winter
06 Every Silent Touch
07 Baphomet
08 Desire
09 Shaman

"Triafata" 2001
(the complete album - 160kbps /44kHz)

01 Shadow
02 Beata Est Nox
03 The Sower And The Queen
04 Desire
05 Le Fleur
06 Wing Of Samael
07 Every Silent Touch
08 On Your Naked Body
09 The Flower
10 Dispossessed
11 Gems Of Sheol
12 Chaos In Your Eyes
13 The Law
thx men... i will check this band... then.. wel who knows.
Guareza TeaM

I love metal band from poland
thank you very much arek
Death Metal Forever - In blood we trust
thx thumb.gif
sad.gif the 2nd link don't work
hey burzum! On my comp it works smile.gif Cheers!

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