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Artist: Attic Lights
Title: Friday Night Lights
Label: Island
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 188kbit av.
Time: 00:34:42
Size: 49.31 mb
Rip Date: 2008-10-05
Str Date: 2008-10-13

Track List:

1. Never Get Sick Of The Sea 3:24
2. Bring You Down 3:41
3. Wendy 3:29
4. Send Those Dark Eyes This Way 2:44
5. Nothing But Love 3:48
6. God 3:10
7. The Dirty Thirst 3:34
8. Walkie Talkie 2:33
9. Last Night Sunshine 3:59
10. Winter On 4:20

Release Notes:

Attic Lights are the latest band to come out of the Scottish
scene and offer their debut 'Friday Night Lights' eagerly to
the world. Album opener Never Get Sick Of The Sea lays down
a good sound with its Beach Boys style harmonies and the
grunge guitars riffs that give Attic Lights quite an American
but also early indie (think of The Charlatans) edge to their
music. That's not to say that they can't turn their hands to
more gentle styles, which they do in Bring You Down using
guitars and steady drumming and Wendy- a gorgeous ballad
that will have all the fans singing and swaying along at their

Dark Eyes uses the fail safe build up as sad melancholy
piano playing breaks into a towering crescendo which shows
theyre not a band all about the smash and grab style music
but rather they woo their fans gently and envelop them in a
wall of sound which produces just as powerful a song. Nothing
But Love brings the album back to the grunge sounds of Never
Get Sick Of The Sea and Bring You Down but there is a twist
of 60s country in this song too which gives it just that
little lift to make it a refreshing difference.

The two best tunes on 'Friday Night Lights' are The Dirty
Thirst and Walkie Talkie - the first is a perfect blend of
all the best elements of the album and is carried by the
strong vocals and skilful lyrics much like Walkie Talkie,
which harks back to the grunge rock sound of the early 90s .

Things start to wind down as Late Night Sunshine leaps in to
the calm before the lighter moment Winter On which is a step
further in to that calm and makes a good end to a fantastic
album. Be sure to ear mark Attic Lights as a band of which big
things can be expected of in the coming months.


классная запись, повелся на обложку и поэтому послушал трэки на "майспейсе"...
а кстати, точно такая же история smile.gif
альбомчик, конечно неплох, но не больше (имхо) . из новеньких шотландских альбомов больше понравились Glasvegas, я лучше их лишний раз послушаю.
дело даже не в Шотландии , скорее всего в пауэрпопе... я всё чаще за собой замечаю, что группы с данным тэгом мне всё больше и больше нравятся!! надо бы узнать поподробнее, что он означает и чем отличается от других!!

надо бы узнать поподробнее, что он означает и чем отличается от других!!

Узнаешь - не забудь рассказать smile.gif Могу предположить что это среднее между поп и поп-роком
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Artist: Attic Lights
Title: Wendy
Date: 04/11/2008
Genre: Indie Rock
Length: 3:25
Filesize: 39.2 MB
Source: DVD
Resolution: 720x400
Format: PAL x264
Deinterlace: Progressive
Video Bitrate: 1395kbit
Audio Source: MP3
Audio Format: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 208kbit (VBR; 44,1 kHz)

Attic Lights - I Could Be So Good For You [2009](Promo CDS) DV8

Artist: Attic Lights
Title: I Could Be So Good For You
Label: Island
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 184kbit av.
Time: 00:06:42
Size: 9.14 mb

1. I Could Be So Good For You 2:42
2. Late Night Sunshine 4:00

...bang on a can, herbie hancock, wollny/kruse/schaefer, joachim kuhn, kurt elling, agustí fernández/barry guy/ramón lópez, hyperactive kid, trespass trio, j.d. walter, frode gjerstad/jon rune strom/paal nilssen-love, the thing, gregory porter...
Attic Lights - I Could Be So Good For You

DVD Source: Promo Only UK Chart Video February 2009

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Attic Lights - Love in the Time of Shark Attacks (2019)
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1. Never by Myself (03:29)
2. Ruby's Song (04:19)
3. Come Back to Me (03:39)
4. People Come On (03:19)
5. Fables (03:04)
6. Louis (03:22)
7. I Found a Girl (02:42)
8. Palace of Losers (03:33)
9. Kings of Whatever (02:47)
10. Back Rub (03:00)

MP3 320 kbps
FLAC (tracks)
2020: DVSR - West Technique - total fuckin` destroy

Ну нетрудно же видосы сразу выложить... Шоб опа - и сразу послушать, чо это за...
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