Audiojack - Radio (2009)

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Artist: Audiojack
Title: Radio
Country: UK
Release Date: 2009.04.12
Genre: Tech House / House / Electro
LABEL: 20:20 Vision
QUALiTY: VBR kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

1. Radio
2. Disco Gameshow
3. Jack the Keys
4. Red Eye
5. Against the Grain
6. Schizophonic
7. Plastic Grass
8. Shanghai
9. No Control
10. Magic Man
11. Tindersticks
12. Sun Through the Ceiling


Ооо! Спасибо огромное, давно ждал эту штуку! 2020 recordings мой любимый тек-хаус лейбл.
You are the man dude.Many thanks this release is rocking.
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Супер! Спасибо!
Буду признателен, если кто-нибудь подскажет пару ссылок на этот лейбл!
Я что-то кроме: Greg Wilson 2008 года ничего на funkysouls не нашел.
Пасиб, неплохой альбомчик.

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Artist...: Audiojack
Title....: Radio
Label....: 2020vision
Genre....: House
Quality..: VBR kbit/ 44,1 kHz
Source...: CDDA
Ripdate..: Mar-16-2009
Encoder..: LAME 3.97 (VBR -V2 --vbr-new)
Tracks...: 12


01.Radio 05:01
02.Disco Gameshow 05:44
03.Jack The Keys 07:13
04.Red Eye 05:27
05.Against The Grain 05:37
06.Schizophrenic 05:48
07.Plastic Grass 05:50
08.Shanghai 06:20
09.No Control 05:45
10.Magic Man 06:44
11.Tindersticks 05:23
12.Sun Through The Ceiling 05:50


official reldate 17.04.2009

The Audiojack boys, Jamie Rial and
Richard Burkinshaw, have been garnering
worldwide praise in a span of just two
years with the release of their massive
hit single Robot, which sold over
10,000 copes till date. Ever since the
release of that EP, the outfit has been
touring the world as successful DJs
while continuing to drop genuine house
slammers from time to time on labels
such as 2020Vision and Renaissance.
Next month sees the release of their
debut album Radio, on which they
display their punchy combination of
beats, samples and exotic effects.
Lets check it out.

The LP starts off with Radio, a serious
club rocker that strangely enough is
also the major highlight of the album.
After a short instrumental intro, the
track evolves into a no-nonsense
wallbanger with a simple but ph-fat
bass-line and a handful of samples in
various forms. Disco Gameshow continues
this sound but on a slower pace,
dropping a tune that sounds a bit like
the babysister of Boys Noize. From that
point on, we are being exposed to a
series of club tracks that vary from
electro-based tunes to more
minimal-influenced sequences with
prominent spots for samples and
effects. However, whereas the first two
tracks seemed to mark the beginning of
a solid house album, things get a
little dull between track 3 and 5, only
to emerge to an acceptable level again
on the synth & drum-riddled

The majority of the tracks are remarked
by repetitive bass-lines or synth
melodies which are modulated throughout
the sequence, which results in
uncontrollable head nodding on some
tracks, and eyebrow-raising moments on
others. No Control, with its 8-bit
Gameboy-ish sounds busts a cool electro
vibe, while Tindersticks returns to a
more symphonic techno groove. The album
closes with the futuristic Sun Through
The Ceiling, which has the potential to
become a club classic in the next few

Audiojacks LP has become an
adventurous album on which the boys
vividly experiment with various genres.
This has lead to a couple of pretty
solid tracks, but at some points this
way of working has lead to a few weak
points. This especially goes for the
flat and uninspired middle part.
However, the more rhythmic tracks
reflect the boys skills for creating
floor tracks, and Im pretty sure were
going to see plenty of hotness from
them in the near future.

рекомедуется! уух, аааай....! rolleyes.gif
Prosto megarecommended!!!!
Audiojack - Radio-(VIS181B)-WEB-2009-HQEM

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Artist(s)........ Audiojack
Title............ Radio
Label............ 20:20 Vision
Catalogue........ VIS181B
Year............. 2009
Genre............ Techno
Subgenre......... Techhouse,Minimal
Rls.Date......... 26-04-2009
Size............. 48,8 MB
Tracks........... 03
Length........... 21:17 min
Source........... WEB
Quality.......... mp3; 320kbps; 44.1Khz; Full Stereo
Encoder.......... LAME 3.97


01. Radio (Extended Version) 06:52
02. Sun Through The Ceiling (Extended Version) 06:22
03. Magic Man (Extended Version) 08:03



Понравилась новость - Скажи автору спасибо!
музычка просто бомба....качает отлично!!!!!!! super.gif
Audiojack – Live @ My House Club – Leeds UK – 11-10-08 (right click, save as) (54MB, VBR)

балдежный сет, его так понимаю. подобное порекомендуйте wink.gif

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Artist: Audiojack
Title: Motion Sickness
Label: 2020 Vision Recordings
Genre: Tech House, Deep House
Date: 30-08-2010
Quality: 320Kbps
Source: WEB

01. Audiojack – Motion Sickness
02. Audiojack – Shakedown
03. Audiojack – Step Inside
Underworld - Holding The Moth (2009) VBR
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01 Holding The Moth (Jesse Rose Remix)
02 Holding The Moth (Audiojack Remix)
03 Holding The Moth (Audiojack Dub)

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Audiojack - Summer EP (GRU009) [WEB-2011]

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Artist ...... Audiojack
Title ....... Summer EP
Type ........ EP
Label ....... Gruuv
Cat.Number .. GRU009
Genre ....... Techno
Source ...... WEB
Url .........
Encoder ..... FhG
Quality ..... 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
Tracks ...... 4
Size ........ 71.70 Mb
Street date . 15-08-2011
Rip date .... 17-08-2011

01 ... No Rest for the Wicked 8:04
02 ... Mind Games 8:21
03 ... No Rest for the Wicked (H.O.S.H Remix) 8:04
04 ... Mind Games (Luna City Express Remix) 6:46
Tiger Stripes - Tiger Stripes EP (GRU008) [WEB-2011]

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Artist ...... : Tiger Stripes
Title ....... : Tiger Stripes EP
Genre ....... : House
Label ....... : Gruuv
Catnr ....... : GRU008
Source ...... : WEB
Quality ..... : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Duration .... : 00:29:07 (67.2MB)
Ripdate ..... : 02-09-2011
Store ....... :

Tracklist ... :
1. Together 7:25
2. A Touch Of Class 6:14
3. Together (Marcin Czubala Mix) 7:05
4. A Touch Of Class (Audiojack Mix) 8:23

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