Axel Bartsch

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It’s a long road that leads from the purchase of your first single in mid-70s to establishing yourself
as a respected solo artist with gigs all over the world today. There were, of course, the first tentative
steps, spinning funk and dance classics at house parties in the 80s. These led to Axel promoting
raves in the early 90s with old friend and partner-in-crime Asem Shama, with whom he then built a
studio, set up their first label and collaborated on the Vanguard project. Next came the fifty or so
releases on respected and innovative labels like Bush, Planet of Drums, Frisbee Tracks and Spiel-Zeug,
not to mention the innumerable live P.A.s and DJ sets… After completing his studies in 2004, Axel
was finally free to focus all his efforts on music, especially his increasingly sophisticated solo works.
The fresh application of time and energy landed him one side of the now classic Speicher 26, released
on Kompakt’s prestigious Extra offshoot.‘Galaxy’, was a growling, bass-driven bomb and deservedly
became an international smash, setting dancefloors alight. “I’d not had previous contact with the
Kompakt guys,” Axel says, “But after all I’d read and heard, I got the feeling we had a lot in common,
and that they’d like what I was doing…” And like it they did, commissioning another mighty Speicher
production (‘Was Bleibt Ist Die Musik’) and acting as distributor for the newly minted Sportclub label,
which Axel founded together with Franco Zeiger in late 2005. Sportclub has provided Axel with another
platform from which to release his own heady brand of modernist techno - releases like ‘Breakout’,
‘Thunk’ and the ‘Hola Guapa’ EP have ensured a steep rise in his popularity, and put his name on the
lips of DJs, labels and tastemakers across the globe. Any doubt that Axel Bartsch had truly arrived
was dispelled with the release of his ‘Light in the Dark’ maxi for Kompakt’s main imprint and the solo
Speicher 41. “I produced ‘Light in the Dark’ with Kompakt in mind…” Axel tells us, “I guess it was
meant to be, kind of eerie…” After a few Remixes he returns to his good old partners at “Spiel-Zeug
Schallplatten” to deliver two awsome peaktime tunes on the “Radio Controlled E.P.” in 2007 followed
by “Easy” on their “Hi Freaks” imprint. After three albums in cooperation he finishes on his first soloalbum
“Kiss” which will hit the scene on Cologne based “Karmarouge Records” in May 2008 and will take him
another step ahead. So the road’s been long, sure, but Axel remains tireless – his fascination with music
and clubbing keeps him happy and, luckily for us, productive. Wherever he is right now, whether tweaking
away in the studio, gazing out the window of an aeroplane or maybe sweating his bollocks off after a
6-hour set at the Panorama Bar, you can rest assured: he’s doing it for music’s sake, and giving all he’s
got to enchant and enthral us with the sounds of the 21st century. Get behind him.

Axel Bartsch--Kiss-(KR_35)-Vinyl-2008-dL

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[%] producer..... Alex Bartsch
[%] drug......... Kiss (KR 35)
[ ] source....... Vinyl
[ ] effect....... Techno
[ ] bi-effect.... Album
[ ] drug.plateu.. 43:53 min
[ ] drug.solution 65,2 mb per ml
[ ] bulk.size.... 06 injections
[ ] label........ Karmarouge
[ ] KR 35
[ ] year......... 2008
[»] encoder...... LAME 3.97 V2 --Vbr-New -V 2
[»] quality...... VBR/44.1kHz/Joint-Stereo
[+] 10.06.2008
[+] 13.06.2008
[ ] n/a
.rar info:

+ R E V I E W +

After a few releases on Kompakt,
Sportclub and Spielzeug it was time
for Axel Bartsch to produce his first
soloalbum. Excellent danceable album



01 Am Mauerpark 08:34
02 You Wont Fall (Dub Version) 05:51
03 Coppa 06:48
04 Pannebar 08:55
05 Karneval 05:54
06 Freedom 07:51


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Очень крутая штука! thumb.gif Пасиба!

Винил это конечно хорошо,а полнеценный CD всё же лучше))))))

Axel Bartsch - Kiss (2008)

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Label: Karmarouge
Catalog#: KR 35 CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 11 Jun 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, Minimal
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 214 Mb


1. Intro (1:55)
2. You Won’t Fall (Dub Version) (5:52)
3. Am Mauerpark (8:32)
4. Mystique (6:33)
5. Pannebar (8:55)
6. Coppa (6:49)
7. BSV (6:40)
8. Karneval (5:54)
9. Zu Breit Für Dong-A (5:37)
10. Your Voice (6:07)
11. Freedom (7:52)


Винил это конечно хорошо,а полнеценный CD всё же лучше))))))

ну так на тот момент был только винил, как бы. внимательнее следи за релизами
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спасибо))) он оч крутой чел))

Password: schlagz


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I love Welle:Erdball and i wanna go funky!!
есть у кого-то релиз rock n roll / dark? выложите плиз)
Axel Bartsch - Rakson (2008)

Info & Tracklist

Quality,Size & Links:

320 kbps mp3
54 mb

Axel Bartsch - Radio Controlled-(SPIEL40)-Vinyl-2007

Axel Bartsch - speicher 41 web-2006

Axel Bartsch - Rakson-(SPORTCLUB19)-WEB-2008

Axel Bartsch - Kiss CD-2008

Axel Bartsch and Alex Niggemann - Twofer-(SPORTCLUB15)-WEB-2008

Shama & Bartsch - Abstract Matter

Axel Bartsch - In The Country-(SPORTCLUB11)-WEB-2007

Axel Bartsch - 02 Remixes-2006

Axel Bartsch - Hola Guapa-2006

Zeiger & Bartsch - Nakombi-Vinyl-2006

Axel Bartsch - Break Out-Vinyl-2005

Zeiger and Axel Bartsch - Move-Vinyl-2005

Axel Bartsch - Easy-(HIFREAKS008)-WEB-2007

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01 – Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Last Day
02 – Gunnar Stiller – Cubicle
03 – Robert Dietz – Arrival 2008 Raw Cut
04 – Angela K – Ballad (Andre Lodemann Remix)
05 – Steve Bug featuring Gigi – Like It Should Be (Ribn’s Translucent Vox Remix)
06 – Pitto – Feelin’ (Joris Voorn Can’t Cick This Feelin’ When It Hits Mix)
07 – Anton Pieete – Siberian
08 – D Diggler – Signals
09 – Adriano Filippucci – Don’t Touch My Piano
10 – Neuroxyde – Ad Astra (Original Re-Edit)
Re-up Kiss in 320, please!

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artist : Axel Bartsch
title . Experiment Musik
type : Album
year . 2011
genre : House
subgenre . Deep House // Tech-House
label : Sportclub
encoder . LAME 3.98
quality : 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
source . WEB

01.Experiment Musik 5:54
02.Prophetic Dreams 7:20
03.The Bells Of Jericho 6:49
04.Morgengebet 5:56
05.Sparkling Energy 8:38
06.Keep That Feeling 8:22
07.Femme Fatal 3:12
08.Assistance From Beyond 6:17
09.The 13th Sign 6:43
10.Wir Tanzen 7:53
11.Mental Trainer 7:00
12.Yeahwoodya 6:48

80:52 min

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please kiss!

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