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Battlehooch - Battlehooch [2010 / 320 / 59 Mb]

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Formed by a group of UCSC music students, the men of Battlehooch have taken the Bay Area by sheer will alone after moving to San Francisco in 2006. Living in a single house in the outer Sunset district, the band began showing up at every local show, adorned in self-silkscreened headbands proclaiming BATTLEHOOCH. Quickly garnering a following of musicians, artists and captivated spectators, the band's early shows saw them playing with the same abandon as their marketing techniques, a raw blend of future prog, electronic compositions and raw 60's maximum R&B. Selling out their entire 1000 copy pressing of their self-released EP, Battlehooch became the favorite band of every SF band pursuing what came next; perhaps more than their music, their attitude toward their work and the art of their peers had the Bay Area underground embracing Battlehooch as the way forward.    Often taking to the streets armed with little more than a saxophone, an accordion, a few toms and masks, the band made their presence known with performances all over the city. Guitarist AJ McKinley explains, "there's a whole system that exists about how people experience music and we want to move against that as much as possible. instead of having our music only be available in recorded form, and in bars that have a cover charge, we bypass all of that and take our music directly to the streets, cutting out the middle man completely and just throwing it out there. Street performing also has an organically chaotic element to it that you don't find often in shows. any number of strange characters, friends, hoodlums, foes, whatever can come by while we play and it's interesting to see what happens sometimes."


01. Only Baby Sharks
02. Human Ram
03. Somersaults
04. Ringtone
05. Caliphate
06. Red Tide
07. Battlehooch
08. Honest



Психоделично-феерично. Абсолютный зачет.
Мир выглядит иначе, чем его описывают с чужих слов.
понравился альбом. впринципе, не могу сказать на что похоже. достаточно оригинально. голос вокалиста оч похож на Rufus Wainwright. это не он?
Майспейс хорош. Достаточно внятный и содержательный гаражный шабаш smile.gif

"Плыву не так быстро, как ветер дует, а так, как парус поставлю"
приятная штука, хотя надо еще послушать, второй - контрольный
картинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователем
на отдыхе
оч даже понравилось)
Jesus for all
anyone- Battlehooch - Resource?
thnx for upload

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