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- Release Info -

Artist: Black Tusk
Album: Set The Dial
Label: Relapse
Playtime: 34:01 min
Genre: Metal
URL: http://www.relapse.com
Rip date: 2011-10-25
Street date: 2011-10-25
Size: 66.45 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 258 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes -

Heres the long awaited third record from Savannahs premiere stoner sludge
band (yes I think theyre better than Kylesa now). This is by far their best
yet, and an absolute must-have for fans of High on Fire, Baroness etc.
Featuring some of the best art Ive ever seen from the Baroness dude. I wish I
got the LP to have bigger art, but of course I got CD for you fags. Btw is
10:30 AM too early to get high Didnt think so.

- Track List -

01. Brewing The Storm ( 1:56)
02. Bring Me Darkness ( 3:05)
03. Ender Of All ( 4:39)
04. Mass Devotion ( 2:39)
05. Carved In Stone ( 3:35)
06. Set The Dial To Your Doom ( 2:58)
07. Resistor ( 4:27)
08. This Time The Divine ( 2:56)
09. Growing Horns ( 3:26)
10. Crossroads And Thunder ( 4:20)

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гламурный сладж.
тоже прошел мимо. 2й раз врядле послушаю wink.gif
последний альбом хорош, как и все остальные smile.gif
давно слушаю ребят, больше кайлесы нравятся, хоть и сходство очень сильное
Rising from the depths of filth the worms will grub this fckn world (q)
нормуль группа,че кому не нравится,а?))

сделайте шапку с дискографией,пацанва!!!!!
сделайте шапку с дискографией,пацанва!!!!!

Прсоединяюсь ! Былоп здорово! thumb.gif
Any can re up :

Black_Tusk-Passage_Through_ Purgatory-(Remastered)

thanks in advance
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Hey the reup are not neccesary, thanks a lot.
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<< BLACK TUSK Begin Work on New EP >>
Savannah, GA's BLACK TUSK have commenced work on new material for their upcoming EP. The EP is scheduled to be released later this Spring via Relapse Records. Drummer James May checked to comment on the progress of the release:

"This new release is a mean one. It reminds me of a new twist on an old days BLACK TUSK sound. We got back together with Jay and Phillip Cope to turn this out with some of that earlier, brutal sound you might have heard back in the beginning albums. We figured it was about time to see what the old gang could do years later."

BLACK TUSK - " The Weak and The Wise" from 'Tend No Wounds' coming July 23, 2013 (N.America), July 19(Germany/Benelux), July 22 (UK/World) via Relapse Records on CD/LP/DIGITAL
Yeah i see on facebook, good news!!!
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Стрим новой ЕПишки “Tend No Wounds”.
Товарищ,вам не стыдно например,постить с чужими ссылками (причём с рекламой) или абсолютное неумение/нежелание благодарить других за контент.

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