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In the Fire of Burning Heavens, we Devour the Drowning Fools
CBT rules, i have 4 albums & 2 splits, it's my second favorite porno-grind band after Rompeprop, have you listen to CBT`s Egoleech?
and what genre is DORNENREICH ?

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Symphonic Black Metal
In the Fire of Burning Heavens, we Devour the Drowning Fools
i like CBT too, having also the selftitled album and the disgorge-split, but never heard the egoleech, so man you'll have to upload it...rolleyes.gif i'm very excited...

dornenreich is german avantgarde metal band, which many users of this board like (?!), all album were already uploaded, but not the demo, so i thought that i can make some people happy...

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n1 on uploading the old dornenreich material cool.gif
thx a lot dude !! thumb.gif
Death Metal Forever - In blood we trust
i am checking it from venezuela - south america and i think u re great pals
i will check for my contribution to this...and if some one have a,,,account can send a email to,,by i send albums for it...
hellslaughter xul
try using
thx a lot for this 2 great links!! thumb.gif
the next link, at this time some kind of weird and sick grind... nice dirty sound with terrible voice... hehe

INTESTINAL DISGORGE - 2000 - Drowned In Rectal Sludge [LoftyStorm]
Omg, great one Menschenfeind .. can't stop laughing while listening to it.
Cheers thumb.gif
hmmm... the feedback isn't very much mad.gif

but perhaps with the best band ever...

NECROPHAGIA - Holocausto de la Morte
thx for those great links!! thumb.gif
necrophagia is a really good band! thx biggrin.gif

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