Blood Of The Sun

SourVein, ArchieBunker, LasCruces...
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Blood Of The Sun - 2004 - Blood Of The Sun

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Ilbrujo: From the ashes of ARCHIE BUNKER, SOURVEIN among other bands and with a name like this (Mountain/ Leslie West song) only can be an amazing thing: BLOOD OF THE SUN. Hammond tunes with groovy vocals and awesome rock riffs. Expect the best!!!


First it’s the almighty cowbell. Then it’s a nasty guitar sting and a whirling organ. Then... hell, they had me at the cowbell. Halfway into “Hell On Its Knees,” the opening track, and MY knees are bruised from being on the ground, praising the boogie rock gods for gracing us with this sextet.

Proudly carrying the banner handed down by the likes of Grand Funk, BOA, and Humble Pie, Blood Of The Sun deliver the Southern monster metal boogie with ease-the-seat-back confidence and righteous swagger. Thick, certified Angus Beef-riffs, tight arrangements graced with the perfect amount o’ shimmy room, Greg Allman-on-acid organ fills, requisite “whiskey woman” lyric check, wah solos, the Mountain reference in the name; it’s all perfect for eating red meat to. Contemporary comparisons – think a funkier Mystick Krewe of Clearlight with a burlier Chris Cornell-esque singer, or a liquored-up and pissed-off Gov’t Mule.

BOTS, which feature ex-members of Archie Bunker, Sour Vein and Las Cruces, slide effortlessly between wide-open shack-shakers and slower tempo, heavily blues-infused numbers. Every track here is strong, there really are no clunkers. “Kill The Swan” opens with a guitar part that nicely tips its hat to Robin Trower, then rocks balls-out before gliding into a swanky organ-propelled groove. Other standouts include “Ritual Rite” (more cowbell!), the slamming “No Honey,” and the strong CD-closer, “Never To Say,” which builds mightily until exploding in a mass of heat and scorched wood and steel. Husky-voiced singer Mark Zammeron (ex-Las Cruces) shines throughout, Dave Gryder on organ, clavinet and electric piano is the damn man, and guitarists Rich Hurley and Jayson Benfield and rhythm section Henry Vasquez and Richard Christopher prove more than capable of cookin’ with gas.

Like Halfway To Gone, BOTS know when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em, and when to flat-out kick the card table into the air and stampede. With such a strong 43-minute debut under their collective belt, you’d surely expect these dudes to be USDA-certified prime any week now.

Review by Chris Barnes (6FeetUnder)

If Bruce Dickinson is the “Human Air Raid Siren” then Mark Zammeron is the “Human Fog Horn”. I recall Mark with his previous band, the criminally underrated Las Cruces, playing live for the folks at a heavy music festival. He hit a note, and held it, then took the microphone away and you could still hear the friggin’ thing even with mega-decibels of heavy metal thunder playing behind him. Amazing.

I’m glad Mark decided to stick with music, his is a voice that is unmistakable in timbre and awe-inspiring in pure power. Truly gifted. He’s teamed with some alumni of other notable heavy bands – Sourvein, Archie Bunker and Storm at Sunrise – for a Texas supergroup, Blood of the Sun.

Looking at the bloodlines here, you’d expect Doom Metal. Nope. Blood of the Sun is a homage to the past, a Hammond-driven tip of the hat to the greats. I hear Grand Funk, I hear In Rock-era Deep Purple, I hear bits of Robin Trower, I hear fellow Texans ZZ Top, among others. In more modern retro-70’s terms, BotS is the Lone Star State equivalent to Sweden’s Spiritual Beggars. We know the power of the Amott brothers and the Benfield/Christopher guitar line-up is every bit as impressive – alternating scorching and soulful leads built around chunky vintage riffs.

What really drives the BotS sound however, is Dave Gryder’s work on the keys – Clavinet, Rhodes Piano and organ. I haven’t heard keys like that since Jon Lord called it a day. Really amazing stuff that lends both to the bands vintage and unique sound...

Review by Tim from Gestalt

BLOOD OF THE SUN LP---Aha, this is some rockin' shit featuring Miguel and Henry, the rhythm section from SOUR VEIN (R.I.P.) and some other Texas mugs. Whoa, it's like 1973, dude!Shit! Electric organ heavy rock. I'm thinkin' like VANILLA FUDGE and DEEP PURPLE. The wah pedal abounds! Look out for the crazy electric piano jazz breaks. Glad I copped this one on vinyl. Yeah, advanced musicianship all over this fucker. Lots of showcase parts for the guitar and piano player. Starts off a bit slow but by song three "Ritual Rite" they kick it into gear and rock n' roll it till' the end track "Never to Say" where they slow it up again and turn into like Zeppelin meets Purple. I kinda wonder where the other dudes (especially the singer Mark Zammeron) come from. If you're an affianado of early 70's rock this is what yer cravin', sucker. Eat it up!

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Enjoy, pals.

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thanks great music
Somebody re-upload this album not rapidshare and not megaupload, please
Long Live Rock'N'Roll!!! Stay Stoner'n'High!!!
white stripes, dead weather & all jack white projects are real commercial shit!
Listen to the real blues and garage-rock not commercial shit!
Tell me a host and I'll try...
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please re-up,thanks bros!


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Blood Of The Sun - In Blood We Rock (2007)

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1 - Cold Blood
2 - Burnin
3 - Get Yours
4 - 99
5 - Squeaky Whee
6 - Wizard
7 - Bring It on Home
8 - Road King

К сожалению в сети очень мало информации об этой команде. Blood Of The Sun подражают классическим блюз- и рок-группам годов эдак 70-х, причём подражают очень грамотно, на мой взгляд. Весь альбом слушается на одном дыхании, четвёртая песня вообще хит стопудовый. Вот как-то так...
The New Guy
ну а при чем тут Experimental??

это не они Blood Of The Sun ??
Походу они самые sad.gif Я думал - стонер в экспериментал надо заливать...

Но альбома 2007 года в той теме точно нет. Мне перенести туда ссылку?
не надо, темы соединил
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BLOOD OF THE SUN - In Blood We Rock (2007)
USA / Hard Rock, 70's

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1. Cold Blood
2. Burnin'
3. Get Yours
4. 99 1/2
5. Squeaky Wheel
6. Wizard
7. Bring It Home
8. Road King

Mark Zammeron - Vocals
Jayson Benfield - Guitar
Richard Christopher - Guitar
Miguel Veliz - Bass
Henry Vasquez - Drums
Dave Gryder - Keyboards

256 kbps, 97 MB, pass: therion
Blood of the Sun - Blood's Thicker Than Love (2018)
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Время: 0:41:15
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 101.29 Мб

01. Keep the Lemmy's Comin' (5:47)
02. My Time (5:59)
03. Livin' For the Night (8:32)
04. Air Rises As You Drown (8:20)
05. Stained Glass Window (6:02)
06. Blood of the Road (6:35)

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