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An interview and performance from Kim Gordon and Bill Nace performing as Body/Head at last years Supersonic Festival in Birmingham UK.

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Body/Head - No Waves (2016)

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01. Sugar Water
02. The Show Is Over
03. Abstract/Actress

re up no wave please
Kim Gordon's Body/Head Detail New Album 'The Switch,' Tour

Kim Gordon's Body/Head will return this July with the experimental guitar duo's second studio album The Switch, the follow-up to the former Sonic Youth rocker and Bill Nace's 2013 debut LP Coming Apart.

The Switch features five tracks recorded in the same Massachusetts studio and under the guidance of the same producer (Justin Pizzoferrato) as the previous Body/Head album.

Ahead of The Switch's arrival on July 13th, Body/Head have shared "You Don't Need," a five-minute aural assault awash with distorted guitar interplay and Gordon's haunted, manipulated vocals. In a statement, the duo call it an "early glimpse into its immersive, improvisational sound, pushing the limits of amplification, voice, and composition."

Following an appearance at Cincinnati's No Response Festival on June 21st, Body/Head will embark on a tour in support of The Switch starting on July 13th at Los Angeles' Masonic Lodge. The Switch is available to preorder now through Matador Records.

The Switch Track List
1. "Last Time"
2. "You Don't Need"
3. "In The Dark Room"
4. "Change My Brain"
5. "Reverse Hard"

Body/Head Tour Dates
June 21 – Cincinnati, OH @ No Response Festival
July 13 – Los Angeles, CA @ Masonic Lodge
July 14 – San Francisco, CA @ The Lab
July 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere *
July 20 – Kingston, NY @ BSP *
July 21 – New Haven, CT @ Statehouse *
July 22 – Greenfield, MA @ Root Cellar *
July 24 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott *
July 26 – Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA *
September 6 - 8 - Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Festival
September 15 – Austin, TX @ Beerland

* With Gunn-Truscinski Duo

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01. Last Time
02. You Don't Need
03. In The Dark Room
04. Change My Brain
05. Reverse Hard

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Review: Kim Gordon Creates Rich Noise-Rock Landscapes on Body/Head’s ‘The Switch’

The 2011 split of Sonic Youth’s two main songwriters Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon divided the band’s impulses into two divergent solo careers: Moore into chiming, jammy, stoned-and-satiated indie rock; Gordon into a rubbed-raw, rather-ripping noise duo with experimental guitarist Bill Nace. For fans of SY’s transgressive Eighties downtown bluster, Body/Head’s 2013 debut Coming Apart was a welcome wade back into the muck, 68 minutes of noisy guitar improv that convulsed like punk and conversated like jazz while Gordon spit the blues. With no drummer and two songs that launched past the 10-minute mark, it was a roiling din that suggested the Velvet Underground’s White Light/White Heat if it was recorded without Lou Reed and Maureen Tucker.

Follow-up The Switch digs past the craggy noise-rock crust into the subterranean magma. Many survivors of the American noise scene that Sonic Youth championed in the Aughts – Wolf Eyes, Prurient, Hair Police, Kevin Drumm – have moved past sweat-and-spittle freakouts into making more desolate, ambient, post-apocalyptic landscapes. Body/Head masterfully follow suit, leaning more on drones that thumb-wrestle at warring frequencies and passages of unnerving rumble. With its whammy bar yowl and nearly two minutes of squealing-but-fragile feedback, opener “Last Time” sounds like Ry Cooder scoring a zombie film. Parts of “You Don’t Need” and “Reverse Hard” sound like scummy tape loops. The crumbly “In the Dark Room” occasionally sounds like the 2000 installation where Christian Marclay recorded an electric guitar being dragged by a pick-up truck. The more visceral appeal of Coming Apart – most notably Gordon’s vocals – is lost somewhat in this pivot to patient squall and ugly voids (the 10-minute “Change My Brain” sounds like she’s crooning to an industrial fan), but the duo are still exceptional at manipulating scuzz.

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