Care to share and be the most kindest Sir (or Madam, women can skank out too)

i have not enough upload speed. just wait a bit and sum1 share dis to the masses . wink.gif

Please up it biggrin.gif
+1 for upload smile.gif
C'mon people please upload it, I have been waiting for it since it was announced!
Various Artists - Doctor P/coоkie Monsta/Unitz/Flux Pavilion [CRDIGI003]

картинка, оставленная пользователем

1. Doctor P - "Vampire Dub" 05:21
2. coоkie Monsta - "Fat Girl Rodeo" 04:03
3. Unitz - "Funky Junky" 04:21
4. Flux Pavilion - "Excuse Me" 05:04

web -
maybe today in the evening. if i would have opportunity. so sry guys .

wtf. ohmy.gif
at the same time biggrin.gif

Thanks m1kado!
u r my hero of the day! thx bro!
Any chance of a reup on mediafire? doesnt seem to want to work for me!

thanks a lot !
Doctor P / coоkie Monsta / Unitz / Flux Pavilion - Beats and Pieces [Circus Records][2010]320

Artist: Doctor P / coоkie Monsta / Unitz / Flux Pavilion
Title: Beats and Pieces
Label: Circus Records
Genre: Dubstep
Year: August 2010
Quality: 320kbps
Size: ~41mb (rar)
Length: 19min
Type: 4 tracks

01: Doctor P - Vampire Dub
02: coоkie Monsta - Fat Girl Rodeo
03: Unitz - Funky Junky
04: Flux Pavilion - Excuse Me

finally beats & pieces!! thank you guys
Looking for these:
nothing at the moment.
Slum Dogz - In Tha Hood/For All Time VBR Quality (Better than fuck all though still)

In Tha Hood

For All Time

thankssss ruff tracks..

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