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Artist: Citizen
Title: Life In Your Glass World
Tracks: 11
Size: 72.9 MB
Quality: 320kbps 44.1kHz
Genre: Rock
Label: Run For Cover Records
Released: 2021-03-26
Source: WEB/FLAC


01. Death Dance Approximately (4:07)
02. I Want To Kill You (3:12)
03. Blue Sunday (3:52)
04. Thin Air (3:03)
05. Call Your Bluff (3:25)
06. Pedestal (3:12)
07. Fight Beat (2:52)
08. Black And Red (2:52)
09. Glass World (3:24)
10. Winter Buds (4:08)
11. Edge Of The World (3:27)

Total Track Time 37:40
Holy molly, the album is absolutely beautiful! thumb.gif So worth the wait. Death Dance Approximately has to be one of the greatest bangers I've heard in a while. I love the diversity of the songs, they've really let their sound shine and gave us such an experience.
01. Death Dance Approximately (4:07)
05. Call Your Bluff (3:25)

отмечу только эти треки и по-моему группа раньше играла что-то потяжелее, чем этот новомодный бит саунд unsure.gif
"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".

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